Ted Cruz mocks leftist Wapo columnist who thinks more censorship equals more democracy

Today Ted Cruz went rounds with leftist Wapo columnist Max Boot after he claimed to be ‘frightened’ for society if Elon Musk becomes the new owner of Twitter.

Boot claimed we need “more content moderation, not less.”

Ted Cruz responded to Boot by asking why the left is so “terrified of free speech” if they think they are right.

Boot responded by claiming he isn’t on the left, which is hilarious. Just read his tweets and you’ll see he’s absolutely a leftist loon.

He then falsely accused Cruz of spreading disinformation and trying to overthrow democracy, suggesting that’s what he’s concerned about.

Cruz didn’t take the bait, instead hammering his point that bluecheck leftists are scared of free speech:

Cruz followed that by mocking the absurdity of Boot’s position that more Democracy equals trusting Big Tech overlords to decide what is free speech.

I thought the idea of democracy was based in the idea of freedom to have your own opinion and do for yourself. But leftists like Max Boot thinks censorship is democratic, which is upside down, backwards, and absolutely false.

Censorship, as Cruz suggested, is the tool of the authoritarian and is antithetical to democracy.

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