Ted Cruz mocks Net Neutrality snowflakes!

Ted Cruz took to social media last night to tweet some much needed mocking of the net neutrality snowflakes who think the world is ending over the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality…and it’s awesome:

He’s exactly right. There was nothing wrong with the internet before Obama and his FCC passed net neutrality and there’ll be nothing wrong with it now.

This is just what Obama does and honestly, he’s good at it. Take the Dreamers for example. There was no program for underage illegals before Obama came along. It wasn’t even a thing. But since he created that program, now it can’t even be repealed without Congress feeling the need to make the program permanent.

So it is with Net Neutrality. Obama puts his grubby hands all over the internet with net neutrality, and now snowflakes everywhere (propelled by the media) think the world is going to end now that it’s been repealed. Heck even Sandra Fluke was tweeting yesterday that undoing this would lead to less abortions:

Ok that’s ridiculous on its face and it doesn’t even make sense. All this information is out there and it’s not going anywhere (unfortunately).

The sky is falling! The apocalypse is now! Run for your lives!

Or just read Ted Cruz’s tweet and get a hold of yourself!

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