Ted Cruz: Obama PUNISHING Cuban-Americans with end of ‘dry foot’ policy

Ted Cruz finally spoke out against Obama ending of America’s “wet foot/dry foot” policy.

He made the comments to the press in Austin:

Well, you know, what we’ve seen for the last couple of months is Barack Obama really behaving in, I think, a bitter and petulant manner. I think president Obama is in denial about this election, and I think he’s spending every day in office trying to lash out and trying to do damage up to practically the moment he leaves the Oval Office.

I think this action on Cuba is yet another action designed to strike out at the Cuban Americans. He doesn’t like Cuban Americans in part because too many of us have the temerity to actually vote Republican, and I think that for Barack Obama [that] is almost a hanging offense.

But beyond that, you know, one of his foreign policy signatures has been kissing up to Fidel Castro and Raul Castro. And even when Fidel Castro [died], Barack Obama issued almost an epic poem to Fidel Castro. I take that pretty personally. My family was imprisoned and tortured by Castro, and I don’t think brutal communist dictators should be lionized by the president.

Here’s a video of part of the comments, I couldn’t find the whole thing:

Cruz is one of the few I’ve heard mention the conservative angle, and he’s right. Latinos from other countries are usually left-leaning in their politics, so Obama doesn’t mind that.

On the other hand, this is the natural extension of “normalizing” the relations with the brutal Communist regime. What it means is that Obama is forcing America to be an accessory to their oppression of their citizens, since we’ll be deporting Cubans back to that totalitarian dictatorship instead of offering them political refugee status.

Now the only question is whether Trump will do anything about it. I very much doubt it. He already flip flopped on the subject, having supported Obama on the normalization, and then bashing it when it suited him for the election…

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