Ted Cruz releases statement explaining why he voted for criminal justice reform bill

Senator Ted Cruz has released a statement hailing the passage of the criminal justice reform bill and explaining why was proud to support the bill.

Here’s his full statement:

“From my first days in the Senate, I have been a strong advocate for criminal justice reform. The First Step Act is a major bill that moves our system in the direction of greater justice. It lowers mandatory minimums for non-violent drug offenders and increases anti-recidivism programs to help offenders better reenter society, while excluding violent offenders from early release from federal prison.

“The First Step Act both helps nonviolent, low-level offenders transition back into society while at the same time protecting public safety. It will create greater opportunities for offenders to be rehabilitated, and will reduce the costs of our federal prison system while protecting public safety.

“Too many young men, particularly young black men, face long mandatory prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenses; this bipartisan legislation corrects that injustice. And it will focus our law enforcement resources where they are most needed: preventing violent crime.

“I want to thank the bill sponsors for working with me to amend the bill in order to explicitly exclude violent felons from its coverage. With my amendment adopted, I was proud to vote in favor of this bill in the Senate, and I look forward to its passage in the House and signing by the President.”

You can see which Republican senators voted against the bill and more about the bill at the link below:

Senate overwhelmingly approves new Criminal Justice Reform bill, but here’s who voted AGAINST IT

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