Ted Cruz responds to Chris Christie: The principles of liberty are the foundation of this country

Ted Cruz was on The Andrea Tantaros Show this morning and while avoiding a direct attack on Chris Christie, he responded to Christie’s attacks on Rand Paul by pointing out that the principles of liberty are the foundation of this country. He also explained why this is our last chance to stop Obamacare and says if 1 million people call their Senator or Representative in the next 60 days demanding that they not fund Obamacare in the upcoming CR right, he believes we can make it happen.


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25 thoughts on “Ted Cruz responds to Chris Christie: The principles of liberty are the foundation of this country

  1. Rubio is now trying to support conservative causes after selling out the country with his WELFARE AMNESTY BILL. I am not falling for it and hope you continue to say no to Rubio, a gangster.

  2. He didn’t respond to Christie. Christie never said that the principles of liberty weren’t the foundation of this country.

  3. …..Ted’s got the full package and the engines to fly that plane…….soar Ted……soar !

  4. Well isn’t it interesting the Chris Christie is a huge supporter of Obamacare And Conservatives vehemently against it. Now that’s a juxtapose position among RINO’s like Chris Christie without saying it!

  5. Tantaros is trying to to stir it up for ratings. Tantoros has been on this Christie Paul feud for several days. She is a huge Christie fan, back around CPAC she was ranting on why Christie was excluded from CPAC. I guess she doesnt understand what a big Liberal RINO is.

  6. There is no longer a distinction between political Republicans and Democrats. Our country is divided into statists and free thinking citizens. Christie is a statist. He is happy to dictate to the peasants. We can’t have intellectual debates in his presence. Just let him decide and lead or he will yell at you.

  7. He is correct but calling my California Senators is a waste of breath…but I will do it regardless.

      1. DebbyX Laurel A It’s like having no representation at all isn’t it? If you are not a Democrat you don’t exist.

        1. Laurel A DebbyX Exactly! My 2 Senators are big gun control advocates, jumping on the band wagon after the Newtown shootings, while at the same time, I’m wading thru the system to get my pistol permit.  At this point it’s been 2 months and I still haven’t even gotten my temporary yet!

  8. It would be interesting if the debate actually occurred.  What is comparatively more “dangerous?”  What does Christie have that is safer?  Having the NSA tap everyone’s phones?

  9. Krispy Kreme Christie, Peter King, Boehner, Cantor, and all the rest of these RINO’s are clearly being advised by Frank Luntz and Mike Murphy.  Oh by the way, Luntz and Murphy are advocating for another GHW Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney republican.  Some track record…

    1. earcutter A Rhino in 2016 would get their butts kicked by Hillary.  If the base wakes up and boots Boehner, Lamar, Graham, Mitch out next year 2016 would be great time.

    2. earcutter The guy says Krispy Kreme is also a stickler for footnotes and attribution.

      1. CalCoolidge earcutter  
        Also for a well-oiled PR machine.  I’d love to see his expenditures on that.  He’s been keeping the media pump well primed with his BS for years.

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