Ted Cruz SHUTS DOWN Alyssa Milano on inhumane conditions at detention centers!

Senator TedNado didn’t shrink back from the criticism plopping out of Alyssa Milano’s gaping maw over the inhumane conditions at migrant detention centers.

Here’s how he responded:

Notice, he doesn’t deny that there is inhumane treatment, but he points out that the real culprits are the Democrats, who ignored the crisis at the border, refused to send more money to fight it, and now are complaining at the consequences of their actions.

The TedNado posts a link to one of our previous posts where he blasts the Democrats for causing this crisis.

“This is a political environment where a lot of politicians like to talk about their enormous compassion, their enormous virtue.

Let me tell you, nobody who is compassionate, nobody who is virtuous, nobody who gives a damn about human beings, would want even a single day to perpetuate these loopholes and put more children in harm’s way.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw has also been good about this, he’s pointed out that Democrats had plenty of times to vote for funding and they refused. And they even claimed that the crisis was non-existent or manufactured. Well this is what happens when you ignore obvious problems…

There’s the full video at the link here to our previous post.

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79 thoughts on “Ted Cruz SHUTS DOWN Alyssa Milano on inhumane conditions at detention centers!

  1. The friggin hypocritical democrats are responsible for what is going on at the southern border.

    To brain dead Milano: Has there ever been one democrat politician that has admitted to being responsible for failing to pass the necessary legislation to get rid of the loopholes in our immigrations laws or to provide the funding needed to properly take care of those who need it?

    Milano’s answer: Crickets.

  2. Inhumane conditions at detention centers? By whose standards?
    These jack azzs think they know all?
    This is a step up for all these illegals.

    But frankly my dear, ‘I dont give a dam’.

  3. Thank you Senator Cruz for standing up to these lies. We need more patriots such as yourself. Congress is filled with never-Trumpers and rinos that pretend to be helping our country, but subverting Trump’s agenda.

    Stay true to our Constitutional principles! We need all of congress to do their job and work for the voters! Not for the socialists.

  4. they even claimed that the crisis was non-existent or manufactured.

    Gotta loveit when dims shoot another toe off

  5. Dump a hundred plus thousand foreign people onto a area every month like what is happening at our southern border and see what the result is in any other country. It would be either the same or it would result in their army showing up and treating it as a invasion.

    The sheer numbers are most of the problem, and it won’t slow down since the Democrats & their activist liberal Federal judges have blocked most attempts to slow it down, not to mention doing nothing about a wall or funding more border patrol agents. So the reality is that the Democrat party wants the chaos at the border – if that wasn’t the case then there wouldn’t be a no vote on anything border related to slow this down and their pocket judges wouldn’t be doing their bidding to block Trump’s efforts either.

  6. The dims have never looked more ridiculous in our country’s history then they do now. The disgraceful politicization of this issue makes it clear to any sane individual that their power is their only concern. “By any means necessary” will be the dim party epitaph.

  7. Democrats didn’t just ignore an obvious problem. They did so with the intent to make it worse and look as bad as possible for Trump.

  8. I don’t care anymore about conditions send them home get the hell out
    we are spending way too much money for the illegals and I am damn tired of it all
    their demands, lawsuits ungrateful all of them get them out
    shut down the damn border NOW

    1. Groping Joe Biden said he doesn’t respect borders. I guess he thinks he can just waltz into any country and go through customs without showing a passport that allows him to cross that country’s border. I guess I should be able to go onto his property, go into his house, make myself comfortable and take whatever I want and he should not be able to do anything about it. Wonder how Groping Joe would like that?
      Watch Groping Joe fondling young girl. And the DemocRATs want to put this pedophile in the WH. At least rapist Slick Willie Clinton, for the most part, kept his sexual abuses confined to adult women. Pass this on, everyone needs to see what a creep Groping Joe is.

  9. I don’t need a washed-up child actress, who has bedded half of Hollywood, to tell me what is humane and what isn’t. When she is not doing this, she is out advocating for the right to late term abortion on perfectly healthy pre-born babies for the sake of convenience. She is the last person who should be trying to give other people lessons in morality.

  10. Who’s on the Mt. Rushmore of hysterical indoctrinated leftist celebrities, Alyssa Milano, Debra Messing, Sophia Bush and ???

  11. Democrats do not want borders..
    Why? So illegals will flood the country and then… then they will be counted. No citizenship question means districts will be redrawn.
    Then.. Democrats will fight tooth and nail to give them the vote.
    Therefore changing the electorate in their favor.
    Just like when the Democrats wanted their sl,avez counted as a free citizen.
    It’s all a coup!!

    1. And the tragedy of it all is that if the borders are done away with there will be no country or government left to worry about getting votes for. Democrats have always thought that they could “ride the tiger” but then learn to their horror that they too are on the menu. It is the Left’s very stupidity and lack of common sense that makes them dangerous. Book smart but practically (as “in practice”) stupid.

    2. Do these white DemocRATs not understand that with their plan the illegals will become the majority and vote them out of office and put their criminals in?

  12. The following is going to be hard to swallow, so be prepared.
    I do not care if they are sleeping on the floor with bugs or what. I know that is not Christian of me to say so. I want those illegal aliens well taken care of while they visit the US. HOWEVER, it was their decision to come here, they are all adults. If they brought children with them, either theirs or paid to have to get in, that is on them. Not us. The demonRATS need to change the rules to allow for enough bedding and quit inviting the illegal aliens into our country, something they will never do because they want their votes. Democrats have an agenda, they always do.

  13. Ten years ago or so there was a picture of terrorists…. wait….. OMG….. kneeling on rocks while being processed (literally for mere seconds). Liberals minds exploded as they decry inhumane conditions while the terrorists were thanking Allah for American captors who wouldn’t cut their heads off, gave them 3 square meals a day, and allowed them to continue worshiping their false god.

    Fast forward to the picture above…. Liberals minds explode as they decry inhumane conditions while those inside thank God for the Americans who give them a cool, dry place to live with all their basic needs being met in addition to safety from human traffickers with or without a toothbrush.

    Ironically, contrary to the safety of Americans, both groups were or will be let go into the great unknown.

  14. I like how dems scream “they don’t have access to toothbrushes! ” when they didn’t bring their own toothbrushes, they’ve never used one, and have to be shown how to use it if you give them one.

    1. Same for water out of taps and indoor toilets. Many of those people have no idea what those are for.

    2. Same for water out of taps and indoor toilets. Many of those people have no idea what those are for.

    1. I wish he would post occasionally like our friend Steven Crowder.

  15. Has their been one time when Milano opened her “gaping maw” and been right about anything?

    All “smart” lawyers know that you don’t ask a question if you don’t know the answer. Asshat Milano airs her ignorance for all to see and gets smacked in the face.

    Maybe she needs to do another photo-op in a chauffeured limo.

  16. [[Has there been one Republican who has visited a detention center? Or is it only Democrats]]
    Has there been one democrat who has visited the massive homeless populations living on the streets of Democratic California? Or is it only republicans that care about the dying homeless populations? Republicans have been speaking about the horrible conditions in LA for awhile now- but you never see dems raising the issue- because it’s a blight on their leadership- you would think that IF democrats were serious about helping the poor- the sick, the homeless, they would clean their own towns up- it would be a huge boost to their claims (Not that I’m encouraging them to be more l credible- just pointing out their hypocrisy)- but for some odd reason, they won’t even broach the subject of the homelessness and the diseases that are resulting, in their own home towns

    [[One man said he was covered with bugs]]
    IF he picked them up in the detention center, then it would be a lot more that ‘One Man’ complaining about bugs- He likely picked them up walking through Mexico- and is now tryign to blame it on the US detention centers-

    1. When we lived in California back in the late 80’s to early 90’s (Cali was just beginning to go hard Left) the illegal problem was just starting to explode. Consequently issues with bedbugs, lice and strange communicable diseases (like the resurgence of Scarlet Fever which my son contracted) also exploded. The Left can shout “It’s just a coincidence!” all they want but the reality was something else all together.

  17. Does Milano lock the doors to her house at night? yes
    Does Milano want the cops to arrest someone breaking into her house? yes
    Does Milano want the thief to go to jail? yes
    That’s what Border Patrol is doing so shut the hell up.

    1. Expecting common sense from Alyssa Milano is like expecting nutritional value from a Twinkie. Which cake product is smarter than she is.

    2. To be honest, I’m not sure she’s smart enough to lock her doors. If they’re locked, it was probably the maid who did it.

  18. Since when Dems (demons) care about children??? If you noticed, she only focused on future voters, not on the well-being of the children that are being trafficked. I mean, after all, THEY ADVOCATE KILLING CHILDREN, not saving them, so, does it surprise us??

  19. Politicians need to stop answering these so called actresses and ignore them otherwise it looks like all involved are seeking attention.

    1. Pretty good advice, ruthie, but people today, who depend almost completely upon the scourge that is social media, simply do not understand that when you address someone who is an idiot, you are validating them as if what they say matters.

  20. Typical Democrat behavior. Exacerbate a problem, do nothing to fix it and blame Republicans.

  21. Milano could resolve this in one instant if she and her hollyweirdo friends offered to sponsor and house all of these “asylum seekers.” Put up or shut up you weirdos!

  22. I’m still stuck at ‘why is their coming here, crashing down my door, winding up in a detention center (where they’re fed, housed, given medical care by the way, and on my dime) my problem?

    1. Because, for one thing, there are children there by no fault of their own, so we care for them. What’s your alternative?

      It’s who we are. Americans sacrificed a lot more than this to help foreigners in World War II.

      1. And yet they could have fled to any number of countries way closer to their point of origin.

      2. No it’s not who we are @genesis106:disqus many of us are pretty disgusted with this whole situation. Alternative ? Take them all right back over the border and hand them over to Mexican authorities since they slipped past them to begin with.

      3. And yet they could have fled to any number of countries way closer to their point of origin.

      4. The alternative would be that RESPONSIBLE parenting would not endanger their children in the FIRST place. (Much less place their kid in someone else’s care) That whole bleeding heart rally cry “but the children’ doesn’t fly w/ me. If I wanted kids to care for, I’d have had children of my own. I AM NOT responsible for you and yours. So go ahead, start the name calling. People who feel as I do are just cruel, inhumane and heartless. BLAH BLAH BLAH

      5. BTW, the foreigners you speak of in WWII were not invading our country, demanding to be let in, and then living off the bennies meant for American citizens.

  23. Republicans have been visiting illegals at the border for years. Cruz went when Glenn Beck was down there handing out toys and such. What has Alyssa done other than stir crap up via Twitter. She’s a useless tw*t.

    1. The problem with the democrat’s useful idiots in hollyweird is that they believe everything they are told, never questioning or caring whether they are all lies, and even when challenged, care nothing about truth. I guess that is why hollyweirdos are called useful idiots. Other than regurgitating lines written by others, what good are they?!

    2. Well she did take a ride to a center in Florida, in a chauffered limo and was outraged that they didn’t let her in. Even after she huffily told them she was an actress/activist. Is that someone with special privileges that we didn’t know about?

      1. That was as active as her activism is in re: the illegals. “Look at me! Look at me!”

  24. Milano has become quite the lying socialist propaganda tool hasn’t she? What a moron.

    1. She can’t get any work as a actress so trying to he relevant. She’d nearly as stupid as Ocasio-Cortez.

    2. She is also a miserably unhappy moron. Every now and again, I see her on television (like Project Runway all-stars) and it is clear that she is extremely miserable. Of course, since she cut off her husband, he is probably seeing someone else, but that is what happens when hollyweirdos think they wield authority, when they are truly nothing more than clowns who speak the words of others. If none of them existed, the world would be none the worse.

  25. No one made them cross, they knew what they were doing was in violation of US law, you reap what you sow. Milano should stick with reading scripts, because when she goes out on her own her ignorance becomes apparent

  26. Democrats… [builds cages]
    Democrats… [creates asylum loopholes]
    Democrats… [coaches migrants on how to abuse loopholes]
    Democrats… [organizing caravans]
    Democrats… [block border security funding/plans]
    Democrats… “It’s all made up, nothing to see here.”
    [One month later…]
    Democrats… “Trump is causing a massive humanitarian crisis on the border!! OMG!!! Think of the children!!!”

    1. Traditionally, democrats have always created the problems, then failing any ability to solve the problems, they count on the GOP to bail them out and fix what they created, all the while bytching that the GOP are terrible people….democrats are truly mentally ill. They are the ones who should be locked up…to protect the American people!

  27. Yet hundreds of thousands of American kids seized by the govt are in shelters and treatment centers where they are systematically drugged and abused. A big one was recently shut down in Albuquerque for drugging kids and physical assault. Another one shut down after kids were sexually assaulted by staff. Democrats don’t care. Unless you’re illegal.

  28. I wonder what she was saying, back in the day, when BHO was saying this,,,


    “We all agree…We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting…lawfully to become immigrants in this country.” -Barack Obama. #ICEraid #SecureTheBorder @realDonaldTrump

    P.S. – Isn’t that the image taken when BHO was pResident? the same one the left likes to spread when talking about poor living conditions for illegal immigrants? Yet, they turn their face to the squalor and poor conditions many AMERICAN children are living in at the expense of housing millions of illegals. CRAZY days we’re living in.

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