Ted Cruz SMOKES AOC after she attacks him for ‘creating’ border crisis

Ted Cruz was attacked today over his recent trips to the border by AOC, who accused him of creating the border crisis:

What poppycock. Ted Cruz was quick to hit back with FACTS:

I love how Cruz pointed out that Trump fixed our immigration problem, which is why last year was the lowest immigration in 45 years. Heck, we just heard from one illegal this year who said he wouldn’t have come last year because he knew it would have been a waste of time. But with Biden, he knew the ‘doors’ were open again.

Here’s how AOC responded:

Garbage. Instead of responding to the brilliant point he made, she attacked him for taking a trip to Mexico during Texas Wintergeddon. And then claimed he built the cages.

Cruz hits back with even more facts:

TRUE AND TRUE! But you won’t hear her admit that. If she was serious about fighting her own party on these things, she would at least acknowledge the objective facts about it.

And regards to her advocacy for open border policies, that’s exactly why the border is in chaos and all these kids are in ‘cages’. Biden has been spewing this open borders crap all during the campaign, inviting people to come to the border to claim asylum.

This is why she won’t criticize Biden like she did Trump, because she’d basically be criticizing herself. He’s been shouting her rhetoric, at least in part, and the border is now broken.

Which again, is what radical leftists want. Democrats like AOC don’t actually care about the kids being in cages. No, they just want them released into the US so they can become part of a big, fat amnesty plan in the future that would make all of them voters for the Democratic party. That’s what ALL of this is really about.

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