Ted Cruz SPLITS with Trump on Trudeau and Russia!!

CNN’s Manu Raju got Ted Cruz to comment on Peter Navarro’s rhetoric against Trudeau, and Trump’s insistence that Russia be let back into the G-7.

He’s talking about Navarro saying that there’s a SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL for people like Trudeau who stab Trump in the back! You can see his nutty comments here. Again, it really sounds like this is an attempt at negotiating – and not just for Canada either. Larry Kudlow admits that this made Trump look weak before the summit in North Korea, so they had to hit back hard. And that means this is all for show, with little substance to the attacks.

And on Russia, it is just really bizarre that Trump is pushing for this when he had previously said that he was being super-tough on Putin. He even said that Putin needed to pull out of Crimea at one point – NOW he wants to ease the punishment for that act without ANY concession from Putin? It’s just weird. And it’s good that Cruz isn’t going along with it…

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