Ted Cruz: The Deep State DOES exist and it’s an enormous problem — but only when Republicans are in office

The MSM acts like simply saying the words “deep state” proves that a person is a conspiracy theorist wacko. I say “acts like” because they don’t think it is a conspiracy, they are actively invested in the existence of the deep state. The deep state contains some of their primary “anonymous source” contacts that they use to undermine Republicans and the will of the America people.

It’s not a radical concept whatsoever. It’s absolutely obvious and plain what it means. These are people in positions in the federal government who can, through manipulation of paperwork and procedure, impede anything or grease the wheels of anything that has to come through their office.

They don’t have to act with coordination to act in concert. They watch the same MSNBC and CNN lionizing of people like so-called “Anonymous”, that goon in the Trump administration who said out loud he was doing exactly that – thwarting the president.

They do it because it is their virtue signal. They sometimes brag on social media about doing it. Sometimes they write mopeds anonymously. It is, as Cruz notes, pretty much exclusively to the detriment of conservative policy and the benefit of left-wing ideology.

He explains it succinctly here, and its’ something everyone should see. If anyone tells you Deep State is a myth or conspiracy, set them straight.

Bingo bingo bingo.

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