Ted Cruz totally SCHOOLS his “deeply deceptive” former con law professor

Ted Cruz busted his former constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe yesterday and in the process dropped a fistful of knowledge about Margaret Sanger and her racist eugenics program targeting blacks.

It all started with this tweet by Tribe:

This flies in the face of everything I’ve ever heard, read, or studied about abortion. Historically it has disproportionately targeted black women and you’d think White Supremacists would be totally on board with that.

One has to wonder if what Tribe is really doing is trying to marry Trump’s outspoken position against abortion with the ridiculous notion that Trump is a White Supremacist or that he’s, at the very least, a fan of the group.

Ted Cruz saw the tweet and decided to take his former professor back to school:

I doubt that Tribe is going to listen to his former student, but he should. Because the student has become the teacher!

Cruz just dropped one last tweet this morning, debunking a photo but pointing to the truth behind it. And even getting a shot in at Ralph Northam:

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