Ted Turner: China is a Good Example of Population Control

chinesechildrenI couldn’t believe it when I heard Ted Turner (on the Diane Rehm Show) cite China as a good example of population control.  As far back as I can remember, I have always heard that china would take or kill any children you had after having one child.  Well, it is true, but nowadays it is more in the form of forced abortions.  It doesn’t take much to find articles citing women who have been dragged to a facility where the chinese government forcibly aborted their child.  Just google it.

This is a quote from Ted that goes virtually unchallenged from Diane:

“We do have the example of China, and they’ve done it without, uh, draconian, as far as I can see, draconian steps.”

And note when you listen to the audio below how Diane lets him get away with the above statement – even the whole idea that China is a good example in this regard.

Here’s the audio below in full context:

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