Teenage girl DESTROYS journalist argument that shooting an AR-15 gave him PTSD

I realize this is a little old but it’s pretty dang awesome. Back in 2016 a NY Daily News writer claimed firing an AR-15 was a traumatic experience for him, even claiming it gave him a kind of temporary PTSD:

WASHINGTON TIMES – A writer for the New York Daily News said firing an AR-15 for the first time Monday left him with “a temporary form of PTSD.”

Gersh Kuntzman headed off to a Philadelphia gun range after Sunday’s terror attack in Orlando, Florida, to “better understand the firepower of military-style assault weapons and, hopefully, explain their appeal to gun lovers.”

The experience of firing 5.56 mm rounds from a semi-automatic rifle, which he likened to “a bazooka” — left him a shaken man.

“The recoil bruised my shoulder. The brass shell casings disoriented me as they flew past my face. The smell of sulfur and destruction made me sick. The explosions — loud like a bomb — gave me a temporary form of PTSD. For at least an hour after firing the gun just a few times, I was anxious and irritable,” he wrote Tuesday.

There was a huge backlash, as you might expect, and Kuntzman soon had to apologize for use “inarticulate use of the term to describe my in-the-moment impression of the gun’s firepower”.

At some point this teenage girl, no doubt a little older these days, put together a demonstration of her own to show just how absurd it was for the journalist to even suggest shooting an AR-15 was in any way traumatic. And you’re gonna love it:

Just fantastic. In fact the video was so good it’s still circulating on social media, which is why it caught my attention. I thought it’d be great for an open thread.

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93 thoughts on “Teenage girl DESTROYS journalist argument that shooting an AR-15 gave him PTSD

  1. A gun shooter has a skill set by previous use, and continual usage. Not having any previous experience, the sound alone would make me wet my pants. The fear of sound alone, leave off the recoil that again becomes part of a skill set. Come on. Be logical rather than promoting an erroneous belief that this is any way to a person not accustomed to guns. Gun shooters are accustomed to the sound and recoil… even tiny girls who are in danger of ruining their hearing without protection. Damn straight I would have PTSD. I am proud to admit it because I live in such a safe environment, I would think explosion rather than gunshot, I automatically assume far off shots are merely cars backfiring. I live in a society where guns are not considered a “ right” but an option … getting more and more unpopular as we see a country going to hell in a hand basket because of war equipment being sold by an out of control NRA being OWNED by the makers of the trillion dollar money making gun makers controlling the population with fear.

  2. I also worked as a critical incident councillor, dealing with victims of crime. There are different levels of PTSD … and it is not only soldiers of life shattering PTSD, but also symptoms such as lack of sleep, night terrors, panic reaction to loud sounds, reliving the incident … there are all sources of some people’s PTSD, job related incident, accident etc.

    The way we treat returning veterans is the most pathetic of all. If they don’t have PTSD, it would be of concern as to how they have processed those critical moments they constantly have to endure.

    Don’t mock ANYONE if they are complaining of trauma affecting their lives.

    I am a human with real life opinions, not an NRA or any political shill for banning of all guns … merely guns used in a war scenario, not a local rifle range.

  3. I’ve heard Trump try to tell us how we need “strong” background checks so I gather all the gungrabbers in DC who are meeting without Trump will draw something up and one of them like Shelby or Graham will tell him no need to read it, it will be fine kinda like all the other crap he has caved on…

    1. While he could be talking about background checks that dems won’t he could be taking about what he’s said before when it comes to background checks like making sure all the info is updated/correct so people who are barred from getting a weapon aren’t allowed to get one which unfortunately has happened a couple of times.

      1. If you can’t get people to stop covering for them and their record shows nothing, then they are entitled to get a gun. Too many ball are dropped and intentionally. Nothing would have stopped any of these there were plenty of warning signs. Quit making excuses for Trump…

        1. I’m not making any excuses for trump and was bringing up the possibility he could be talking about fixing an issue that allowed for the Sunderland shooter who was barred from getting a gun but due to mistakes/incomplete info he was able to get a gun.

  4. She needs to learn how to better tuck that shotgun in to her shoulder.

    That being said, she’s obviously more of a man than the sissified reporter.

    1. Whatever a “Gersh Kuntzman” is, it needs a serious testosterone injection.
      And love that chick in the video.

    2. Yeah, she was a tad careless in the excitement of making the video. I am sure she felt it the next day. Been there, done that. But she buried the whimp.

  5. PTSD is not temporary…. it’s always there. It’s how you manage it that is the key to recovery.
    What a putz that journalist is.

    1. I’ve got two vets in my house who both have PTSD and neither of them have it “temporarily”. One even has TBI on top of it. That journalist just fished up a word that for many sounds scary but in reality has no relation to anything he experienced. He’s a wimp and a fraud. I’m glad that little gal owned him!

  6. The AR-15 is a very fun gun to shoot. I’m very small & the kick isn’t bad at all if you’re holding it right.

  7. I was sent this video, the building of the Fisher Wall in El Paso Texas. It takes the Brian Kolfage We Build the Wall video to another level, it’s from the Company that owns the land and built the wall. Go USA!!!

    1. Thanks ,I saw the finished product,but this was the first video of the building of the wall I had seen.

  8. “She’s cute as a bug” as we say. I liked how she jumped back into the video at the very end to say “and vote Trump.”

  9. When I read his comments, I laughed thinking, “what a girly man.” It seems I was right since a 14 year old girl showed him how it’s done! Bravo.

  10. She should have had a MAGA bandana to keep the hair out of her eyes when shooting the shotgun. That would have been cool

  11. That’s the first I’ve seen that video but I know I’ve seen that girl before. Maybe she was on something else?

    I love what she said about Hillary and the tooth fairy at the end. Then she iced the cake when she popped back in saying “vote for Trump”.

  12. Mark Pantano

    Let us talk political reality, shall we…

    When people feel betrayed by people they voted for, a certain percentage of them stay home.

    Whether you like it or not, that is what happens.

    If Trump does gun control, he will lose.

    He won PA, WI and MI by less than 1%.

    1. I’ve been excoriated by a couple people here because I would not vote for him if he signs any gun-control legislation.

      1. Wouldn’t it fair to say they sort of have a point? I can see why many republicans are upset at people like me who aren’t or haven’t been practical. I can see why they would have issue with me not supporting a candidate who I have some disagreements with which can help the candidate I agree with almost nothing on. People who have the same view as me when it comes to being against voting for the lesser of 2 evils and not voting for politicians who support red flag laws/more gun control would even vote against Reagan if he was on the ballot which is blasphemy to many on the right.

        Full disclosure I was a hypocrite in 2016 election because I did vote for Gary Johnson a candidate I have many big disagreements with to help the Libertarian party in the future.

          1. Nah, already been done (-: Besides, I’m a sysadmin, I already have the attitude; I live in a world of sarcasm and black humor.

        1. He needs to know that no matter how bad the democrats are, he has not got this election in the bag by any means.

    1. I SO want to see that. I heard a DJ this morning saying it’s “wrong” and shouldn’t be aired. Screw him. It’s comedy and if they can hold up a bloodied Trump head in the name of comedy then let’s air ten movies like this.

      1. Correct. I read the original article when it came out. When the guy was looking for a range to shoot at, he made no issue of letting them know the bend he was looking for in his article. Every other range told him to f*ck off more or less. Frank, this range’s owner, said okay. He even gave him a soundbite saying something like ” these are very dangerous”. (Never trust a German with a gun. Lol.) After that I started going to a new range. Lower transfer prices and doesn’t treat everyone who’s not a two-a-weeker like a suspect.

        1. OK, yeah. I’d find another one too. Odd that the owner would shoot himself in the foot like that.

  13. She may not believe him but he may actually be telling the truth. He’s a snowflake liberal and you know how they are. They freak out and get triggered over the dumbest things. I can see this guy getting PTSD over shooting one bullet. He probably got PTSD from Hillary not getting elected too.

    1. No, I think that he’s a drama queen. It takes a truly traumatic experience, usually a series of them, to cause PTSD.

      1. I was mostly being facetious to point out how liberals are traumatized by everything. It doesn’t have to be “real” PTSD for those idiots to believe they are traumatized.

        1. I see. I’m half asleep. I’ve been sitting at a warehouse waiting to get loaded for three and a half hours.

    1. I was listening to Dana on my bike ride yesterday, and she was saying that Biden is double digits ahead of his opponents.
      He could cut the heads off puppies and kittens live on tv, and the Dems would still vote for him.

    1. Cool. I saw a video of some guys shooting a huge rifle, in India, maybe? It was knocking them over. Also supposed to be the world’s largest.

  14. Over 300 of 680 immigrants arrested this week at the chicken facility have been released and allowed to return to their dependents.
    Don’t want pictures of crying babies all over the Post or Times.

  15. Bill Mitchell is still pushing for Trump’s Red Flag Laws.

    Bill Mitchell
    If we lose the White House to a Socialist gun grabber president in 2020, I will blame the idiot gun extremists refusing to vote for Trump if he backs common sense gun reform. What their foolishness gets will be FAR FAR worse.


    I’m not kidding.

    Epic stupidity.

    1. Correction – I missed him calling it common sense gun laws which does give the impression he supports it.

      To be fair the tweet you posted doesn’t really mean Mitchell supports trump’s red flag law (to be fair maybe in other tweets you didn’t post he’s supporting red flag laws). It seems like what he saying is if trump loses he’s going to be upset at 2nd amendment supporter who were going to vote for trump in 2022 but now won’t vote for him because he supports the red flag law (it would be fair to say I kind of fit into this group). To be fair its likely that if a dem wins in 2020 and has enough support in Congress gun rights supporters will wish we could go back to the days of trump. It’s seems like he’s preaching the lesser of 2 evils when it comes to guns (and to be fair on guns trump is no where close to as bad as the dems on gun rights).

    2. John Cardillo
      “Common sense gun reform,” is a term used by far left Democrats and Bloomberg funded anti-gun groups.

      Bill continues to reveal his true political leanings

    1. There goes one of those “trigger” phrases. I’m not sure there are any real men remaining on the left.

  16. I remember going through basic training in the Army on the M-16. It was introduced by a sergeant demonstrating the M-16 to a bunch of recruits who in some cases had never actually seen a gun. To make the point that the recoil was not as bad as some thought, he demonstrated firing the M-16 from multiple positions: with the butt against his arm, against his chin, and even against his groin.

    The point, of course, was that the M-16 really doesn’t have that much recoil, so there’s no need to be scared of it.

    So yeah, getting PTSD just from firing an AR-15 doesn’t pass the laugh test. And there’s no way it would bruise your shoulder unless you were just so terrified of the recoil that you don’t brace the butt at all. AND you already bruise like a peach.

    It’s not like the AR-15 is a 12-gauge shotgun….

    1. I did notice that the girl had a LimbSaver or some other such thing on her shotgun.

      If the author of the original article had fired a 12 ga. then he can truly say his shoulder hurt. But then again, he probably would have ended up on his butt.

  17. “The smell of sulfur” Modern guns don’t smell like sulfur. Antique muzzleloaders using black powder smell like sulfur. Did he even shoot a gun?

    1. My 10 year old has shot my AR. He’s a pretty big boy for a ten yr old. First time he did it, turned to me with a surprised look “Dad, this doesn’t kick at all!! “

  18. John Cardillo
    I’ll never back off fake conservatives who don’t understand that the 2nd Amendment is the one that guarantees all the others.

    It’s non-negotiable.

    I’ll expose them until the end.

  19. The writer for the New York Daily News must be pretty wimpy. Or is he one of those trained fairies who is “afraid” of everything his party is against?

  20. I’ve been careful (I thought) not to mention the exact date of my birthday, and two sites that I don’t subscribe to just wished me HB. It’s like the internet telling me, “We’ve got you by the short hairs.” Makes me wonder how much other supposedly private information is out there.

    1. Happy Birthday Dr Strangelove.

      The other day while I was unloading my truck, a pesky dog was barking at me, then the ads for dog food started to pop up on my phone. They are listening, and could be watching with the phone’s camera.

      1. Thanks, John! Yeah, John Gotti was convicted partially with evidence obtained by surreptitiously turning on his cell phone. The technology has been around for a while. I’m sure that we’re on certain watch lists.

  21. I found a station playing some decent jazz. I was disappointed to see that it was IPR. But then I thought, “What the heck, I’m paying for it, might as well listen.”

  22. Girls don’t date this man, he is a wuss. He will send thou to fight the burglars in your home. He probably squats to urinate. He is a100% limp wrist, tree hugging, sissy plus a damn liar to boot.

  23. The absolute chutzpah of that fool to compare shooting a gun once with PTSD.

    Note I just called him a fool – I certainly wouldn’t call him a man.

  24. [[Joe Biden on the Second Amendment: No amendment is ‘absolute’]]


    You know- this is EXACTLY the danger of giving one inch to the left on gun control issues-


    it is naive to think the left will ever honor any kinds of ‘strong
    due process protections’ built into ANY bill when the left won’t even
    honor our constitution for crying out loud!

    IF they don’t even honor our very constitution- who the hell is dumb enough to think they will honor a new law’s restrictions?

  25. Gotta love the girls who make adult liberals look bad. This young lady and the 8 yo who made fun of OC.

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