Teleprompter Joe strikes again!

Yesterday Teleprompter Joe was giving a speech after the Senate passed the phony COVID relief bill and this happened:

If you watch the fuller speech, it’s clear that Biden is reading from the teleprompter the whole time. I don’t know exactly what happened, but it seems like his teleprompter either went too fast or malfunctioned for a second because he was at a complete loss for words, stammering about until they got the teleprompter back on track.

It reminds me of something Charles Krauthammer said about Jeb Bush in 2016, when he said “he ain’t nimble!” Cleary Teleprompter Joe ain’t nimble enough to handle when his teleprompter does something unexpected.

Look, this wouldn’t be such a big deal if Teleprompter Joe’s people weren’t hiding him from the American public. Biden has yet to do a press conference and we’re almost 50 days into his presidency. Even the press is starting to ask why:

Psaki is claiming that Biden is taking questions as if there’s nothing wrong, but we all saw what happened the other day when Biden offered to take questions:

Yeah, there’s no problem here.

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