Texas Democrat tweets NAMES of Trump donors and their employers to shame and INTIMIDATE them!

In an apparent effort to intimidate and shame Trump donors in his district, Texas Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro posted on Twitter the names of 44 people in San Antonio who have donated the maximum allowed under federal law to Trump’s campaign.

He not only posted their names, but also the places they work (or own) in order to shame them for supporting Trump:

Is it any surprise that Democratic Socialist working for the federal government would do something like this? I don’t think there’s any doubt that Castro is hoping his supporters will protest, harass and boycott these businesses.

Newsflash! This isn’t Cuba or Venezuela! We don’t intimidate or shame people for participating in a democratic election.

It should be noted that Joaquin Castro is not only the twin brother of 2020 Democrat Julian Castro, but is also his 2020 campaign chairman. Which means Julian needs to both denounce this disgusting act and fire his brother.

Erick Erickson tweeted: “This is why political donations should no longer be made public. The left is weaponizing transparency to ensure donors to their political opponents are harassed, boycotted, or worse.”

The Daily Caller says the Trump campaign is calling for the tweet to be deleted:

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh is demanding Castro delete the post.

“Democrats want to talk about inciting violence? This naming of private citizens and their employers is reckless and irresponsible. He is endangering the safety of people he is supposed to be representing,” Murtaugh told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“No one should be targeted for exercising their First Amendment rights or for their political beliefs. He should delete the tweet, apologize, and his brother’s campaign should disavow it,” Murtaugh added.

Not only should it be deleted, but Castro should be censured in Congress for such a shameful and fascistic act.

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