Texas Dems who took MASKLESS beer trip to D.C. are testing POSITIVE for COVID and media has no criticism

Three of the Texas Democrats who took a vacaction to D.C. to get a de facto filibuster of the voting integrity and reform bill have tested positive for Covid.

The news is stressing that all three are vaccinated, but not mentioning that despite the CDC and FAA requirements, they chose not to wear masks on the plane.

I don’t want to wear masks anywhere and the FAA is being stupid about it. But that ain’t got NOTHING to do with the fact that if these were Republicans the lack of masks would be the MAIN story. We’d be hearing all kinds of grandstanding from the TV talking heads about it.

But these are Democrats so instead it’s all just “move along, nothing to see here.

Fox News at least showed the maskless photo.

The rest of the media is treating it like No Big Deal at all. The same media pushing for mask mandates in New York City and Los Angeles. The same Democrats who reinstituted the mask policy in LA County. The same Democrats and Media who say “maskless” every time a Republican is outside. The same Texas Democrats who said Gov. Abbott was trying to kill Texans by removing mask mandates.

It’s just INSANE.

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