“Thank God our framers gave us the right to bear arms” – Mark Levin

Here’s a Mark Levin Short Take that he posted on Rumble, where he briefly explains why the founders of America were such geniuses in giving us the second amendment:

There’s more in the video, but here is what Levin discussed from the video itself:

Communism isn’t built by majority; it is crafted by a few uncompromising radicals. Individuals who take the due process of statecraft into their own hands. From Mao and his military cult, to Castro and his 50 guerrilla fighters, to Lenin’s circle of attorneys, these people operate without the permission or approval of those they claim to represent. Today, Cubans are trying to rise up, but their authoritarian government detonates their hope for a better state with brute force and communist-like restrictions on mass communications. Thank God our framers gave us the right to bear arms, for without them, we are defenseless against rogue Marxists.

Levin isn’t suggesting that we will need to use our guns to defend the fruited plains, but the fact that Americans already have guns puts fear in the hearts of those who would try to take over this nation as has happened in other countries like China and Cuba.

It might be somewhat analogous to a thief refusing to break into your home if he knows you are armed and can easily defeat him. Which is why Democrats are so anti-gun, because it would make their revolution so much easier if we didn’t have them.

Watch the video for much more…

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