That tracks: Dems CENSURE Sinema for voting to preserve DEMOCRACY

Arizona Democrats have voted to censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema because she’s a maverick who votes her conscience – you know, that thing they always said about John McCain, which they claimed to adore, along with the MSM.

Well they’re against that now, and they’re punishing Sinema because she went maverick in defense of democracy (another thing Dems profess to love but actually hate) and representative government over the tyranny of the majority (the thing they ACTUALLY love.)

Fox 10 Phoenix reports:

Officials with the Arizona Democratic Party announced on Jan. 22 that they have censured Sen. Kyrsten Sinema for her position on the filibuster.

The decision, according to a statement, was made during an executive board meeting on the morning of Jan. 22, and came after state committee members passed a resolution in Fall 2021 that outlined potential actions to be taken by the party should Sen. Sinema “choose to protect the filibuster and obstruct voting rights legislation.”

The censure says that “While we take no pleasure in this announcement, the ADP Executive Board has decided to formally censure Senator Sinema as a result of her failure to do whatever it takes to ensure the health of our democracy.”

You could say that Trump’s successes broke Democrats’ brains, but that would be giving pre-Trump Dems WAY too much credit.

PS: And don’t you dare hit the comments with “we’re not a democracy.” Don’t virtual signal. That fact doesn’t have anything to do with the concept of democracy as a process, nor even more importantly with what Democrats previously CONSIDERED democracy until it was no longer convenient to their power grab. So stuff it.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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