The Arab Spring: Democratic elections are the easy road to totalitarian government

We are a Republic for a reason. True Democracy is nothing more than mob rule. This is something that the Founders considered when they were trying to put together our new Nation. Their examples were the governments of ancient Rome and of ancient Greece.

They chose the best of both worlds, injected Christian values into the mix and came up with a brilliant model of government. However, for years the liberals and the Republicans have overused the word “Democracy” to the point that the average American still doesn’t understand our governmental foundations. That fact is not discussed in this article. The salient point is that Democracy minus American values is the easy road to totalitarian rule.

Daniel Greenfield’s thesis is that “Democracy is not the answer.” Not in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Libya – nowhere – where Sharia is the societal norm, is Democracy going to work.

FrontPage -To understand how we got to the point that spending hundreds of millions of dollars to support a government run by people who have been at war with us for almost a century is a policy that most foreign policy experts endorse, it helps to take a brief trip back in time.

In the last century, our big three wars, the two we fought and the one we didn’t, were against enemies who were seen as being distinguished by a lack of democracy, with the Kaiser, the Fuhrer and the Commissar embodying the antithesis of the American system.

The Democratic Party, which stood at the helm during both hot wars, was able to link its brand to the wars by defining them as struggles for democracy. The process of de-nationalizing war from a conflict between nations and ethnic groups was only partly realized in WW1, but was largely achieved in WW2, and made post-war reconstruction and alliance easier. National and ethnic grudges were replaced by ideological platforms. If the trouble was a lack of democracy, then all we needed to do was defeat the tyrant’s armies, inject democracy and stand back.

Democracy also made it easier to turn liberals against the Soviet Union. The liberals who had believed in a war for democracy in Europe had difficulty tossing it aside after the war was over. And that emphasis on democracy helped make a national defense coalition between conservatives and liberals possible.

This strategy was effective enough against existing totalitarian systems, but suffered from a major weakness because it could not account for a totalitarian ideology taking power through the ballot box.

The assumption that because the Nazis and the Communists rejected open elections that they could not win open elections was wrong. Democracy of that kind is populism and totalitarian movements can be quite popular. The Nazis did fairly well in the 1932 elections and the radical left gobbled up much of the Russian First Duma. The modern Russian Communist Party is the second largest party in the Duma today. Democratic elections do not necessarily lead to democratic outcomes, but the linkage of democracy to progress made that hard to see. The assumption that democracy is progressive and leads to more progress had been adopted even by many conservatives. That fixed notion of history led to total disaster in the Arab Spring.

Cold War America knew better than to endorse universal democracy. Open elections everywhere would have given the Soviet Union more allies than the United States. The left attacked Eisenhower and Kennedy as hypocrites, but both men were correct in understanding that there was no virtue in overthrowing an authoritarian government only to replace it with an even more authoritarian government; whether through violence or the ballot box.


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20 thoughts on “The Arab Spring: Democratic elections are the easy road to totalitarian government

  1. “That is why, under present conditions, the Marxist programme is divided into two parts: the maximum programme, the goal of which is socialism, and the minimum programme, the object of which is to lay the road to socialism through a democratic republic.” – Stalin (1907)

  2. This is effectively what we have in the U.S. The Legislative and Executive branches ignore the constitution, the People don’t demand that they do and Chief Roberts ruling on Obamacare just proves the courts don’t either. A pure democracy by default is what we’r left with. Dictatorship

  3. The best slave is one who believes that he is free. We lost our freedom when we lost our ability to own property, and when we allowed our income to be taxed. The last 100 years has brought us a continual depleting of our liberties. Slaves can be given certain liberties, but remain slaves. How is it that government can force us to pay into a retirement fund, and we still consider ourselves free? Obama Care is nothing more than a continuation of what we have determined to accept over many decades now. Socialist and communist programs cannot exist in a free country, because they cannot survive based on voluntary involvement. Government owns all property, and all income. They are just now proving to us that they also own us, thought this also has been evident to those who have been privy to certain information and understanding. 
    We did start out as a country recognizing and fighting for individual liberty, but what we started out with was quickly and continually under attack by those who held power. The founders were correct in saying that wars will have to be fought to keep it. Our government has successfully convinced us that these wars are and have been fought overseas. The last war that was fought for this purpose was the American Civil War. No other war was fought due to any real threat to our individual liberties. 
    We rarely recognize the true enemies of our constitution and bill of rights. Conservatives focus on liberals, and liberals blame conservatives. The reality is that both sell us out to foreign powers, and use their growing police state to enforce that which they enacted via illegal legislation. 
    My question to those who believe that we live in a free country, and have a representative government, is simply “why do you consider the federal government to be a constitutionally legitimate government”?

  4. Well, the Brits and the old Dominions (Canada, NZ, Australia, etc.) are proper ‘Parliamentary Democracies’ but this doesn’t happen overnight as these idiots in DC assume. It takes hundreds of years of culture, the predisposition, the judeo Christian foundation and so on to arrive there. And, as we may be seeing in the UK, the fatal ‘progressive’ obsession with relativism and ‘tolerance’ can be a death wish and result in fact very quickly.

  5. Just like liberals, they load up the ballots with fake votes from people who are bussed in – in this case, by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  6. After Wilson (A big Liberal Racist Progressive) left office, he was reported to have said how he regretted creating the Federal Reserve.  Now…it wasn’t because he regretted government controlling money and money gains power…it was because the Federal Reserve would control the government as it was THEY…A PRIVATELY OWNED BANK called the Federal Reserve who would end up controlling government because they are the ones that Congress turned over American’s tax money and signed into law by Wilson.  Yep…the Federal Government answers to about SEVEN wealthy MEN/WOMEN around this planet who control the Federal Reserve Bank.  To my knowledge there has been only one President with the cahones to challenge this power and he was assassinated just FOUR short months later after signing an Executive Order to abolish the Federal Reserve.  And Johnson signed a new EO re-establishing  the Federal Reserve within a few hours of assuming the Presidency.  Now that is messed up!!  Until we get rid of the Federal Reserve and let the states only tax us with States paying the Federal Government…we will never have what our founders intended for us to have.  Our states have little power now….the Federal Government walks all over our states and it is humiliating when I hear someone say we have a Democratic Republic…..NO..we HAD a Democratic Republic…what we have now is a joke!

    1. suzy000 Well, he would be happy now as the crony capitalists in DC and on Wall Street seem to have everything ‘under control’ as it were.

  7. ‘Democratic elevtions’? Please, give me a break. 
    There are only forms of government under Islam, an Autocratic Islamic Dictatorship OR a Theocratic Islamic Dictatorship. Either waa, Islam IS ‘the government’.

  8. Let’s see what “democratic” elections have brought to Egypt. Morsi, Sharia, F-16s and Abrams tanks….

  9. The U.S. gave up the Republic in favor of a Democracy during the Civil War. Everything since is conjured history to maintain the deception of a Republic long abandoned.

    1. Laurel A Thug rule I guess by circumstance can be the same as mob rule but thug rule rules Egypt.

  10. Democracy minus American values is the easy road to totalitarian rule 
     thats it  
    iam from Egypt just an example in upper Egypt they prevent christian from voting  in presidential election 
    democracy for those people just a ladder the climb on it then they destroy it

  11. True.The founders wanted no part of a pure democracy because just as you stated they saw pure democracy as mob rule.For almost a century now the word republic has been tossed aside by people from both parties and replaced with the word democracy.We are not now and never have been a democracy for good reason.

    1. 57thunderbird Your right and this is why all we ever hear from the media is Democracy, Democracy, Democracy. Democracy in Iraq now it’s Democracy in Egypt, etc. I never noticed it until a few years back and of course it’s even more pronounce now since they are in total agreement with Obams’s support of the Muslim uprisings in the middle east. I consider it just one more part to the brainwashing. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the majority of the media are smart enough to come up with this on their own but let’s face it most of them are brainwashed to.

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