The Atlantic attacks the Rosary, defends domestic terror, and the reason why is simple.

“The Atlantic is bad. You should realize it’s bad. It’s really bad,” wrote The Spectator’s Stephen Miller on Monday. Had to think of truer words, but he added plenty of additional and equally true words to a takedown on the Atlantic and supposed former conservative Stephen Hayes after a pair of insane articles from the rag.

I should say, the LATEST pair of horrid insane articles. For one thing, they said the Rosary is an extremist symbol.

And they were mad people were mad about being firebombed. They can pay whatever lip service to condemning the actual acts that is required to have the article published, but this is a defense. They are giving Jane’s Revenge cover, just like the do for Antifa. Pay no attention, they say. (So the work can continue, they wink.)

Here is the important question, although we all know the answer.

Miller explains.

And the Atlantic and their “writer” are still quintupling down, btw.

Why is the Atlantic doing it? Because it’s bad. It has bad writers. It’s a bad publication doing bad things. That’s why. Pretty simple.

The media gets more despicable by the minute.

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