The Atlantic gets OBLITERATED online for COWARDLY firing conservative for liberal MOB

So a while back the liberal publication The Atlantic was being praised for being intellectually honest and hiring on Kevin Williamson who wrote for National Review. He is lauded by many as one of the best conservative writers and thinkers.

Well of course, that means that the online liberal mob had to be assembled to destroy him.

So they found something they found objectionable that he said a long time ago, and got him fired.

Williamson was merely pointing out what would happen if abortion were legally considered murder, but the liberal left all of sudden forgets nuances when they can assail a conservative.

That’s when the fighting began:

Some pointed out that their writers had problematic statements too:

But that’s different, right? Because reasons, that’s why!!

They have this ludicrous idea that he’s “dangerous” to women over his opinions on women:

This is idiotic, but we expect that from Jessica Valenti. Think about what that means – we’re ALL a “threat” if we have the wrong thoughts!!

So anyway that’s the day in cowardice from the left….

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