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The Courage to Repeal

A continuing series of discussions of Mark Levin’s book,
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

(Discussion #25 – The Courage to Repeal)

It’s Monday, so that means we’re back on the LAM here at TheRightScoop! Unlike the job ahead, this week will be easy.

Soldiers Wade Ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day

Many of you will recognize the image above, which is a detail from a famous Life Magazine photo by Robert Capa, taken during the second wave to hit Omaha Beach on the D-Day landing. The 70th anniversary of which is three weeks from this Friday (mark your calendars!). I wouldn’t place bets on the likelihood of a statement of remembrance by our current President—a fact which says all one need know about the state of our nation in the reign of the first Marxist to be elected President of the United States.

However I come here not to bury Obama, but to ignore him. We have more important things to discuss.

George Will penned (okay, he probably typed it) a column last week pointing out the fact that the Affordable Care Act might well be repealed by an action involving the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. I wouldn’t say it’s a strong chance or a likely one, but it is a chance, unlike the chance that John Boehner or Mitch McConnell would have the courage to repeal it in the next Congress.

The courage to capitulate seems to be all the courage possessed by our Congressional leadership these days. This is why the stories are pouring out of the media about how “impossible” repeal will be now that millions would be effected. This is why the Consultants of Capitulation are flogging the idea that it would be crazy to try and repeal Obamacare now. After all, the headlines almost write themselves: “GOP to Poor on Obamacare: Drop Dead.”

How shocked are you that this would happen? That’s what I thought; another shockyawn! in the age of Obama.

We are stuck with leadership that won’t lead, and a rank-and-file that cannot seem to replace them. We are also stuck with a beltway mentality that major undertakings are not possible unless they are couched in terms of helping the poor. And so we are stuck with legislation the creates more poor that need help. It’s time to shock the establishment back to life, and let them know we want repeal, and only repeal of this unconstitutional restriction on our liberty.

When they tell you, “Millions will be affected!”, you reply as Andrew Breitbart would; just one word: “So?”

We know millions would be affected. In fact, most Americans would benefit from repeal. Do we hold them hostage to the few who actually benefit from the destruction of our healthcare system? No. No we do not.

While the Administration seeks to distract you with the childishly stupid superstition of man-caused global warming (excellent word choice, Dr. Krauthammer), and while we are watching Benghazi investigations snail their way forward, you can be sure that the war on liberty involving Obamacare is in full swing in the media and among the DC Elites.

If Congress can no longer find its courage, we are going to be forced to incorporate the repeal as part of the Liberty Amendments that will be discussed at the Convention of States. Now more than ever, this convention MUST happen.

We will have to contend with the naysayers of both kinds among us: those who are afraid of repeal, and those who are afraid of Restoration. The way to do it is by educating them. Unfortunately, many are resistant to facts, so you will have to be persistent and learn to ignore them when they adamantly stand on the side of ignorance.

As Rob Natelson has written, repeal of the Seventeenth amendment is also going to be a major challenge. People are going to insist that popular election of Senators represents more liberty, not less. We have the same problem with getting rid of the Sixteenth Amendment allowing taxation of income. All such efforts at repeal are met with demands that a replacement “solution” is required. Repeal and Replace becomes the mantra, encouraging growth of government, not reduction.

These battles are going to be long, slow, and tedious. But we must rediscover our national manhood (and believe me, conservative women are telling you this, more than most men will), and we must not stop fighting against these job-killing, racism-promoting, divisive, class-warfare-inciting infringements on our liberty.

When it comes to finding your manhood, I’ll let The Duke explain in this great scene from The Train Robbers

I’ve been forced by time constraints to lay off the ArticleFiveProcess website for the first quarter of this year. But in a week or two I’ll be ramping it up, and revising the way data is reported. It’s still alive, it’s just restin’.

Continue contacting your state representatives. Ignore the cranks who think everything will be just fine if we elect more conservatives. We either make the Constitution work, or prepare for the inevitable violence to come (the world is showing this to be obvious, every single day). Get up one more time than you’re knocked down. That’s all that matters.

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