The dam that burst in Michigan happened because the state wanted to protect Freshwater Mussels!

As you may have heard a dam burst in the state of Michigan a couple days ago after this half of the country was soaked in rain for days. But it turns out that the feds revoked the license for the dam in 2018 and the state of Michigan then mismanaged the dam’s lake, all to protect freshwater mussels.

Pradheep J. Shanker, a contributor to NRO, explains what happened:

He begins in 2018 when the feds revoked the license for the dam:

It was approved to raise the level of the lake for summer despite an already large amount of water in the lake:

The company in charge of the lake wanted to reduce the levels of the lake this year for fear the dam might break in a substantial storm, and Michigan’s AG took them to court:

The state had been worried about killing freshwater mussels for the last two years, so that when it went to court several weeks ago, that was their argument, that lowering water level was killing mussels:

The state AG argued in court that the water level needed to be higher:

In summary…

It’s the same song and dance that we see in other parts of the country governed by liberals, like California, where they put the lives of fish and other freshwater creatures over the lives of people.

Also this is the same idiotic AG that just picked a fight with Trump over not wearing a mask during part of his visit yesterday to a Michigan Ford plant.

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