The entire ‘Morning Joe’ panel MOCKED Ocasio-Cortez for her economic IGNORANCE on Amazon!

This is extraordinary. You would think that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be a favorite on Morning Joe, but even they had to obliterate her over her complete lack of understanding of basic economics.

This is entertaining:


Mediaite summed up a lot of the criticism:

The criticism started cautiously, with host Joe Scarborough ostensibly introducing the segment without naming the recently elected congresswoman by name. “New York City wasn’t handing cash to Amazon. It was an incentive program based on job creation producing tax revenue,” Scarborough said, adding “There isn’t a $3 billion pile of money that can now be spent on subways or education.”

But Donny Deutsch played his role of the “bull in a china shop” and openly invited AOC to criticize him on Twitter, because, that would likely promote his brand. Deutsch made his concerns plain, saying “we are in a dangerous place and if people in the party doesn’t start to speak up against people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is young and dynamic but does not know what she’s talking about, they’re going to hand the presidency back to Donald Trump.”

But it was Susan Del Percio dropped the most significant diss of Rep. Ocascio-Cortez, saying “What’s shocking to me is once again she shows how little she understands not just economics but even unemployment. She’s the one who said the reason unemployment is so low is because a lot of people have two jobs. She needs to learn basic things about what it is to be a representative.”

Mika Brzezinski ended the pile-on in a nice-but-not-nice manner, saying ” I watch AOC with a lot of hope but I’m cringing, and I would love to give her some advice.”

I am honestly surprised at how stupid AOC was about this, and I really look forward to further mocking her on her future idiotic endeavors.

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39 thoughts on “The entire ‘Morning Joe’ panel MOCKED Ocasio-Cortez for her economic IGNORANCE on Amazon!

  1. Truly entertaining that the left has to eat their own to seem viable Everyone is running from the GREEN NEW DEAL. Too bad. It was really starting to expose the left’s total ignorance. Gotta run . . .my train to Hawaii is leaving shortly.

  2. If Cortez ever wins the Presidency guaranteed She`ll be another Brutal Romanian Dictator Ceusescue . Guaranteed. At Her Age Her mind is gone already

  3. When I was in Jr. High, we had a class (don’t even remember what it was called, probably econ 101) But I remember we broke up into groups, had to start up a virtual business, lay out a financial structure, and buy and sell products involving the other groups. We learned about the stock market, selling and trading etc… We were all of 14, and we had a blast. I’m afraid AOC would’ve flunked this class.

  4. She needs to learn basic things about what it is to be a representative.

    They all need that. From the President on down.

  5. Listening to AOC lecture us on economics is hilarious. She talks in terms of ten year plans but consider this: Ten years ago she was a teenager, ten years before that she was a little girl in grade school, and ten years before that she hadn’t even been born.

    Now, if you’re a mature adult, think back ten years and you’ll probably say “wow, that seems like yesterday!” or “was that really 10 years ago?” because you have spices in your cabinet that expired 10 years ago that you should have thrown out already!

    Time stretches out forever to the young. But it’s an illusion, isn’t it?

  6. This is the reason AOC embraces socialism, because she doesn’t understand basic economics. She is also the poster child for many her age; ungrateful, immature, sophomoric, yet so certain in her own mind that she is right about everything. Hopefully we will not have to marvel at her ignorance for long.

  7. Honestly, Cortez is so stupid, I have to question the integrity of her gene pool. She is reliably the dumbest member of Congress, and reliably the one that you can always turn to for quotes so stupid, you’d think they came straight from, or the Onion.

  8. “I am honestly surprised at how stupid AOC was about this, and I really
    look forward to further mocking her on her future idiotic endeavors.”


    And this is why we all visit this site.

    It’s not just 25,000 jobs, it’s all the ancillary jobs that come with it…construction, new shops opening up, new services. It could be up to 50,000 jobs lost because this chick doesn’t understand basic economics.

  9. “I am honestly surprised at how stupid AOC was about this, and I really look forward to further mocking her on her future idiotic endeavors.”
    Right on, Sooper!

  10. LOL! You’ve got stupid people complaining about one of their own being too stupid for her own good. Uh, Dear Morning Joe sycophants, AOC is far from being the democrat’s only concern about 2020.

  11. I push for DemoCommie 2020 Presidential Candidate Ocasio Cortez. . It`ll be an easy Win for President Trump. Middle of the Road Democrats Who doesn`t want to give up Their Air Travel, Steak Dinners ,Pork Chops will be Voting for Trump. Trump 2020 !!

  12. Anyone on the left who criticizes AOC by name gets dragged by her cult. Donny “Douchebag” Deutsch has no idea the sh*t storm he’s going to get on Twitter from the junior Jonestowners.

  13. Joe and Mika, from what little I have seen of them, are as schizophrenic as anyone actually diagnosed with the disease…they are not credible on any level.

  14. Yeah, You are in a Dangerous Place when you are a Nincompoop Liberal and EVEN YOU KNOW AOC is a few pits short of a cherry pie.

  15. As well deserved as AOC’s criticism is, the fact that it comes from her side won’t matter. She has a fan club that I’m sure is already criticizing Morning Joe for how they don’t understand or get it. I’ve seen some comments from her groupies. They scratch the surface of a topic and pat themselves on the back for their “deep thinking”. They haven’t got the ability or desire to actually discern. They are happily deceived and excellent brainwashed minions of Evil.

  16. Mika could have saved a lot of words by simply saying, “AOC should remember what happened to Trotsky.”

  17. Apparently AOC’s boyfriend has an alleged government email account which begs the question has he also been given access to a government electronic device to access his government email account? Allegedly her boyfriend is on staff. If so again how ironic that she dismisses the loss of thousands of jobs for every day New Yorkers as if it were noble but may have allegedly secured one job for her lover.

  18. “She should learn from someone like Nancy Pelosi.” —Mika

    It looks like the word has gone out from the Central Committee whose initials are NP.

  19. The stupidity of the leftist perspective is quite underrated. Men aren’t men. Women aren’t women. Humans in the womb aren’t humans. The government can create prosperity. The world is ending in 12 years due to climate change. You could fill a book with all the stupid things they believe. AOC is just more audacious about following through. But their core worldview is basically a rejection of reality. This is what indoctrination in schools had led to: a generation of educated people who can’t think.

  20. Soros created this monster and now the MSM-sellouts got the order of getting rid of this monster. It might be too late. Sandy from the Block is liking the new wealth, power and the fact that she belongs to the Washington D.C.-elite very much. She deeply believes that it is her turn now to amass wealth while the peons get brainwashed to welcome her Pee New Deal. She is the young version of Pelosi and will spread the big lie called COMMUNISM which means wealth for the elite and poverty, no health care and death for the peons. She will read her script with her incredibly irritating voice and disgusting demeanor and betray the American People. No, she didn’t get elected by crazy voters. She got elected by Soros and his voting machines and machinery and she knows that. Everybody knows that. The same is true for Omar and Rashida. All from the same “school” that groomed Obama and others……..

  21. They ONLY mock her because they’re aware of the danger she poses to their party. AND that she exposed to crooked direction their party is going. Morning Joe still sucks.

  22. What do you call it when Mika wants to give Ocrazio advice??
    Note “dumb and dumber” and “blind leading the blind” are already taken.

  23. Well, if I were to criticise AOC, it certainly wouldn’t be for her opposition to Amazon getting hand outs. It would be for her horrendous tax and spend policies. Corporate subsides are NEVER a good idea. They are anti free market.

  24. Does anyone honestly care what that garbage morning show on msnbc says?? An real American with common sense knows both that show on PMSNBC and AOC are morons

  25. Mica…’s the political experience. Huh? You don’t have to be a genius to understand basic economics and the importance of being business friendly. AOC’s ideas and proposals are off the charts insane.

    I propose that for high school and college they require a class similar to economics, but more focused on the role of pillars in society and all the other components that make free markets work. They could include teaching the details of the Constitution and the importance of it.

    Then again, when liberals dominate the field of education it would have a liberal spin put on it and many would still be pushing AOC economics.

  26. If she were trying to represent the people of her district, she would have been very interested in Amazon bringing new jobs right next door, that some of her own people would probably have been commuting to.

    All she wants is power to make her mark as a progressive. Other representatives at least know their golden carriage turns into a pumpkin if they don’t take care of their constituents.

    I predict she doesn’t win re-election. And then runs for the Senate or for President.

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