The FBI yesterday still refused to tell Pat Smith her son was killed in a “terrorist attack”

Pat Smith, mother of State Dept. official Sean Smith who was murdered in Benghazi, told Judge Jeanine that she met with the FBI yesterday over a conference call and they told her they’d tell her anything that she wanted to know. But she says she didn’t believe what they told her because they still refused to call it a terrorist attack:

Here’s the full interview. Watch to the end where she is basically begging to know what happened to her son, whether he was even dragged through the streets after he was murdered. I can’t help but feel for her as she is being lied to as she grieves the loss of her son:

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94 thoughts on “The FBI yesterday still refused to tell Pat Smith her son was killed in a “terrorist attack”

  1. Isn’t it obvious the FBI has been compromised, Islamicized.

    Bob Mueller, has overseen this and MUST be held accountable.

    How does one go from fighting Islamic terrorists to sucking up to Islamic terrorists while Islamic terrorists are killing Americans?

    Anybody defending America? Top brass at DOD, FBI, DOJ, DHS, CIA, State Dept, White House all in the bag…

  2. They should drag these lying Democommies through the streets until they finally confess to their lies. This woman deserves the truth, and these people don’t give a damn all they want to do is to continue the cover-up. I have to admire this woman, I would be a crying mess. Can you imagine how she feels when she sees Biden, at that debate laughing when Paul Ryan, is talking about the four Americans killed at the embassy..

  3. I think this woman really needed to see her son’s body. That would have helped her accept his death and be able to come to a personal closure on this tragic loss. I feel for her. She should have insisted on seeing him, but I can understand that in her emotional state with all of those “important” people that she would be intimidated into silence. So sad.

  4. They called at 12:30 at night to tell her about her son’s having been killed- how inconsiderate to not let the poor woman have the best opportunity to have a good night’s sleep before hearing this kind of devastating news!

  5. The attack was a national tragedy… what they’re doing to this American citizen, mother of one of those killed… is an abomination.

    I hope heads roll after this all gets out. What a disgusting disgrace.

  6. This poor mom has had a terrible month.

    She seems almost at the point of falling apart. In my view, just above coherent.

    She deserves answers.

    1. I am amazed at how composed she is. I don’t know that I could have been so calm about it. She was a 0 supporter prior to this though.

      1. I saw it on television, and after a few minutes I turned off the sound. My first thoughts were that she was on a sedative.
        Yes, If I was an Obama supporter and he totally let me down like that, with a son in the Military I would be devastated.

        1. I worry that if anyone did something to my kids, that I wouldn’t be able to maintain control. I would hope that the Lord would give me the strength to maintain control, because sometimes those old sinful thoughts appear in my head.

          I’m not sure that they would be able to put this interview on TV with me doing it. I wouldn’t hold back one bit. Not because of cussing, but because I would unload on on US foreign policy as well as 0’s anti American agenda.

    1. Thanks for that link, O, hope it too goes far and wide. Loved these guys when MR gave his speech, quiet patriots until zerotargets them with lies.

      Did you catch this one yet? Chris Wallace hammering axeljack, who looks like he turned down make-up and really looks ghoulish. Or maybe he’s just a natural spook.
      The video segues into part 2. Scoop will probably post it later.

  7. Jack-Axel is on with Chris Mattews now Sun. 1pm (cst) spinning more lies and excuses. I hope SCOOP post it later. Matthews is eating Axelrod’s LUNCH.

    1. If there’s an attack in NYC, pray that Matthews and the rest of the media sit at ground zero. I think it’s only fair, they become the victims of the monster they promoted.

  8. Mrs Smith,

    Your son was killed by the “rules of engagement”.
    They generally aren’t allowed to carry weapons.
    However, if granted permission to carry a weapon, they aren’t allowed to release the safety.

    Might just as well have painted a target on his back. He was sacrificed so the obamessiah can get re-elected.

  9. If this doesn’t show people the kind of shameless , non caring, out for only themselves and their reelection ,to fundamentally change Amercia , into a country that treats our heroes like servants, who mean nothing , other then bumps in the road…then nothing will.. My heart breaks for this woman..Her son must be looking down at U.S. wondering what it was he saw in Obama in the first place..

  10. Some many think I am heartless and cruel when I say this but she and her son voted for O’Bambi. Their votes are one of the reasons he was elected and was in the position to allow her son to be murdered and then cover-up the story.

    We have lost countless members of our military because O’Bambi leads from behind, and I can’t even say he leads at all. Some of these members were killed by forces they were training to defend their own countries. Some, like our Navy Seals, were murdered because O’Bambi and Biden played politics and exposed them to the entire world.

    This mother, and believe me I am sorry her son died, will get the answers she wants, she will be told they couldn’t tell her sooner because of national security and there was an ongoing investigation, she will swoon over O’Bambi and Biden (he is so sweet) again and pull the lever for this murderous pair. And then she will write a book and make millions.

    Interesting how Sean’s wife is remaining silent and it appears she is upset with his mother’s exploitation.

    Elections have consequences and she only spoke up when it was her son that died, not a peep when any of our military members were murdered.

    I also find it quite interesting that she cannot seem to remember the details of what she was told. Compare that to the parents of the Navy Seal that have spoken out, they remember every single detail.

    1. Reality bites and leaves many in a state of confused bewilderment when it hits them like this.
      A very awful awakening the hard way.

  11. The Judge pulled no punches last night; I watched the entire show. It’s safe to say that Judge Pirro is not a fan of King Barry the Petulant.

    1. I hope Hispanics and Latinos (or whatever they would like to be called today) are listening to her! She is the shining example of education and hard work leading to success!

      1. And was Stevens our first gay Ambassador? And who was his “guest” that left shortly before the attack? Could the attack have been in part because Mooslims don’t support the “gay lifestyle”?

      2. Its funny you should mention that, as it has been reported by people who performed investigations in Chicago on Obama”s past that he was involved with male prostitutes. It was a “word on the street” thing. Apparently he was into cocaine and male prostitutes. Wayne Madsen did an in depth investigation of Obama in Chicago, Kenya, and Hawaii. He actually had to hide out for a while because of it. I haven’t heard anything lately from him though.

  12. Poor lady. Man, I wouldn’t want my kids in this kind of military. Our children are expendable pawns.

    1. They are not expendable pawns, but they are being used as such. I know what you meant, though. If by some extenuating circumstance Obama stays in office, our military people need to start abandoning their “Joke in Chief”.

  13. I saw this, and it appears she was patronized by Panetta when she was most deserving of a heartfelt condolence message, either in person, or hand written (not the form letter O has become famous for!!) The insensitivity of this administration apparently knows no bounds, unless, of course, one is offended by God, Jesus, a bible or a cross. I am posting this on FR for our patriots group.

  14. This mother deserves better as you all know. It’s a damning disgrace they have treated her this way!

    On a wider note, it’s symptomatic of how the NObama regime treats ALL Americans. Contempt, lies, blow us off with Bovine Scraps.

    I’m sure NObama is hoping there are no more major terrorist attacks before the election. But unlike you and I, who want to see life preserved and Terrorists dead, NObama just doesn’t want the inconvenience of a new terrorist attack because it would impact his failing re-election bid.

    He is a Thundering Disgrace to America and the Office of the President! He Truly is the Worse and most Dangerous President to ever con his way into the WH!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly, and I also believe that if Romney continues the same tactics in the middle east that he will be on the list as well. Funding Al Qaeda rebels to overthrow governments needs to end.

  15. This is disgraceful, we know more about the death of the baby Panda in DC than we do the 4 Americans slain in Benghazi. The Leftist water carrying media is complicit every step of the way…

  16. Did Mrs. Smith say her son loved bo? I didn’t quite catch if that was what she said.
    I get sick to my stomach when I think of the people that have died while supporting bo and his foul, vile administration.
    Too late dear Mr. Smith, but your trust and loyalty was so very misplaced.

    1. Yes, that’s what she said. Her son loved Obama.

      How soul-wrenching it must have been for her when the Pres her son loved and died for just turned away when she cried on his shoulder.

    2. Yes she did and in the previous interview she talked about how she loved bo and joe and said joe was “so sweet”. I absolutely believe she will vote for bo again.

      1. That is absolutely stunning that she would vote for people she just called LIARS.
        But, the brain dead are the brain dead, even when grief is so strong. Poor lady.

      2. bo and biden get more sick by the day. They are completely heartless, but then the both don’t see anything wrong with stabbing a helpless infant in the back of his or her neck, sucking out the brains and calling it justified.

  17. If this woman keeps talking the MSM is going to go after her like they did Joe The Plumber

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest

  18. I looked for but could not find the comment on TRS earlier… roughly saying “none of this will matter because the MSM is in the tank for Obama” We ALL know they are sell-outs. But the day the hearing took place it was raining here so I was able to watch TV. Trey Gowdy, SC and others will not let this be buried, swept under the rug, pick a saying.
    This cover-up of Stevens and the other three murdered in Benghazi WILL come to light and BEFORE Nov. 6th. This scandal will be the death-nail of Obama. Clinton can forget running in 2016 because it will come out again if she pokes her head out from that slimmy rock she and Bill live under. R/R win in Nov. !

  19. This is a new low for obama. This woman has lost her son and obama is giving her lies and small talk.

    1. I tend to disagree. His lowest was in the treatment of Brian Terry’s family, Jamie Zapata’s family (they weren’t allowed to have ammo in their guns!), the outing of our Navy Seals who were murdered (see Aaron Vaughn’s parents on Scoop).

      Again, I don’t want to sound heartless but the Ambassador and this young man knew about the dangers in Benghazi. They could have resigned and come home when their security requests were denied but they didn’t.

  20. How can anyone address this woman’s feelings. Unless you have lost your son or daughter the tragedy becomes a daily existence. Many parents understand this horrible emotion. But most at least have some answers. That does not minimize the lost but the NOT KNOWING is the worst. This poor woman not only lost her son she cannot understand WHY OR HOW?? That empty feeling in the quite of her soul. The memories, the love, the grief, the anger, the sadness and the unease. SHE WANTS SOME FRICKING ANSWERS and she is dealing with the MOST CORRUPT AND EVIL ADM this country has known. They could not care one bit for this lady or her son! The stonewalling, the BS, the lies, the misdirects, the deceit and cunning word play.

    Ms. Smith….I have said this many times in my life to others….IF THERE IS ONE PERSON YOU CAN NEVER HIDE FROM IT IS GOD!!! HE WILL GET YOU NO MATTER WHERE YOU RUN OR HIDE…every single person that pulls this CRAP ends up the same….DESTROYED!! They know EXACTLY whay happened to your son and they are petrified of the American people finding out! This scandal is engulfing them all from GUTTER to CARNEY from RICE TO CLINTON from PANETTA TO OBAMA…..The cancer they created is spreading and MAKE NO BONES there is no medicine, radiation or chemo that will save this group of scum! This is the ETERNAL CANCER from above that fixes those that deliberately attempt to hurt others. GOD IS THE GREAT EQUALIZER!

    Already the Clintons and Obamas are starting to frey and Bill’s anger towards Obama is growing….the Intelligence Community is not going to let Obama throw them under the bus…the State Dept already threw Obama under the bus….Gutter is falling about…Carney sounds like a shrill and the dominos continue to fall.

    Ms. Smith I cannot imagine nor will I say I can understand your pain. That pain is like nothing in this world. My parents live it everyday over the loss of my sister. They never get over it. Your son gave his life for US and WE owe him the HONOR AND DIGNITY of the TRUTH. He is looked at by millions as the EXAMPLE OF AMERICA’s GREATNESS. I am sure to you HE IS THAT LITTLE BOY that called you Mommy and you have such a SPECIAL PLACE IN YOUR HEART FOR HIM that only Mommies know with their sons. The pain and breaking of that heart I am so sorry for. WE OWED HIM MUCH BETTER!

    This adm is going to get ITS DUE!! The overtly desperate desire to appease the hatred of Islamic Radicals over protecting the Endless and Precious Sorrow of a Mother Grieving the Loss of Her Lovely AMERICAN Son!

    SHAME ON YOU BARRACK OBAMA and SHAME ON YOU HILLARY CLINTON!!! Your days of being in the Spotlight will be stained with the blood of these dead 4 Americans and of our Military Men and Women….HOW IS THAT AD going in Pakistan we paid for to BLAME AMERICA for the Violence because of a You Tube Video that virtually no one ever saw?

    1. Well said is an understatement.
      She seemed to sum up how she feels by telling the good judge, “picture a dark hole in front of you and then jump in”. That was heart breaking to say the least.
      This administration is straight from the pit of hell.

    2. Michael,

      I stand with you on every word. Well said indeed.

      The good LORD will surely bring them to account personally on judgement day. In fact, I feel strongly Obuma and his cronies will ultimately be judged twice. The first judgement comes in just 24 days…..Lord willing.

      1. The Lord is always “willing.” God is always “willing.” It’s the responsibility of the people to grab onto God’s willingness and run with it.

      1. Oh believe me Stranger…..there is certainly a hell. No question. For that is where their source of debauchery resides.

  21. I absolutely lost it at 11:00…asking a mother to contemplate how her son spent his final moments was just agonizing to me. God why can’t this all just be over, so this poor woman can (for lack of a better word) “move on”?!?

  22. I watched the show earlier and so glad Scoop posted this segment. But, for those of you who missed it, I sure hope Scoop posts the Judge’s monolog. It was RIGHT on and fantastic. She even interviewed one of our fav’s Tray Gowdy and he was spot on honest.

    For those of you who get FNC, I noticed the entire show will replay again tonight.

    My heart breaks for all of the families who can’t get answers. THEY deserve them and WE deserve them. I’m fed up with them politicizing every freaking thing.

  23. What is so sad about all of this is that it was all so unnecessary to begin with. If the administration had just called this a terrorist attack and said that they were investigating it and would refrain from saying anything until the investigation was over, then nothing would have happened. Instead, they blamed the whole attack on a video, which was a lie, and are now trying to put all of the blame on the State Department. Lost in all this was the truth on what actually did happen to the four men that night. The truth will come out, and possibly with that the fall of Hillary Clinton, because it is starting to look like she’s going to take the fall for this. I’m just waiting to see how she explains blaming a video for the attack when she knew almost immediately that it was a coordinated terrorist assault. And it has to happen before the last debate which is on, of all things, foreign policy. If Hillary doesn’t come clean before then, Romney will just put the blame on Obama and Biden, and Obama can’t afford that. I think Pat Smith is going to have the truth a lot sooner than she thinks, simply because Obama’s whole campaign depends on this thing going away before the last debate.

    1. On the other hand, what if clinton resigns next week, as has been hinted, and is out in the open as an enemy. These types have no honour, so she won’t be falling on her sword for zero. It will be ineresting.

      But, as you say, the entire mess didn’t have to happen and, most of all, 4 men did not have to die.

    2. There is no telling what will come of this, but the administration brought it on themselves. They were afraid the whole affair would, as it should, make the Obama administration look bad, so they tried to cover up and lie their way out of it. Now they are about to throw Hillary under the bus, as she so richly deserves, and as they say the $#it is about to hit the fan. This democrat fiasco couldn’t come at a better time.

    3. Obama and Biden are having to cover for their own failed foreign policy, as well as their purposeful unwillingness to support our diplomats in Benghazi. They have been supporting the “rebels”, and now the government who flies the Al Qaeda flag on government buildings, so they don’t want it to be called a “terrorist attack”.

  24. Something I have heard this woman say more than once is Obama hugged her and then looked away. This is a sign of insincerity and though not surprised it is devoid of human emotion.

    What a terrible time for this mother and I pray for her and the other families God will comfort them in their loss.

    1. Glad I read through the comments, as also I noticed she said that in the last interview and it truly showed his “true” self that he couldn’t even be sincere while consoling her.

      If this doesn’t wake America (the libs) up, I really don’t know what will.

  25. This is just so heart wrenching. She said “I cried on his shoulder… I cried on all of their shoulders. I’m a crier I guess.”
    Dang, I cry just hearing about it, and I can not even begin to understand how she and the other families must feel. Lord, I pray they find some answers- I can only hope they find justice.
    On a side note, I just saw this over at facebook. It is pathetic, yet I cheered for this father:!/photo.php?fbid=425476394181928&set=a.139110996151804.28222.100001587123286&type=1&theater

    1. Words on a piece of paper that a robot could have come up with. Thanks for the link, AbiC, but how devastatingly inadequate.

    2. OMGoodness! How I wish bo would have had to read that poor man’s reply. I highly doubt the slob ever saw it, but I hope it was cathartic for that grieving father.

    1. That’s a great idea. If we are lucky, as a country, this whole mess will take down both Obama and Clinton.

      1. Oh happy day that would be! It would be fantastic for the liberal lunatics to get it thru their thick skulls that America is not and will not become a marxist nation.

      2. In addition they should have those parents (sorry I 4get their names), who’s son a Navy SEAL was murdered there as well…

        Then you would see “O’Bama bin Lyin” sweat throughout the whole debate…throw him off his lying game….

        Then 100 Million MORE Americans would surely help to take him down…..

        1. The names of the fallen Navy SEALs are Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods. I agree it would send a POWERFUL message to America about the NObama regime and it’s shameful coverups and treatment of the relatives of the victims of it’s failed foreign policy.

          1. Wolfie,

            I think BlueGood is referring to Aaron Vaughn’s parents, the parents of the Navy Seal whose team was shot down after O’Bambi and Biden politicized Osama.

          2. Thanks Wolfie..I was thinking about Aaron Vaughn’s parents, as they had been so heart-breakingly honest in their ads… but if the others agree to attend, EVEN better…
            May I suggest some of you send an email requesting/suggesting such to the Romney campaign…I don’t think they’s listen to a Canadian…

            Somehow, I think Sarah Palin, if she was running, would honor them with at least an invite to the Debate!

            1. Sorry I misunderstood who you were referring to. Any emails I sent to Romney regarding advice were ignored to the point of no answer at all.

      3. As Clinton and Obama try to throw each other under the bus, Clinton will win this battle and Obama will be exposed. A good day for all of us.

    2. Invite Pat Smith and the relatives of the other 3 murdered in Benghazi to sit in the front row at the next debate and stare Obama down.

    3. why not also invite the families of the 200 plus that died because of this administration’s F&F .. as for bill you mean, bill clinton who ignored the bombing of the USS Cole , ignored the 93 wtc attack, which led to the first 9/11. clintons need to be gone same as this present inept administration,.

      1. Yeah, that bill, who’s now closeted with lawyers to see how to respond if hilary’s subpoenaed by an investigative committee, together with her records. Bill doesn’t want a stain on her reputation should she run in 2016 (no pun intended, but hey, if it fits…:) )

      2. Exactly! And the parents of Brian Terry (his murder was in 2010!) and the parents of Jamie Zapata (his murder was shortly after Brian Terry’s). They have received no anwers and the country has largely forgotten about Jamie Zapata.

      1. At the start of the upcoming debate between Obama and Romney on foreign policy,Romney should escort this grieving mother on stage and cede the first 15 minutes of his time to allow her to relate her story and demand answers

        This was my comment from the story a few days ago.I think it would be a powerful message to the American people it we heard this Mom speak not only to us but to Obama.The Democrats would scream and yell that we are playing politics with this tragedy,but aren’t they? This is an attempt to bury the story so they can slide into home plate in November.

        They used Ambassador Stevens body as a prop.They used a [email protected] video as a prop. They used this Mom as a prop in an attempt to show us they are compassionate. Let Obama stand on stage and hear first hand how his actions affect real people in real time.

        As Breitbart says”WAR”

    4. I hear what you’re saying but it could also be construed as using someone’s grief to get votes. However, if she were to initiate it then it would be fine.

    5. Joe I was typing this when your comment hit, you said it much better. “Absolutely despicable how she has been treated.”

    6. First let me say that is a great idea. I would like to add, with your permission, some other guests at the debate.
      1. After Ann Romney and Mrs. Smith are seated in the front row, then fill the remaining front row with as many recently disabled veterans of the current war as possible. Obama and especially Joe Biden need to see what turning their back on Great Americans like those that have served and suffered in service of this country looks like.
      2. Next I would put every family member of every veteran that gladly takes care of them with little or no help from the Coward in Chief that resides in the White House at this time. Especially the victims of the Ft. Hood tragedy since this President hadn’t had the testicular fortitude to administer justice upon Maj. Nadal in the form of a quick end of his life.
      3. Next I would place as many of the un-employed that Obama and his administration as helped create with over regulation and outright attacks against energy independence and American ingenuity. Obama has gambled with our tax payer money to fund green energy with nothing to show for it but the empty pockets of Americans struggling with debt and their very survival (perhaps Mr. & Mrs. Obama could take all of these people on their next vacation)
      There probably wouldn’t be any room left, but if there were, the last seats would be given to all of the liberal media idiots that have refused to acknowledge their roll in the destruction of this great nation with their blind support of Obama (of course these seats would be way in the back so they couldn’t be near a microphone to perpetuate their lies).

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