The Five: Bob Beckel drops the F-BOMB on-air AGAIN

I keep saying, he’s just not made for TV…at least not live TV:

UPDATE: Twitchy has the twitter reactions to Bob’s latest f-bomb.

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123 thoughts on “The Five: Bob Beckel drops the F-BOMB on-air AGAIN

    1. Bob is typical of liberals who when debated with facts have no place to turn but anger and screaming. They cannot keep it civil which is why their ads and their followers are acting like this. If they were ahead by 20 points they would be very civil but when it’s close they become unhinged and regress back to caveBeckel antics.

  1. I think he is now doing this on purpose so he gets fired and will avoid the embarrassment of being a shrill for obama after election day.

  2. He freaked over being tapped on the arm, and his claim that he didn’t get it all the way out is a lie. He made it past the “F” word before he stopped. Jerk. Fox needs to start deducting his pay every time he does this, then he’ll have to quit because he won’t have a penny to stuff his fat belly.

  3. Since I don’t watch the 5 because of this fat gay slob I wouldn’t even know this happened. But since I do read the news online I see why I don’t watch that sickening beckel on Fox. When will Fox wakeup and realize he is a very vile, evil, sickening, leftist who has no respect for others.

    1. I think that’s the attraction. Beckel is a good representative of how the Democrats….including Obama….are acting. They are the biggest proponents of cracking down on so-called hate speech (shutting down conservative blog sites), yet they are the most vile and hateful people you will find. Not all of them, but Obama, Biden, DWS, Beckel and others.

  4. Lots of people here complaining, but how many have even bothered to send a quick email to FOX? It just takes 2 minutes of your time.

    If enough people complain, he’ll get canned.

  5. Bet Guttfield is LHAO somewhere. At least this time, unlike the last, my 11 yo daughter was not in the room.

  6. I hope Bob Beckel is given the job of preparing Joe Biden for the vice-presidential debate. I think it would be a perfect fit! Now THAT I would like to see. The insane leading the moronic. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out which is which.

  7. A conservative would have been booted after the first one. This guy needs to be yanked immediately! At the very least, they’ll have to start the few second delay like they’ve done on other live shows. What a slob he is.

  8. Fox News, bless ’em, will just let this slide too. Big Ol’ Bob ought to be gone from the show in my opinion. Does he bring much to the discussion anyway? Probably not. See ya!!!

  9. Come you other four of five you have to drop this gutter rat. He doing nothing but dragging your numbers down. Just from the comments on this and other reported incidents of Beckel stupidity you would gain a ton of market share if you walked this drunken clown to the door and let it hit him square on his fat ass.

    1. I enjoy the show a lot. But I just cannot (and have not) watch(ed) it as long as he is part of it! FOX’s stated “move to the Center” (which is the Left) might increase their numbers with the Independents (although I doubt it) but they are also quickly losing their core Conservative audience which has made them a success. I have cut my FOX watching by about 90%. That goes for “0bama is a good guy” O’Reilly, Shepherd Smith, and “One Note” Hannity as well. If I want to hear the shrill voices of the Left (like Beckel, Tamara Holder, and Juan Williams) — which I never do — I would switch over to pMSNBS. At least I can laugh at them!

      Beckel should not make it past midnight tonight without a pink slip! He should have been fired 3-4 offenses ago.

  10. On this one, I will let it pass. 1) he did not even finish his “word”. 2) another male punched (altho lightly) his arm. Now we all know that men don’t like that. Watch sports. Friends will get testy if they feel they are pushed or punched. So this was more of a “reaction” to Eric. AND Eric felt responsible. So I am going to let Bob go concerning the f word.

    However, his politics and reasoning concerning ALL things politics is absolutely stupid!!!!!!

    1. Poor thing. He such a rough childhood. Like 0bama, he has to blame his stupidity on everyone else! What is it with these Dim-o-cRAT losers blaming all of their faults on everyone else?

  11. This is obscene and offensive – come on Fox. This is not just a single instance. This is a track record. Enough already. If they want to blast foul-mouthed pigs on their network then do it after 10pm and put a big fat R rating on the show before they broadcast.

    Bob Beckel will be on this show – viewer discretion is advised !!!

  12. As a libertarian, I don’t get it. It’s just a word. It’s on cable TV so FCC guidelines don’t matter. So let the guy say what he wants to say!

    1. So libertarians are OK with foul language, coarse behavior, and all that evolves from that behavior? Libertarians don’t believe language means anything? I don’t believe that. I believe it’s You that is OK with that behavior and by extrapolation you partake in it.

      1. Of course language means something. The usage of such language shows ignorance. As for it being foul, it is only foul because it is taboo. He can say “Rough Dirty Kinky Sex” or “Licking a firm ejaculating penis” on broadcast TV during the day and the FCC wouldn’t touch him. To me those phrases are more vulgar than the F’ word.

        I’m feel sorry that all of you have such “virgin ears” you crazy hearing a simple word that is muttered by the masses (including your children) daily.

  13. It’s difficult to imagine that Beckel does much for ratings, but perhaps he does.

    He’s rude, surly, coarse and adds little to the discussions. Most of the time he sits there like a slob as though all he’s doing is collecting a paycheck.

    Whenever he says something it’s lib talking points that he’s memorized.

    He’s a perfect example of the double standard, the hypocrisy that we see all the time. Libs get away with outlandish, rude behavior while anyone else would have been fired the first time they behaved in this manner.

    Fox, get your act together. I find that I watch it less and less.

  14. People I can’t stand on Fox: Beckel, Hannity, Rivera, Colmes. The order depends on the day. Once again Beckel is holding down the pole position.

    I really wish they would get rid of this clown.

      1. and didn’t Fox save JW’s rear end about a year ago? That’s why he is a Fox contributor. Need to re-investigate that story.

        1. Absolutley correct. Fox saved his sorry rear when NPR fired him, if it wasn’t for conservative principles of being fair and actually wanting to help those malinged, he wouldn’t have a job.
          juan is an ingrate and can. not. stand. him.!

  15. He’s like a child. Undisciplined. (history of blow, hookers, etc)

    Self destructive also.

    And, it won’t stop.

    Kick his a$$ to the curb.

  16. It is not rocket science to know why Beckel is still on The Five. Its called ratings and until they are effected, there is no reason to change anything. Why do you think there is a mainstream media? Ratings determine who the mainstream media is and will always be. Most are just propaganda machines for the socialist left and as long as they lie and deceive at will with no repercussion, the public will continue to feed that which will destroy our way of life. As long as Obama lies with such obvious disregard for the truth and it reported as the truth, the brainwashing will continue until we will have been decimated from within. The American people will ultimately destroy our nation. Obama is merely the tool to make that happen.

  17. Bob Beckel really needs to be replaced and soon, the man has absolutely “No Class” nor does he put fourth any form of “Intelligence”. I guess the public will have to wait for his “Contract” to expire.

  18. Bob Beckel really needs to be replaced and soon, the man has absolutely “No Class” nor does he put fourth any form of “Intelligence”. I guess the public will have to wait for his “Contract” to expire.

  19. People, people! We all know and understand that Beckel’s mouth consistently runs five miles ahead of his addled brain. And besides, F-Bomb has found its way into Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and thereby he is justified.

    1. There are many things in the dictionary that have no place in a decent society. Ebola, cocaine, demon, murder, theft, rude, appease, and of course foul language. None of them is justified being in or being used in a decent society.

      1. In missing the point, I guess you may need some clarification…justified in Beckel’s mind rather than any other person in a decent society. What other explanation is there for his ongoing offences?

  20. Why does this fat, pathetic, moronic, self proclaimed tough guy keep getting chances. I would be willing to bet the guy has never been in a fist fight in his life. Love to meet him in a bar sometime….What a joker

  21. Let me ask this. Would the FCC come after FOX if this was a Conservative doing this over and over again?

    I don’t understand how FOX continues to diminish their brand by keeping people like BOB?

    1. No, because this is Fox News, a cable channel, and the FCC has no jurisdiction over it like it does broadcast stations. But if this actually were a broadcast channel, your point would stand.

  22. Beckel has a big problem with bad language. I guess he has used it so much in the past that it is second nature to him.

    He should not have said it but he did and I hope he can not do that again.

    I don’t like Beckel but he has a right to his opinion but he should forget the f’bombs.

  23. Technically its the new addition in the Dictionary. Perhaps its Bob’s way of making note of it in the segment? No?

    Yes, Bob you are a foul-mouthed blob.

  24. Beckel DID get it all the way out, I rewound and heard it again to be certain … classless, crude, rude. The Five is OFF THE AIR on our TV until Beckel is GONE, not just suspended but FIRED. I don’t care to hear it again or subject children to his vile mouth. Fox needs to replace his butt. Hard to imagine but there has to be a better Dem to balance this show.

  25. Beckel is a vile fat man, so filled with hate for all that oppose his political agenda, he can’t help himself, but to spew that hatred and bile from his open, stinking mouth.

  26. i don’t know why Hannity and Mark give him a pass..

    “He gives to charity” “I’ve seen him be pleasant when the cameras are off” He makes up for it by saving kittens ”

    Blah blah… Not buying it. basically they’re admitting he’s a two face! LOL

  27. Why Fox has progressive morons on the show to provide their worthless points of view, I shall never understand.

  28. It didn’t get all the way out? You didn’t finish saying the word “toast” so you think it’s ok, right?

    Seriously it’s like he doesn’t even know which word was inappropriate.

  29. I quit watching “the five” because of bob and don’t watch bill o’ because he talks over his guest and is full of himself.

  30. Instead of putting the show on a 5 second delay. They should just fire beckel. Why would they hire him when that is the way he speaks. He is classless, rude and crude.

    1. I immediately sent a complaint to Irena Briganti and Brian Lewis, involved in media relations with Fox. For all others that feel this is yet another reason to halt the slide of sleaze and vulgarity spewing from Beckel, do the same. If you aren’t sure of the gravity of this, take a second and imagine Dana Perino doing what he does. What would be the reaction then? Yes, it would be a bigger headline which goes to show the pass that Beckel gets. He’s not fit for the spot he fills. It’s time for “The Four” until he’s replaced.

  31. Have no idea how Beckel has a job. I don’t watch the show because of him. When hannity has him on his show, i change the channel. Beckel has no class.

    1. Ditto that. I always turn it off every time Juan Williams is on ANY program. I just can’t stomach stupid.

      1. Juan Williams just repeats the talking points. No new ideas. I don’ listen to Juan either. But beckel is rude and crude. Still can’t believe beckel is allowed to be near people.

  32. LOL – Brett Baier was just on giving the lineup for his show (next after The Five) and he just alluded to the fact that The Five was now on a 5 second delay. Did anyone else catch that?

  33. If any kids watch the 5, they are sure being educated on 4 letter words quite frequently by Beckel. Fox knew he was a skank when they dragged his sleazy ass onto the show. What do they expect? It’s time for him to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

      1. Saying he is a sleazy a**, and using the f-bomb? Seems that the pot struck a nerve with you, listen up kettle, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. It truly must be a duck(sleazy a**)

        1. Curse word is a curse word. I personally think it is no BFD. But apparently it strikes a nerve with a lot of self righteous jackasses on this site. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy.

          1. I used to tell my high school students that there is a time and place for that kind of language and that the public shouldn’t have to be subjected to it. This is prime example of the uncivil behavior that has been forced upon us. Let’s return to at least being civil for God’s sake.

    1. This is why I am ticked. I don’t think it is unreasonable for my 6 YO daughter and I to watch a 5 PM EST news/ commentary program and expect it to be clean.

      Twice now in 2 weeks.

      Enough is enough.

  34. I was listening on my XM radio and totally missed it. But then again, I do tend to tune out Beckel & Williams when they are spouting their BS. LOL It’s either that or have a stroke from outrage/disbelief…

  35. Yeah, I’m convinced Beckal does not want to be on FOX. No one can be this stupid, unless he’s hitting the bottle again!

    1. Alcoholism is a serious problem that many families face (just watch Intervention) and is not something that should be taken lightly. To suggest that a recovering alcoholic is “hitting the bottle again,” is just as foul as the language you are criticizing, perhaps more so.

      For the record, I curse, I curse a lot, so my pearls hang freely in this instance because I’m not clutching them over this.

      1. Hey, you are way to sensitive, Micheal Gunter. I have watched intervention and your right its nothing to take lightly. But, Beckal has been repeatedly warned about his foul language and he continues to use that foul language which tells me that there are mental problems which can result from either alcohol use or continued alcohol use. Those are just the facts, deal with it!

        1. My sensitivities– or at least the ones you imagine to exist– are absolutely irrelevant. I pointed out that you suggested a recovering alcoholic has relapsed. That is a claim you cannot substantiate. Citing someone cursing on a opinion-news program does not meet any burden of proof scientifically or philosophically as it relates to their alcohol recovery or mental faculties. Now Dragnet those facts.

  36. He is like a dartboard – You can use it for a very long time!

    (This was supposed to be a reply to Conservative_Hippie)

    1. You know how when you bowl the ball comes back to you?

      I’d like to buy Bob a dartboard with an automatic return feature too.

      He’ll have to speed up his reflex speed though. No problem. I’ll also get him a mongoose as a training partner…and a King Cobra the mongoose can demonstrate with. If the Cobra arrives first, it ain’t my fault.

    1. They didn’t suspend him the first time he did it and, like a spoiled child, he keeps doing it. And like a spoiled child, if they don’t rein him in, he’s going to keep it up until he does get suspended. I’m looking forward to the day.

      1. Precisely. He’ll keep doing it so long as he keeps flashing those pics of Roger Ailes doin’ Soledad O’Brien around at parties.

    2. He’s a liberal…everyone knows Liberals aren’t responsible for their actions! I’ll bet it was Bush’s fault! Come on now…get with the program! LOL!

      1. And Eric Bolling apologized for hitting him in the shoulder, asking full responsibility! Nice Eric, but reaaaaally STOP covering for this immature and very inappropriate jerk.

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