The Green New Deal is so stupid, AOC’s spokesman LIED to Tucker Carlson about what is in it

There’s a weird campaign to salvage Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes dignity after the complete debacle that was her Green New Deal release.

And part of that is a complete bold-faced LIE her policy advisor told Tucker Carlson:

SO what he says is that there are right-wing people online who doctored up lines in the Green New Deal that weren’t there. Now, unfortunately, he’s RIGHT, there are dumbasses on our side who just made up crap and passed it along. BUT HE LIED about which were which.

Jeryl Bier has been running this thread down ever since the stupid document came out:

What he notes is that they’re straight up lying about whether the document promised “economic security to all those who are unable or unwilling to work.” I mean, that’s insane right? Pretty much a nation of people on welfare. Well they were so completely ridiculed about it that now they’re lying about where it came from.

They’re just straight out lying about it. And the only people who care are websites and blogs on the right. Incredible.

As an aside, that’s why once you see someone on the right continually lie and not correct their BS, QUIT repeating what they say – you give the opposition more ammunition to call us liars.

Like this:

Finally, I have evidence to believe that this Hockett guy is not a real person, but just Hillary Clinton with a really bad wig:

Illuminati confirmed.

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