The INFURIATING part of the Menendez Saga

I do not know if or how corrupt N.J. Democrat Senator Bob Menendez is, but I do know that other corruption is taking place.

Days before the November 2012 election, The Daily Caller reported “that New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez and wealthy campaign donor Dr. Salomon Melgen have been having” fun in the Dominican Republic, according to a Government official.

Did the media hammer Menendez with questions? No.

Did the media start their own investigations into the relationship between the Senator and the Donor? No.

Did the media hammer the White House about this? No.

Did the media tie every Democrat to Melgen who is a major Democratic donor? No.

Did the media run with photos showing Obama next to Melgen as Media tried doing with Bush and Jack Abramov? No.


Instead of treating Menendez as any Republican would be treated, the “objective” press started doing all they can to dismiss the Daily Caller and to circle the wagons for Menendez. Run a Google search on the name of the Senator and that website. Most responses are items from “objective” news agencies or “left of center” outlets destroying the DC. The push back by the media was so strong that the last year five reporters from the Washington Post uncovered that the Senator is a target of a smear campaign by the campaign of Cuba.


Fast forward to this last Friday and CNN reports that the Obama Justice Department plans to file corruption charges against Senator Menendez for doing favors for… you guessed it… Salomon Melgen!


Did the Washington post have five reporters trying to uncover the alleged corruption last year? No.


Did WaPo run a 3-5 page story as it did against Rick Perry for the rock with a racist word on his father’s ranch of which the WaPo never even produced a photo? No and hell no!


Time will tell if the latest developments vindicate the DC’s prostitution story about Mendez, but it sure shows that media outlets who present themselves as honest referees on all things political (and the GOP lets those outlets do presidential debates), are more interested in helping the Democrats than to getting to the bottom of stuff that may hurt the Democrats. If the media were honest, they would have uncovered the corruption that CNN says the DOJ is alleging months or years ago rather than “uncovering” a plot by Cuba to smear Mendez.


Some argue that generic corruption of Menendez was long known and the DC took heat for adding a new twist to the Senator’s alleged corrupt side. Um, if this is true why did the Obama Administration not file charges against the Senator months or years ago? Why are the charges coming down only now when the rhetoric over Iran hit a boiling point with Senator Menendez boldly taking on the administration?


Either Menendez’s corruption was long known and thus questions should be asked why the Obama Administration is charging him only now, or his corruption was not known until now and thus questions should be asked from the hack media why they did not investigate Menendez in light of the DC story.


As a Liberal, you need to admit that either the Obama Administration or the media is downright corrupt on this Menendez saga. I’ll go grab some popcorn while you choose which one to throw under the bus.

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