The Justice Department SLAMS House Democrats after Barr contempt vote

House Democrats (and Justin Amash) voted today to hold the Attorney General and Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt for not complying with a subpoena:

CBS NEWS – The Democratic-controlled House on Wednesday voted to hold Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary William Ross in criminal contempt of Congress for failing to comply with subpoenas about the origins of a controversial citizenship question on the 2020 census.

The measure passed by a vote of 230 to 198, with four Democrats joining all Republicans in voting against the resolution. One independent, Rep. Justin Amash, joined Democrats in voting for the measure.

The DOJ slammed the House Democrats, calling this nothing more than a political stunt:

“Holding the Attorney General in contempt for working in good-faith with Congress marks a new low for Speaker Pelosi’s House of Representatives,” Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec wrote in a statement. “This vote is nothing more than a political stunt. While the House plays games, the Department will continue its critical work of pursuing justice and ensuring safety for all Americans.”

The House loves holding Trump officials in contempt; it’s what they do now.

I guess AG Barr learned a lesson, that there’s no such thing as ‘good faith’ with Democrats.

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54 thoughts on “The Justice Department SLAMS House Democrats after Barr contempt vote

  1. Liberalism-socialism-communism are different wrappers of the same thing, for different purpose, at different occasions, and under different circumstances. Liberals are childlike in their perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Short fuse, many tantrums, neener-neener stuff, no sense of history, vengeful cliquishness, prone to violence, under employed or on welfare, no sense of proportionality in ambiguous human affairs, insolent, and trending toward criminality. As we watch history unfold, think of the Trumpers as the human family, the Dems as the children still rebelling against parental autority decades after the fake exhonoration of adolescence expired. Despite my fundamental misgivings about Sigmund Freud, I have come to at least appreciate why he used the ancient myth of Oedipus to summarize the parenticidal strivings of children who escaped the civilizing hammer of Christian morality, who then coalesce into herds and packs of collectivist animals fleeing primordial darkness into the promised land of imminent revolution. With half of the world older than the other half, the great divide between global communism and the nuclear, human family will continue until one or the other prevails. Take sides now to get the best seats for the showdown. Popcorn stocks will skyrocket.

  2. Barr should wear the contempt charge as a badge of honor. Meanwhile the human feces, needles, trash and filth continue to pile up in Nancy’s district.

    1. Amash is in my district, and we have a new pile of turd that i will not support anymore!

      I agree with the badge of honer for Barr.

  3. Seems to me the Democrat controlled House is doing nothing other than issuing subpeonas for Trump admin officials, and passing useless contempt votes. Oh, and, they want to impeach Trump because he is a “racist and a bigot.” That’s all they have. Thank you for elevating Trump’s re-election campaign. Hhahaha. The Pelosi controlled House has done zero, zip, nada to actually do their jobs. Hey, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise.

  4. I just don’t get Justin Amash. Is he hoping for a job at CNN afterwards? I think CNN is going to go bankrupt soon.

    1. CNN is owned by WarnerMedia. WarnerMedia is owned by AT&T. AT&T has more than ample finances to sustain CNN.

      1. That is true but it doesn’t mean AT&T is giving them a blank check to continue dumping money. They are already having difficulty making payroll where people who work for them don’t have a paycheck for months after doing work. Also, they have laid off hundreds of people already and their viewership continue to plummet. At some point, AT&T will sell them off because no company wants to bleed money.

  5. All the Democrats do is play political games. There isn’t a single damn thing they do that is for the country…..NOT ONE SINGLE THING! Everything they do is a game designed to destroy Trump and give themselves more political power.

  6. With this asshat Amash doing this, is anyone else but me getting the feeling that Amash is gonna do an independent run to try & get the Democrat to win next year?

    1. I don’t think Amash will run for the presidency under any party banner. He knows he was underwater in his own district, and is looking for a gig on CNN or one of the lefty cable channels.

  7. Just a hint for AG Bill Barr. Once the Perps start walking the Dems will be singing a different tune.

    The Perps are going to start walking, aren’t they?

    1. It seems we aren’t allowed even a hint of assurance that the coup criminals will actually be brought to justice!

  8. When they use contempt so much, it loses its credibility and strength. Pretty soon it will have no meaning at all. Then where will the Dems be? Lost like blind sheep groping in the dark.

  9. The Obama administration weaponized our federal agencies, and now Democrats are disgracing the People’s House like they own it. It’s about time to bring back the tarring and feathering.

  10. I had hoped that Barr would investigate the Hillary email crimes, the Steele fiasco, or something. Looks like I might as well give up any hope of seeing justice done, or an explanation of why everything we know is wrong.

    1. Rich it is too your advantage to wait.Don’t you see how badly the Democratic Congress wants AG Barr gone.That tells me the Democrats are scared to death of what AG Barr is about to do and with these investigations. I agree with Pinecone,if the only two names you can remember is Clinton and Steel,you really do not know what is going on. and your interests are with the other party.

    2. I see through exactly what you are attempting to do with your comment. You have no idea at all whatsoever what investigations are being conducted by Barr, and the DOJ. Yet with no apparent information on anything, you come here to slam Bill Barr pre-emptively. Nice tactic you have going there. You know absolutely nothing rich614, but just want to stir up trouble for Barr and the DOJ. You are a phony dishonest poster.

        1. I don’t know who you are Well Noted, but did you mean to reply to Rich?

          There is a massive effort from the left to get rid of, or stop Bill Barr in his tracks. He might just get to the bottom of the entire Spygate scandal, which obviously involve Clinton. I’ve pointed out the tactic Rich is likely using to discredit Barr even before he has any idea what investigations Barr has going on or what direction he is taking. Rich is trying to appear to attack Barr from the right, but I guarantee he is coming from the left. There is no “despair” there.

    3. It’s all being investigated but unlike Obama’s DOJ this one doesn’t leak so we don’t know what is going on.

    4. There are lots of people working at the Justice department and Barr is doing a lot of things. He doesn’t have to nor should he tell us everything…If and when there is an indictment, they will announce it.

  11. Amash is not worthy of a job cleaning toilets in Burger King; it’s hard to say who is the more contemptable rat: Romney or Amash.

    1. ICWYDT – Since nobody ever cleans the toilets at Burger King we know Amash is less than useless.

    2. That happens to be my job. Someone has to do the dirty work, so I’m paid well and find dignity in my disgusting duties, just like Amash’s and Romney’s colleagues.

  12. Amash is passionate about what exactly? What does his chest pounding resolve? What does it advance? If only he was as transparent when he was running for office.

    1. what has he done in congress? course what do any of the worthless scumbags do but take vacation

  13. The DOJ is correct. This was a political stunt. They better hope Barr is not a vengeful person. 🙂

  14. Amash puts nation OVER party it’s what he does. His Conservative score is 92% that is from voting his conscience and NOT waving either the Red jersey or the Blue jersey he is ONLY about doing what is best for the country. THAT’S A FACT. I hope he gives true conservatives a viable third party candidate to vote for.

    1. Amash has gone bye bye. This really isn’t even about Trump for him. His attacks on the good faith efforts of Barr prove it.

      You’ve had TDS from the get-go. It’s not surprising that you’re loving Amash’s TDS.

    2. Amash is a pathetic, Trump-deranged disgrace now consistently spewing lies and talking-points from CNN.

  15. Amash is a pathetic, Trump-deranged disgrace now consistently spewing lies & talking-points from CNN.

  16. Isn’t the reasoning behind the citizenship question part of the judicial record? I recall the Court referring to it in its decision calling the Admin incompetent.

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