The left is mocking Sen. Cassidy for his reason on why someone would need an AR-15, but I love his answer…

Senator Bill Cassidy was asked by a Vice reporter why someone would need an AR-15.

Despite what the tweet says, watch his answer:

Here’s what Cassidy said:

Well if you talk to the people that own it, killing feral pigs in the middle of Louisiana, they wonder why you would take it away from them. I’m law abiding, I’ve never done anything , I’ve used it to kill feral pigs. The action of a criminal deprives me of my right?

I love his answer because it underscores how an AR-15, just like any other semi-automatic rifle, is just a tool. In Louisiana they use it to kill feral pigs. I’m sure in many places people use them to hunt, or just to defend themselves or whatever. It doesn’t matter because it’s a tool.

Asking why someone needs an AR-15 is the wrong question. Asking what we can do to prevent psychopaths from getting into school is a much better question. Because now we know, after today’s press conference, that the massacre might not have even happened if the door to the school hadn’t been propped open and the school resource officer had been on campus.

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