The Media and Democrats collude in real time to use Paul Pelosi attack as last minute vote boost

That’s what’s happening. Right in front of everyone’s faces, they simply tell their Big Lie and expect it to take — not that we’re shocked they borrow ideas from Hitler of course.

Look at this. Biden blames “election deniers” for the attack. What??

And Hillary, who literally has been blaming a “vast right wing conspiracy” for everything most of her (and my) adult life, does it again.

I like Dinesh’s reply:

The comments from Hillary and Joe are the narrative that the media are running with full steam. They have already moved into the phase of the Big Lie where they attack other people just for NOT pushing it.

Or going after them aggressively for saying things about the story that ARE ACTUAL FACTS.

That’s the guy who had a devastating debunk thread yesterday that they’re attacking.

They’re also trying to Twitter censor the owner of Twitter.

CNN and MSNBC and New York Times all pushing the “blame MAGA” story, and yet liberals on Twitter are attacking them for not pushing it ENOUGH.

The die is cast as far as they are concerned. And we are all witnessing this collusion in real time as it happens.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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