The media “RIGGED” the election! – Tucker Carlson on new Hunter Biden scandal

Tonight Tucker Carlson opened his show discussing the new Hunter Biden scandal that the media loves to yawn about. Well maybe.


Carlson notes that this revelation about Hunter Biden being investigated for tax fraud didn’t come from a reporter. It came from Biden’s own transition team. Which leads him to wonder why they would do this.

Of course we don’t know, but Carlson points out that many on the left don’t really like Joe Biden. He’s old, white, and from the old guard, and Tucker notes that many of these people can’t want to get to the place where Kamala and Google are running the country.

So could this be part of that? I guess time will tell.

In discussing the Hunter Biden scandal, near the end he says exactly what Trump quotes below:

He’s talking about the media withholding info on Hunter Biden in order to influence the outcome of the election. Which is a damn true statement if I ever did hear one. We all know this and we’ve reported on it. That’s why the NY Post was given hell over their article exposing Joe and Hunter Biden.

But Twitter claims this is contested? They link to a thing saying ‘voter fraud is extremely rare’. That’s not true and that’s not what the quote is even about. But they just reflexively censor Trump apparently, without ever caring what he’s actually talking about.

In any event, enjoy the Tucker Carlson clip. It’s a good one.

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