The media’s allergic reaction to the word “mob” is WORSE than you thought – [VIDEO]

The media has taken an advocacy position over the leftist mob that we saw in Washington in the last few weeks over Kavanaugh’s nomination. We’ve demonstrated some of the absurdity in recent days, but there’s a new Supercut by Free Beacon that shows even more of that as well as the contrast between their comments and reality.

This is one for the books!

Some of you are politically old enough to remember how the media reacted to the tea party back in the early years of Obama and it wasn’t anything like this leftist mob. Sure, people were angry and sometimes outspoken in town halls, but overall it was a very peaceful movement. People even cleaned up after their big DC protest events.

When you hear how the media is advocating for this leftist mob in contrast, it’s just sickening. They treated the tea party as though it were an unruly mob but act like theses thugs are just peaceful protesters legitimately upset at what’s being done to them.

As I said yesterday, the bias has never been more apparent than it is now. And this clip by FB is a great demonstration of it.

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