The MOOCH turns on Trump after he tweets mean things about him!

And the Mooch cycle is finally over. Having offered criticism of the president on the cable news shows, the Mooch outlived his usefulness and el Presidente Trumpo had to obliterate him.

Well the Mooch doesn’t take kindly to that kind of talk around here….

Dang. Sounds serious. And he proved how serious he is with this cartoon:

Bang! Boom! And that’s how the Mooch rolls….

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58 thoughts on “The MOOCH turns on Trump after he tweets mean things about him!

  1. the Mooch is all about self promotion. Trump is as well but just a whole lot better at it (&) actually gets things done. I would not want to be personal friends with Trump but I sure am glad to have him as President!!!

  2. One of the better political cartoons out there. Thank goodness the Dems are real cartoon characters and will lose in 2020

    1. The number of “best people” Trump has hired, then turned on and bashed, is almost as great as the number of people who mysteriously died after being associated with the Clintons. I guess that’s progress of a sort.

  3. Anthony is not the person who should be telling anyone how to talk. I remember his crude remarks that got him fired. Disgusting!

  4. The tweets can get a little bit too much but that 2nd tweet from the President does ring true, it says ”
    Anthony, who would do anything to come back in, should remember the only reason he is on TV, and it’s not for being the Mooch!”

    That would mean we are likely to see more of him on CNN lol

  5. Scaramucci got his chance and he blew it and on top of that he didn’t get the woman he wanted………he is the male Omarosa and I believe he will also write a book……and do several MSM shows until Election Night. No, he won’t celebrate the re-election of President Trump. That’s for sure!

      1. I am sure that it is not going to sell, but the “package for sellouts” includes always a book. The traitors get excited and sign the contract with high expectations.

  6. Opportunism is an ugly thing. Especially in politics. Mooch, a highly-experienced backstabber, is hardly the one to lecture any of us.

    I turn your attention to a very thoughtful article by Angelo Codevilla, where he points out a very important aspect of our highly-polarized socio/political world…

    Angelo Codevilla (AmGreatness): Igniting Civil War

    It takes a minute to get into, but once you get a feel for his writing style (you may have to lookup a few words), he has a very important point: our law enforcers and those elected civilians who direct them are failing to keep politics out of their job.

    Mr. Covedilla provides several historical examples to back up this observation. It’s well worth the time to read the whole thing.

    1. What does this have to do with Scaramucci? The very fact that Scaramucci ever became a public figure is entirely the result of Trump’s stupidity.

    2. Codevilla really explains it well. The “spiral of political violence” is something that most of here have become aware of, and where we are eventually headed. I’m not talking about the knuckleheads who are calling for revolution, but the people who actually get it. Yeah, I had to look up epigone, I’ll add that to my vocabulary.

        1. I reread the article. I can see something along the lines of the Spanish Civil War happening here. However, with all of the “Islamic Centers” I see in my travels, I can’t help but wonder if they are waiting for chaos and anarchy to step into a power vacuum and take over.

    3. Wow. That’s one heck of an article. He gathers the threads together well, and underlines a point echoed by Douglas long before. The cords of Union have been severed, and what awaits is only war. It has come to this because what has united Americans has been fracturing for years until nothing remains. Name an issue and there are at least two bitterly opposing sides. Still, I think the war will be short, because the left is ignorant and inexperienced with firearms and they have no hope of mounting an effective guerrilla campaign outside of the inner city.

  7. Trump says that Scaramucci had “a position that he was totally incapable of handling”, but WHO gave him that position??? It isn’t as if Santa Claus left it in his Christmas stocking. Both Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus told Trump not to appoint Scaramucci as Communications Director, but Trump overruled them (which is why Spicer quit) and put Scaramucci in. So who deserves more criticism — a man who is appointed to a position for which he lacks capability, or the “very stable genius”, who constantly brags that he knows more than everyone about everything, and who claims that he always chooses the “best people”, but filled an important position with a man who he thought was incapable of filling it competently?

    1. Remember how Trump appointed Sessions, then spent 2 years or more bashing him? Never in U.S. history have we seen a POTUS ridiculing his own AG, as if he himself were not the real problem. When are people finally going to realize that DJT is a total fraud?

    2. You are correct, however, Common sense, thinking for oneself & facts have become “fake news” to be swept under the rug.

      1. Do you really believe the President is making every decision (?), because common sense tells me he has people who oversee things, and his decisions are only as good as the options he is provided with. I’m sure Obama exercised far less control over his administration, but he didn’t have to fight them on everything.

        1. Trump has a long history of appointing people whose boorishness matches his own, starting with Roy Cohn and Michael Cohen. He only turns on them when it becomes convenient.

          He also has a history of slandering and trashing honorable people, like Ted Cruz.

        2. Of course he has people who advise him, we all know that. However, we all know he doesn’t always take the advice given to him.

          On THIS subject, he didn’t heed the advice given to him.

  8. This nobody can’t even claim to be a has-been after a mere eleven days in office. He’s a never-was, and
    the only reason he’s on TV is to be paid for bashing the President.

    1. Well, let’s be honest – that’s the only reason Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, et al are at all famous. America loves its loud angry blowhards.

      1. They were famous before Trump, Obama and GW. Let’s be honest, you’re not making an apple to apples comparison. The Mooch will cease be useful to leftist networks the second Trump is out of office, and someone like Coulter hasn’t shied away from criticizing our current President.

      2. At,help me out on this .This morning at the Iowa State Fair,Joe Biden announced “we choose Truth over Facts.” What did he mean? Thanks.

        1. He was giving his dissertation on moral relativism.

          Note, he did not use a capital-T Truth. “Truth” means whatever one wants it to mean, according to the doctrine. Facts you can’t do anything about, but personal truths you can make up as you go along. Like there three genders, which he was for marriage.

    2. This is something I would looooove to ask every single member from the MSM mob: How much do you get paid to attack POTUS and betray your audience with fake news.

  9. Eventually he turns on everyone and soon it will be you and then the entire country.

    Well he ain’t wrong.

    1. This so-called Trump supporter was on the airways practically everyday giving advice to Trump and his administration especially in the area of communication. He finally talked his way into a trial run at communication director. It turned out to be a fiasco. He then started to criticize Trump for any small or large incident seemingly auditioning for a spot on Fox News and he kept up the criticism every time he was on any show including Judge Jean. When no job materialized he stepped up the criticism with a job on CNN in mind. It remains to be seen if he succeeds in obtaining a job on CNN or MSNBC.

      1. Oh, totally a screw-up by Trump. Trump has this “The Apprentice” approach to hiring. He lets all kinds of people give it a go, then he fires or forces out the ones that don’t do well.

        On the plus side, he doesn’t suffer the bad ones forever. Over time he’s built up some good folks like Pompeo and Bolton. He’s let some other good people have a decent run like Nikki Haley and Sarah Sanders. His team today is light years better than his team on day one. I give him credit for that improvement over time.

        Personally, I wish he would just be more thoughtful before hiring people. From day one, Mark Levin was trying to warn him that Priebus and Christie were not good people to have in charge of building the administration. Thankfully, they’re long gone from those roles.

        1. Companies could save a lot of money spent on the human resources department if they would only adopt the Trumpian trial-and-error method.

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