The MOST hideously shameful racist rant EVER to air on cable news was on MSNBC yesterday, attacking Tim Scott

The standards for journalism no longer exist. CNN and MSNBC are propaganda. Fox News is a corporate ATM. The New York Times and the Washington Post and the Dallas Morning News are cowardly leftist ideology factories. We all know this. But never have I seen anything as destructive, divisive, and truly DESPICABLE as the DISGUSTING rant by raving racist Marxist fascist Tiffany Cross.

I promise if you haven’t seen this it will drive you to rage. It is indescribably cruel, wanton, vicious, and EVIL. If she had ended with Hail Satan it would have fit right in.

Listen to this anti-American lunatic if you can take it. No one will blame you if you can’t. I didn’t even record the whole thing.

If anything I undersold it, and I’ll tell you why.

You know what oppressors do, Tiffany? Of course we all know, in the global sense, that oppression is the brutal exercise of authority or power, usually through the weight of government but not always, to subjugate another person or persons or a people or peoples. But another way to describe oppression is that you take away someone’s agency.

Yes, agency. You should know that term from sociology, because it’s a scholarly word lifted from an area of inquiry and adopted by piecemeal, intellectually shallow activist culture such as the one to which you so fanatically subscribe.

You, Tiffany, and your cohorts, have taken every possible step to remove Sen. Tim Scott’s agency.

In a literal way, you’re trying to oppress him and take away his agency by forcing his compliance and silence through societal and cultural pressure and opprobrium.

In another way, you’re attempting to strip him of his agency by treating his free choices and intellectual decisions as the product of mental defect, moral lapse, and weakness in the face of his white controllers. Removing the outcome of his agency to destroy the free will he’s exercised.

You are, furthermore, stripping all black people of their agency by your attack. You are saying to every black child in America that if you grow up disagreeing with my very specific worldview, then you are less than trash, you are a collaborator.

It’s an effective charge, that one. Collaborators are the most despised of all cultural villains, more even than the dark forces with whom they cooperate and collaborate. The betrayers.

What Tiffany Cross has done in this vile assault on Tim Scott – and notice I didn’t call it “verbal assault” because she’s put a target on him in the real world – what she has done is use MSNBC air time as to spew hatre. A familiar use for the network, sure, but here even more blatant and with total disregard for any responsibility or integrity or sense.

It is utterly unethical. It is gross and putrid. It is another example of the depths that our society has sunk to, so deep we wonder if ever we can rise to the surface again. And yes, it’s a racist rant, in a hundred ways.

Tiffany Cross thinks she’s beautiful and strong. But what I see is someone gnarled, ugly, and weak. She thinks she’s proud but I see vanity and selfishness. She thinks she’s pursuing a platform but I see wanton ambition and a lust for rage.

I don’t think, as she said of Tim Scott, that Harriet Tubman would have left Tiffany Cross behind. Because besides the virtues of bravery and moral purpose, Tubman was endowed with the qualities of mercy, and pity for the broken and hurt.

But she would have been disappointed by Cross. Every person who ever lifted their voice or their life in defense of liberty and justice and toward freedom and equality for mankind should be disappointed by Tiffany Cross, too.

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