Bill Whittle: The Narrative – Political Correctness

Given the recent media circus surrounding Herman Cain, this video by Bill Whittle serves as a good reminder of what we’re up against.  If the media succeeds in using baseless, calculated claims to destroy the GOP frontrunner (rather than the merits of his or her candidacy, principles, record, etc.), you can bet they’ll employ the same tactics with the next GOP pack leader.  Take a look:


Moving forward, may we remember what we are up against and keep in mind how the Left operates.  It would behoove us to apply this knowledge to avoid the GOP circular firing squad intentionally crafted by the Left to rip us apart. Now is the time to unite. The consequences of failure are another four years of President Downgrade.

(h/t PJTV)



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22 thoughts on “Bill Whittle: The Narrative – Political Correctness

  1. More history learned in one 13 min video than most will learn in 3 yrs of history class in high school.

  2. For a long time I asked myself, with such blatant lies and distortion, why does anyone listen to MSNBC. Who willingly chooses to be lied to daily? Then I learned of the “Frankfurt School”. The success of the implementing philosophy of the Frankfurt School is evident in our education system and media. As Bill said in regards to the effectiveness of the the propaganda on culture…now it is “just what they believe”. It is why a show like MSNBC has an audience at all. Over time our education system has been so thoroughly saturated with proponents of the Frankfurt School philosophy that we now have almost two generations of ‘true believers’. Some ended up as MSNBC commentators regurgitating confirmation to the ones who ended up as the audience. Some have even become POTUS. This infiltration of the education system and media is by design…and necessary…in order to perpetuate the communist philosophy. The solution to this is the abolishment of the Dept of Education and the requirement given back to he states. But, leftist and democrats will never willingly give up federal control of the education system. They would lose their ability to indoctrinate

  3. What an Awesome video.
    Go Bill. I love the Clarity and directness.
    The left has no equal to hearing information like this.
    If it doesn’t come from a 2 minute music video of a band making 5 million dollars
    a year telling them how this country suck. They will never hear the truth.
    Of course their other option for information is Comedians…..
    And we should keep in mind to the left history start when they wake up in the

  4. That was very, very, interesting. I wonder if he’d be interested in taking Block’s job.

    You have to admit, Block’s job would be better than Jock’s blob.

    If anyone is offended by this, please just walk it off. I don’t even know what it means my durn self 🙂

  5. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard deconstructionism so artfully used to denounce deconstructionism itself. How very meta.

  6. “GOP circular firing squad”. Well put, and this is exactly the concept I’ve been harping on among the locals where I’m from. We allow the left to frame the rules of engagement and the subjects we’ll discuss, then wonder why all our candidates are killing each other. I think Newt set the tone exactly as everyone else should have been during the debates. Band together.

  7. The Dems have to have something to run against, anything. It is out of the question that they attempt to run on their record of accomplishments over the past 3 years…
    Obama would be laughed out of office…But if there is ONE thing he does know how to do it is campaign… don’t ever forget that.

    1. Is there a way we can get a Bill Whittle 1 minute video on as a commercial for the Super Bowl 2012? or Several of them?

  8. Would be very, very hard to find a better representative of the truth than Mr. Whittle. He needs a prominent role in the classrooms of American schools.

    1. He and John Stossel together just might be able to reprogram our children with truth and common sense.

    2. Great Idea. We need to infiltrate 100% covertly and overtly. They’ve done it to us. Now it’s our turn

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