The NRA and Ted Cruz DUMP on White House gun control memo…

The NRA has come out against the gun control memo being circulated by the White House and AG Barr among Republicans today, calling it a “non-starter”:

THE HILL – A spokesperson for the National Rifle Association said the lobbying group considers the Trump administration’s background check proposal a “non-starter” Wednesday afternoon.

“This missive is a non-starter with the NRA and our 5 million members because it burdens law-abiding gun owners while ignoring what actually matters: fixing the broken mental health system and the prosecution of violent criminals,” Jason Ouimet, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, said in a statement.

The proposal, similar to the stalled Manchin-Toomey proposal, would expand background checks to all advertised commercial sales, including gun shows, closing what gun control advocates have deemed the “gun show loophole.”

Ted Cruz is not happy with the new proposal either, suggesting it would allow Democrats to create a registry in order to confiscate guns:

“Of the 10 Democrats onstage running for president, three are explicitly supporting gun confiscation by the federal government,” Cruz said Wednesday after Senate Republicans discussed gun control proposals at a weekly lunch meeting.

“If we want to stop crimes, we need to focus on the bad guys, not the good guys,” he added.

Asked about Barr’s proposal, Cruz said, “I believe the proper path for the Senate to take is to vote on Grassley-Cruz and pass it.”

“And the last time we voted on it in the Harry Reid Democratic Senate, it got 52 votes, including 9 Democrats. it got the most bipartisan support of any of the comprehensive legislation. That’s the right path. Let’s solve the problem, not simply take political gestures,” he told reporters, referring to when the Senate last voted on his proposal in 2013 under then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

Cruz is taking issue with proposals to expand background checks to all commercial gun sales, as envisioned by Barr’s latest memo, because it could lead to the creation of national firearms registry.

“I think Democratic members of Congress, a great many of them, want a national registry because the ultimate policy they want is gun confiscation. That is terrible policy, and it would make people less safe,” he said.

“If you want to stop crimes, don’t undermine the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. Focus on the felons and fugitives and those with serious mental illness who are a danger to themselves and others,” he added.

I’m very glad to see the NRA and Ted Cruz come out against this proposal by the White House, which with any luck will persuade Trump to stay FAR AWAY from expanding background checks on legal gun owners.

Cruz is absolutely right to argue for legislation attacking the ‘bad guys’ versus attacking the ‘good guys’. Because that’s all Democrats want to do is pass more laws restricting law-abiding gun owners instead of working to keep guns away from criminals. Cruz’s legislation, according to The Hill, actually goes after straw purchasers who turn around and sell guns to “prohibited individuals or middlemen”.

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43 thoughts on “The NRA and Ted Cruz DUMP on White House gun control memo…

  1. Here’s a brief, but fairly good discussion of the merits of the NRA, GOA and the SAF.

    I belong to most of the gun rights groups and give a little extra to the SAF, then the GOA, and after that any group which is taking an action that I believe is beneficial to our second amendment rights. Local groups are important, too. I belong to Iowa Firearms Coalition, Iowa Gun Owners and even the Illinois State Rifle Association.

      1. I’m guessing not the local groups. I’m also a member of NAGR and FPC, but they seem to mostly generate spam and I don’t think that I’ll renew. New groups seem to be popping up, but I ignore them.

        1. I belong to one local group (previously two), but they are not political (501 c3 organizations). I am a life member of the Texas State Rifle Association. I need to become active in some other local political groups. When I return, I intend to do just that.

          I don’t have any issues with FPC. FPC does lobby for gun rights, especially in California. They do some good work I think. I don’t know about NAGR.

          GOA and SAF are obviously the prime ones. I see GOA as more political and SAF as more legal, but they both are involved on several fronts.

          1. Agreed. I sent FPC to my spam folder because I was getting emails twice a day from them. NAGR is somewhat the same way, when there’s a new emergency every day, I tend to ignore them. I haven’t checked the spam folder in a while, There were a number of NAGRs, but no FPC. Maybe they got the message.

    1. and I would say intentionally costing him re-election…..unless Trump wants to lose in 2020.

      1. I’m not sure Peter Navarro isn’t doing this as well the way he is egging Trump on trade. He was a Hillary supporter in 2008, after all.

  2. If Trump wants to focus on passing more gun control legislation which hurts law abiding citizens and does nothing to deter criminals then he is toast in 2020. NeverTrump RINOS in Congress know that this would cost Trump re-election which is why they will push it. These RINOS would prefer their buddy Joe Biden.

  3. This will get Trump NO Democrat votes and lose him 5 million Republican votes. That about 15% of his voter base. I hope Trump is not that stupid. Warren will massacre Trump if he signs any gun control.

  4. Reality check, Donny. The gun control you are preaching will lose you votes from your base. It will NOT gain you any votes from the left. WTF up.

  5. Let’s pretend for a second, the establishment GOP actually takes up the Grassley-Cruz legislation. When they get done amending the proposal, what are the odds it doesn’t end up with everything Barr and Manchin-Toomey wanted? Cruz attempted to amend the criminal justice reform legislation, and it backfired in his face. Does switching positions matter, if the establishment GOP still outnumbers conservatives 10 to 1 in the Senate?

    1. If that happened, Ted Cruz himself would call it out and vote against it.

      On the right to keep and bear arms, Ted Cruz is the only politician to trust. Otherwise, look to organizations like Gun Owners of America, the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Second Amendment Foundation, and some online personalities like Jared at Guns&Gadgets (YouTube) and the Gun Collective (Jon Patton and Adam Kraut). The only person at the NRA I trust right now is Allen West and he’s a patriot rebel within their midst.

  6. “….would allow Democrats to create a registry in order to confiscate guns” Yes. That is exactly what the left wants. Just one small step at a time……

    And instead of working on legislation that reduces the debt, or actually taking steps to keep guns away from the mentally ill, the left is trying to find a reason to impeach Kavanaugh & President Trump. The insanity is rampant & growing, in DC.

  7. The document was a balloon purposely put out there to see how the population would accept it. I think we already have our answer.

    Get the heck rid of Javanka the NY libers who just won’t give up. I don’t think they give a crap if Trump is re-elected as they likely want to go back to their NY liberal homes/enclaves. They have been a menace to the Trump presidency since the beginning.

  8. Even if we dodge the horrible White House gun control bill, i would bet that one gets passed and signed after Trump’s re-election. Ivanka needs more time to come up with one that appeals to all the Democrats and RINOs…

    1. That spoiled entitled brat along with her husband are so irritating. Interesting how Trump during the primaries did not promote the fact that his Democratic daughter and Democratic son-in-law would be his two top advisors. I almost think we would stand a better chance of not getting gun control if Trump loses re-election. Obama was unable to pass gun control.

  9. I will discuss a National Gun Registry with anyone, just as soon as anyone can create and implement a law that will present me with a Gun Registry list of all Illegally Possessed Firearms in this Nation (Complete with picture, name, address, and age, along with manufacturer, model, serial number, and caliber…you know, like us law abiding citizens currently have to.). We’re F’ed.

  10. I like Cruz’s bill because it actually fixes one of the biggest issues with the current background check system.

  11. Nice to see this crap sandwich getting hammered and called out for what it will do. But let’s not leave GOA out of it. They have been hammering this stuff too.

  12. I sure hope President Trump isn’t stupid enough to back this.
    Why on earth would he attack guns unless he really doesn’t want a second term?

  13. OT: Trump is on Fox News doing a “show and tell” at the CA/Mexican border, showing with great detail what the new border fencing is currently being built. It’s very impressive.

  14. There is NO gun show loophole

    Existing ATF regulations in a nutshell already require a 4473 background check for gun show sales.

    Question: What if I only sell firearms at flea markets, gun shows or over the internet?

    A person can be engaged in the business of dealing in firearms regardless of the location in which firearm transactions are conducted. A person can be engaged in the business of dealing in firearms even if the person only conducts firearm transactions from a location other than a traditional brick and mortar store. Many licensed gun dealers conduct business at temporary locations such as qualified gun shows or events, and utilize the internet to facilitate firearm transactions. The question under federal law is not where firearm transactions are conducted, but rather is whether — under a totality of the circumstances — the person conducting those transactions is engaged in the business of dealing in firearms. The factors listed below apply to that determination regardless of where the firearm transactions occur.The growth of new communications technologies and e-commerce allows sellers of firearms to advertise to an expansive market at minimal cost, and complete sales with minimal effort. While a collector or hobbyist may use the internet and other communication technology to sell a firearm without a license (provided that they comply with all other federal and state laws and regulations), those engaged in the business of dealing in firearms who utilize the internet or other technologies must obtain a license, just as a traditional dealer whose business is run out of a traditional brick and mortar store.

    If anyone believes there are no ATF agents at every gun show I have some oceanfront property in Oklahoma for sale. If these clowns are talking about private sales then they need to figure out how they will ever know if I sell a gun to my neighbor or give one to a relative and when they figure that out it will be past time for all of us to do the same thing our forefathers did at Lexington and Concord in 1776.

  15. Ok, after you take all the gun from criminals, we can talk. I don’t think you need any new laws for that task.

  16. This National Registry is truly the first step in taking away the Guns.Once the Federal Government has a complete record of all Gun owners they will be demanding a complete record of every arrest,The Feds will then determine who can have guns and who cannot.

  17. “If we want to stop crimes, we need to focus on the bad guys, not the good guys,” he added.

    Funny how many people here vehemently disagree with that when I’m the one saying it.

    Also, for the record, the “bad guys” include the ones in government.

  18. I’ve always liked the Grassley Cruz bill because it addresses the REAL issues. Totally agree with Ted. Personally, I don’t think anything will get passed and other than Grassley Cruz nothing else does the job. As for the Democrats the Far Left wants confiscation and nothing less.

  19. I hope Levin addresses this idiotic move on the part of Trump and the republicans. Supporting gun control during a presidential election cycle. How dumb can you be. Your base says no then you say no louder.

  20. Slow down Mr. President,its too close to the elections to start making some stupid mistakes and this would be one.

  21. I said it when he dismisses Horowitz’s year and a half investigations without even commenting,that Barr is not who you think he is.Now Barr seems to be a huge player to help in getting this Gun Control memo through the Oval Office, that even the NRA and Our Texas Senator TED CRUZ is against .

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