THE PURGE begins on YouTube, and NO ONE is safe!!

YouTube has begun a purge of accounts on their platform and a lot of people think it’s because of the crazy feud betwen Vox social justice warrior Carlos Maza and Steven Crowder.

Some people are taking to twitter to blame Maza for their accounts being deleted or demonetized:

From the Hill:

YouTube on Wednesday updated its policies to ban videos that promote extremist ideologies such as white supremacy or caste superiority, a move that could see hundreds of thousands of videos removed.

The changes aimed at curbing hate speech and misinformation come amid escalating scrutiny from regulators and lawmakers around the world over how the company, which is owned by Google, deals with bigoted or potentially radicalizing content.

But the ban was derided by critics on Wednesday as a public relations stunt. YouTube announced the policy in the midst of a high-profile controversy over its decision to allow a conservative commentator accused of racist and homophobic harassment to remain on the platform.

Yup. This is the chaos we’re in because they tried to police their platform based on definitions of “hatred” that the insane left has been pitching.

Now he’s all sad:

It’s the law of unintended consequences, idiot. If you actually listened to conservatives instead of just sneering at them condescendingly, you might have learned about it sometime before you ruined YouTube for so many creators….

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