The REAL and ONLY story says Trump, about THIS video clip about the media, the Bidens, and the Ukraine

The media is trying really hard today to bury the Hunter Biden scandal so they can succeed in electing his father Joe Biden president. In addition to their work undermining all the other Democratic candidates to bolster Joe, they are covering up the legitimate questions about his son’s dealings with, and earnings from, foreign sources while his dad was Vice President. Making that bank BECAUSE his dad was VP in fact.

They are hiding behind the less interesting question of whether Trump and Rudy asked the Ukraine to investigate this legitimate target for investigation. In other words, Orange Man Bad still rules the day.

Nevertheless, before they were hiding any interest in Hunter, some of them let it slip it might be a real thing. They talked about it on the news and treated it like news before they decided it was better to pretend it’s a conspiracy theory. In fact, one New York Times reporter, Ken Vogel, is being targeted by the media mob for saying that there is a story here.

But Trump on Saturday Tweeted a little reminder for the media. Check it out.

I don’t know about who ought to phone who or whether it’s inappropriate to ask for an investigation of the SON of a future political rival who is also a past government official about legitimate areas of inquiry, but I do know the media is showing who they are once again.

Shove that clip in their faces. Over and over. They are gaslighting us and they are barely even hiding it.

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76 thoughts on “The REAL and ONLY story says Trump, about THIS video clip about the media, the Bidens, and the Ukraine

  1. I got this. It’s Trump’s fault Biden’s a sleazeball power hungry corrupt career politician that said there’s at least three genders.

  2. I’m wondering if they are really trying to bolster Joe or do they know, Trump will win easily if he’s the choice. They had to know this would come out. The audio of Joe admitting obstruction is right there. No money or time needs to be spent proving it. So, once again, where’s Mitch and company? Last I heard they had the majority in the Senate.

  3. Our Founding Fathers didn’t intend for people to be elected as public servants and they or their family become millionaires during their service through back room deals and corruption.
    O/T The Georgia-Notre Dame game tonight should be a hell of a game.

  4. So instead of giving the money directly to her, the money went to the Clinton Foundation, oh sorry that’s something else.

  5. Peter Doocey of Fox just caught up to Biden on a campaign stop and asked him if he has asked his son about his business dealings in the Ukraine. Biden said a flat no. (That is huge.) Then he got angry and went on the attack against Trump and said to Doocey he should be asking Trump blah blah blah…

    1. Ha! They’re playing that clip again right now, I see Biden is still having trouble getting an entire coherent sentence out! I guess he thinks most of the general public is really dumb (he’s used to dealing w/ Dems) but to expect everyone to believe he never, EVER spoke to his son about his Ukraine wheelings/dealings is just a bridge too far. Seriously, Joe??

  6. Glenn Beck did a few nights on his show with his infamous chalkboard months ago explaining everything that occurred on a timeline. It was very in depth and also mentioned his partner, John Kerry’s son and one other person. At the time, he said that this is complete corruption. Biden and his son flew together on Air Force 2 to the Ukraine as well as China where his son “procured” an even bigger deal with one of China’s biggest companies that Glenn said even our biggest financiers like Goldman Sachs couldn’t get. He has confirmed all of his sources as well as stupid Biden’s own words bragging that he has the prosecutor fired. Of course, the MSM never reported anything until now. Let’s see how it turns out because I don’t think Biden can weasel his way out of this one.

    1. I remember watching that but truthfully it was so complicated I can’t remember the details anymore. And I know I never heard any reporting about it on any “news” source.

    2. Also, Glenn reported a few weeks ago that the new Ukrainian Prosecutor who took the place of the fired one was now looking into Barismo because of the corruption. Hmm. Makes sense that their government would talk to us about it

  7. The press won’t be able to sink this story. The cat is out of the bag & Biden has some serious problems now.
    Also, don’t think the other Dem candidates are going to let this slide come the next couple of debates.

      1. The leftist press jumped on this story so hard without knowing what was behind it. Now it’s all anyone could talk about.

  8. Here’s some “Alex Jones conspiracy stuff” for ya from me, so stop me if this sounds a little bit too “out there”, but I can’t stop thinking about it since I talked with a friend about this over a few beers:

    Considering the only real threat to 2020 for Trump is Biden, does anyone here think Trump purposefully let this leak to nail Biden to the wall? There’s very little for Trump to be slammed on with this & it destroys Biden the more the LameStream media talks about this. If you remember a a few days ago, Trump was daring the press to dig further into this “phone call”.

    1. While I disagree with your initial premise, I do agree, absolutely, this whole thing was planned. Maybe they knew about the whistleblower and then decided how to exploit it, but this really was 4D chess.

      The media are tantalized about a potential scandal. They go 24×7, “who did he talk to?” “what did he promise?” “what was the subject?”

      Then the president even warned the media they would regret investigating this, and they took it hook, line, sinker, and pole. Then, bam…the subject was Joe Biden influence peddling. The media’s committed to the story at this point, they have to run it out. To do that, they have to cover this massive influence peddling scandal about Biden.

      That was truly brilliant. Whoever conceived of this trap is a political genius. Also, as much as I hate it, the President deserves full credit for flawless execution and green-lighting the whole gambit. Just amazing.

      1. If this was a move by Trump & the GOP, my only demerit I’d give Trump is this: he shouldn’t have dared the press. The moment I had been told by my friend he did that, I knew the odds were it may be a setup. By daring the press, he telgraphed his intentions. Now that’s all fine & at the end of the day it’s not too big a deal, but it shows that Trump may be more cunning and shrewd than most would want to believe. I want the press thinking Trump is incompetent and bumbling. That way it’s easy to run circles around them & force them to front page damaging stories that during previous years & today they’d silence at all costs to protect the Dems

    2. Buttplug is a bigger threat to Trump than Biden is. Biden can’t even stay focused on the questions he gets asked in debates. Trump will run circles around him, making him look even more demented.

  9. The left are not even good at this anymore and are transparently disingenuous and mercenary. THIS is why the conversation Trump had with a Urkraine official became a “thing.” To cover up for Biden….every distraction about Trump is intended to cover-up the crimes of the Commie-Socialist Progressive Demo☭rat Party…frankly, judging the sheer numbers of complaints the dems levy against Trump, there are ENDLESS numbers of crimes the left are attempting to eliminate! DOJ, DO YOUR DAM’D JOB!

  10. I’m not so sure the press wants Biden. The DNC does. But they also didn’t want the lunatics running for the dem ticket to do climate hysteria debates and the press/commie wannabes did it anyway.

  11. Is Warren using this to pummel Biden? Biden is a horrible candidate, i don’t get his supposed support.

    1. It’s clear the Dems have the weakest field, going back to well before Reagan.

      John Kerry was a total doofus, and a well-controlled puppet of the Swamp, but he at least came across as a reasonable facsimile of a candidate. Dems have gone way downhill since Kerry, which is really hard to do.

      So Biden’s “popularity” (if one can call it that) is mostly a rejection of the complete insanity of the other candidates.

      1. And he is supposely the main one who can garner the black vote. If they are depending on black people of which I am one, to first come out overwhelmingly for Biden and then vote for him in the same % as they did for Obama, they are sadly mistaken. I did not vote for Obama either time and I certainly will not vote for Biden or any other crooked democrat.

        1. I think millions feel the same way.

          Although if you look close enough, the crookedness is probably there somewhere in all of them. It’s the sheer blatancy of much of it that is infuriating.

      1. My brother and SIL, both liberal Democrats who would sit home before they would ever vote for any Republican, do not support Biden because even they can see he is no longer competent. They see Harris, Beto, and Castro as big phonies. They know Yang’s ideas are whack. They would, however, vote for Warren or Klobachar.

  12. According to a Fox clip just now, Biden was asked about his son/Ukraine etc.. Biden “the real story is Trump needs to be investigated for talking w/ a foreign leader. THREATENING a foreign leader, if that’s what happened”. Now that’s the first I’ve heard about ‘threats’. Um, Joe is improvising, AGAIN.

      1. It’s laughable. I’m hoping the public is waking up to this farcical party, even the Dems have to look at this clown and wonder “honestly, is this all we’ve got?”

  13. So that’s what the President meant when he warned reporters they “would regret it” if they kept following the intel whistleblower story.

    The whole thing was a masterful rope-a-dope to get the media to go 24×7 about “which president was he talking to” and then flip it so the whole matter was about the Hunter Biden/Joe Biden influence peddling scandal. They couldn’t avoid covering it at this point, they made too big of a deal about the president making a promise to a foreign leader.

    Okay…despite my well-known dislike for this president, I have to acknowledge this is one of the best political traps I’ve ever seen. For all our jokes about 4D chess, that was pawn takes queen in two-way 4D chess against both the media and Biden.

    I am totally awestruck. Lee Atwater could only of dreamed of having a scenario where he could of pulled off such a masterstroke. Karl Rove never could have conceived and executed such trap so effectively against both their political opponent and the media.

    Mr. President, well done sir. Well played. Applause are in order.

    1. I am with you TX – miss Lee Atwater. He was a political genius and most of the RINO Consultants/Advisors couldn’t wipe his shoes.

      Enjoying this new wrinkle in the Biden campaign. He was always wrong on every foreign policy decision and now we know that he was a shake down man, just like Rev Sharpie Sharpton, only on a bigger scale.

      If there is a teachable moment here for anyone it is that if Biden says to do something, we should do just the opposite.

      This man is having so many issues on the campaign trail and the campaign really hasn’t even started. He is losing it right before our eyes. Could you imagine him as Commander and Chief with all of the problems facing us?

      O/T – a pharmacist who writes a health column is saying that the bubonic plague is a very real and present danger with what is going on in California. She is not political in her analysis that this could wipe out a good portion of the population as it spreads very quickly. Not sure what Trump is waiting for. He needs to call this a public health crisis and deal with this accordingly.

      There is always I guess a silver lining with every crisis – AOC and the other idiots won’t have to worry about “climate change” wiping us out in 12 years. I do believe that we should quarantine those in California until this Is under control and not let anyone else in. Again, a silver lining – Californians won’t have to worry about any ban their idiotic Governor makes on States like Iowa. California is closed for business.

      1. Be still my heart! These entitled idiots deserve all this and more. They have driven my once vibrant, productive state into a stagnant hell hole.
        Shut it down now……

  14. President Trump is a bulldog that gives zero Fs about the media’s precious little Democrats.

    It’s about time a R punches the Ds in the face and exposes their corruption and contempt for this country. It’s a party that hates middle America.

    1. The same month that Biden threatened Ukraine, the prosecutor, Shokin, was fired. In an interview 2 months later he said that he believed he was fired because of his. Burisma investigation which was active at the time. My source is your linked article.

      1. My source in the same article was the Deputy Prosecutor General that said the investigation had been shelved for more than a year before the Prosecutor was fired. Given the allegations of corruption surrounding the fired prosecutor, you’d think Biden would want him around if his goal were to bury a criminal investigation into his son’s business.

  15. You take each Dem candidate out 1 by 1. Biden is first. Warren is next. Then all you have left is a bunch of lightweights.

    1. No, take out Warren NOW, she is actually the much more likely candidate and the biggest danger right now. Biden is a gaffe machine and will take himself out, Warren is more left-wing and will have “I am woman” and the leftist media behind her much more.

  16. “I don’t know about who ought to phone who or whether it’s inappropriate to ask for an investigation of the SON of a future political rival who is also a past government official about legitimate areas of inquiry, but I do know the media is showing who they are once again.”

    Uh, what? This wouldn’t just be an investigation into Biden’s most likely criminal son, but an investigation into a politician involved in graft and corruption. Minimally, this could be a violation of 5 CFR § 2635.702 (use of public office for private gain), and maybe even relatable to 18 U.S. Code CHAPTER 41 (extortion and threats). If Biden’s son is involved as a willing, knowing participant, then he is obviously an accessory. It’s statements like that, which leads me to believe Republicans don’t want to prosecute Democrats for their obvious, and public wrongdoings, because they consider one another brethren.

    1. I think Trump plans these things… the call was back in July and assuming what he knows about the Russia-Trump collusion hoax; it started in Ukraine. Things are going to get interesting and the MSM is going to have to cover Biden’s quid pro quo.

  17. Pete Buttigieg is slowly getting a clear path to the nomination. I’ve bet in him from months ago. The rest of the oldies are gonna fall by the wayside.

        1. I remember 2012…I also remember the Democrat Senate vowing to not entertain any budget plans from the new House that was swept up by the Tea Party Revolution

  18. Hey you prog-tards are falling down on the job. You are supposed to keep the Demoncrat clown car full for the entire 2020 presidential campaign. Corey Booger is whining he says he needs more financial donors.

  19. If nobody sees the absurdity in the fact that Trump is trying to stir up concern that Biden’s son profited off of Biden’s position, we have truly lost all sense of irony as a nation.

      1. Trump’s children are currently running a business with his name on it.

        It’s waaaaay too early to conclude that Biden blackmailed Ukraine.

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