The REAL Flip-Flops: This DEVASTATING Twitter thread reveals DEMOCRAT duplicity on SCOTUS

Pelosi and Schumer, with the helpful assistance of the equally two-faced Fat, Dumb, and Bald Guy, Take Japper, Whoops Blitzer and the rest of the CNN mafia, not to mention the network news, the print press and TV podcast MSNBC, have been caterwauling and hissing like stuck pussycats that Republicans are flip-flopping on whether or not it’s a good idea to nominate and confirm a SCOTUS appointee this close to a presidential election.

But like that opening sentence of mine up there, they are using a whole lot of words for a simple point. The same point actually, which is that they are THEMSELVES total flip-flopping flop flippers.

And Drew Holden has them cold. You gotta read this whole thing it’s fine as cream gravy and twice as spicy.


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