The real reason why Pam Geller was not invited to CPAC

I was given a link to Breitbart regarding the decision by CPAC not to give Pam Geller a seat at their CPAC convention. And I think I know why. And their names are David Keene, Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan. It is Norquist who is blamed for getting Geller kicked off of Newsmax. We will look at all the players in a bit. But first some background on an issue that was brought to the attention of FrontPage magazine on February 25, 2010. The article is titled “CPAC Shills For Islamic Terrorists.” The interview is with Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs and Front Page’s Jamie Glazov. I think that this interview describes perfectly the decision by CPAC to diss Geller and her group.

FP: This is mind-boggling. This is a conservative conference and one would think conservatives are interested in national security and protecting our liberties and American lives. Why do you think this happened?

Geller: I think CPAC’s agenda in 2010, as well as 2009 and before that, reflects the influence of Grover Norquist, the conservative powerhouse and kingmaker. He is a board member of the ACU, and from the looks of CPAC’s covered topics and omission of discussion of jihad, it looks as if he exerts enormous influence over David Keene, the ACU’s nominal leader. Norquist and his ally Suhail Khan seem to be in charge at CPAC — no CPAC event goes on that doesn’t reflect their perspective.

FP: Expand a bit on what perspective Norquist represents.

Geller: Jamie, Grover Norquist’s troubling ties to Islamic supremacists and jihadists have been known for years. He and his Palestinian wife, Samah Alrayyes, who was director of communications for his Islamic Free Market Institute until they married in 2005, are very active in “Muslim outreach.” Just six weeks after 9/11, The New Republic ran an expose explaining how Norquist arranged for George W. Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic supremacists at the White House on September 26, 2001 — to show how Muslims rejected terrorism. Wrote TNR author Franklin Foer:

Unfortunately, many of the leaders present hadn’t unambiguously rejected it. To the president’s left sat Dr. Yahya Basha, president of the American Muslim Council, an organization whose leaders have repeatedly called Hamas “freedom fighters.” Also in attendance was Salam Al-Marayati, executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who on the afternoon of September 11 told a Los Angeles public radio audience that “we should put the State of Israel on the suspect list.” And sitting right next to President Bush was Muzammil Siddiqi, president of the Islamic Society of North America, who last fall told a Washington crowd chanting pro-Hezbollah slogans, “America has to learn if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come.”

It was Norquist who ushered these silver-tongued jihadists into the Oval Office after the worst attack ever on American soil. Don’t you think that the likes of Ibn Warraq, Bat Ye’or, and Wafa Sultan should have been advising the President instead of Hamas, Hizballah and the Muslim Brotherhood? But that wasn’t to be. So at that September 26 meeting Bush declared that “the teachings of Islam are teachings of peace and good.” It was a critically important, historic moment. What should have been the most important teaching moment of the long war became a propaganda tool for Islam. A singular historic opportunity was squandered, and the harm that has resulted is incalculable.

OK. You don’t trust Geller? Fair enough. Then how about Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va) then?

In 2011 on the House Floor Rep Frank Wolf (R –Va) had this to say about Grover Norquist:

I want to be clear: I raise these issues not just because Mr. Norquist’s associates may be unsavory people,” Wolf said. “There are many lobbyists in Washington who represent clients of all stripes and backgrounds. But my concern arises when the appearances of impropriety are raised over and over again with a person who has such influence over public policy. That, I believe, should give any fair-minded person pause.

Here is the CSPAN Video of his remarks.The clip starts at 13:47 and his remarks end at 18:15.

Frank Gaffney prepared a dossier on Norquist and Suhail Khan, The article is titled “A Jihadist in the Heart of the Conservative Movement.” The article is dated January 2011/

Lets see what Frank Gaffney had to say about Grover Norquist in Oct 2012.

Now onto Suhail Khan. I’ll let the video do the talking.

And here is David Horowitz calling out Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan at the Feb 2011 CPAC. Skip ahead to the 5:00 minute mark.

Linked here is Ken Timmerman’s FrontPage article on the same two subjects.

I think you get the idea. But there is one last player to cover. He is David Keene. This is Robert Spencer talking about the John Zeigler video which you can see after the article.

Oct 2009 – Jihadwatch – …The Ziegler video, with its depiction of Keene’s egregious behavior, gives a good opportunity to spotlight the failure of the conservative mainstream to deal with the jihad issue. David Keene is not only the head of the ACU, but also of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which I criticized in Newsweek last February for its Grover Norquist-mandated refusal to deal with the jihad or Islamic supremacism in any meaningful or effective way.

I didn’t know it at the time, but after I was interviewed by Newsweek and before their article appeared, Keene decided to honor Wilders at CPAC and give him an award. But when the Newsweek piece hit, with quotes from me as well as David Horowitz saying, “How is it possible that a conservative conference does not have a single panel on the threat from radical Islam?,” Keene was furious. He was so furious that he canceled the award for Wilders and refused to let him speak at all, saying he wasn’t going to look as if he was being pushed around by Robert Spencer. Suddenly a few remarks in Newsweek by David Horowitz and me were controlling David Keene’s world. Principles? Free speech? Jihad and Islamization? Pah. For Keene, it was just a schoolyard fight, and he was behaving like a schoolyard bully — as he does here with Ziegler.

You can read the article here

Here is the Zeigler Video. John Zeigler is a libertarian former talk show host and now a political speaker and documentarian. He has issues with Keene over his criticism of Sara Palin, support for Arlen Spector and a quid pro quo with Fedex. Video is from Oct 2009.

John Zeigler’s webpage has more details.

And here is the kicker on the CPAC incident and Keene.

12/14/2010 – The Keene scandal – A review (below).

WND – The American Conservative Union reported to the Internal Revenue Service last month a “material diversion of the organization’s assets” totaling over $400,000. The group has an annual operating budget of about $1.5 million.

While directors have been tight-lipped about the details, sources say Keene’s ex-wife, Diana, was fired earlier this year as bookkeeper when the misappropriations were discovered. On its 2009 tax return, signed Nov. 8, 2010, by Executive Vice President Dennis E. Whitfield, the American Conservative Union disclosed the apparent embezzlement. The organization became aware in May 2010 of a diversion of assets for the year [ending] December 31, 2009,” the ACU disclosed on its 990 reports filed with the IRS. The authorities were notified and the issue is now in the hands of the assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Read more

Conclusion: CPAC and the ACU are bought and sold for money and influence. Worse still, they are under the heavy influence of people that want to destroy this nation. Pam Geller isn’t the problem. Time to oust Keene, Khan, and Norquist, otherwise I think I agree with John Zeigler. I want no part of CPAC or the ACU.

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227 thoughts on “The real reason why Pam Geller was not invited to CPAC

  1. Thanks 911 – I didn’t know the history. Just waking up as a former Dem, their was alot to learn, let alone Islam. I started with Gellar, but quite honestly, she does sooooo many postings a day, one can’t handle that much truth. 🙂

    1. Ive noticed them to be pretty much anti Obama. Thats good in my book.

      I certainly dont want Jeb, or any other Bush in 2016. But I dont hate the Bush’s.

        1. Im not a big government Republican either.

          But I dont mind reading a publication that from time to time, is actually a critic of the President.
          Very few News Papers, magazines, radio shows have enough strength to be courageous to even say something remotely unfavorable ….let alone take the time to do some investigative research and BASH HIM (with words of course).

          1. I hear ya but there are a lot of places to get information that is objective and accurate without supporting your own demise. Washington Free Beacon is good. Breitbart. Drudge. This site of course. Weasel Zippers, etc. Front Page Mag is excellent as well as their sister site WND…despite the ads. There is tons out there.

            Newsmax is big government Republican that continually supports and pushes then losing side like McCain and Romney.

  2. Atlas shrugs and Front Page Mess are mere blogs where the sponsoring Islamaphobes spew their vitriolic lies & distortions against Islam.

    They are not credible news sources….!!

    Conservative have more than their fair share of idiots within to deal with. They don’t need the likes of Geller, her butt-buddy Robert Spencer or any of the cast of clowns that her wanna-be CPAC conference of Islam-bashers usually bring together (i.e. FAILURE & FORMER Congressmen Allen West…. one of the worst examples of what an officer should do to POWs)!!

  3. Grover has gotten way too big for his britches and has to go. I will add Zieglar is no peach either. It’s hard to stand up for him. These men have an axe to grind and will implode. Let’s hope the rest of us don’t implode with them.

    1. I have to wonder! I do know there is a battle for conservatism within the Republican Party. Eighty Republicans signed off on an ‘friend of the court’ brief in support of gay marriage on the cases before the Supreme Court. They called themselves conservative when in reality they are not. It was John McCain and Nicole Wallace leading the charge.

  4. 911infidel; thank you for this great informatin. It really is a lot to go through and then to absorb. I like Mrs Geller, listen to many of her speeches and seen many of her videos, she is reallya super American patriot. On her website there is so much information about terrorist in America etc, inside goverenment and obamas regime. 911infidel after reading here and watching your posted video’s I’m not at all suprised Mrs Geller was not invided to speak or why they removed Mr Zeigler from the speaking panel.The CPAC’ers elite didn’t want to tee off their money bags who are supporters and backers of Muslim terrorist, and backers of traiyors in American government. I’m shocked that Mr Keene acted exactly the same manner as Mr Spector did at the first townhall he held about obamacare etc. These two men Spector and Keene two peas from the same peapod.
    Unfortunately it appears Americans are being sold out all across the board.
    All I can say is thank God for the Tea Party Movement and their wins in 2010, if those wins had not happened, there is a pretty good chance, that by now our ship would be bloody sunk.
    Speaking of super patriots; 911infidel, I’m thinking your becoming one of my favorites. Your reports are very informative and moving, I’v been here this morning 2 hours listening and learning about this CPAC and their Muslim terrorist connections, I wonder where we go from here, we who love our country and our founding documents.

    Looks as though it’s all become nothing but lies, smoke and mirrors, and for Americans who can’t or refuse see their in serious danger we can only try to inform them and pray for them as we do.

    It’s no wonder they want to disarm the American citizen. The Manchurian Candidates are florishing like terrorist rats and they know Americans can’t defend themselves with a BB gun and cap pistols.

  5. I’ll tell you one thing, if the sh*t ever hits the fan in this country my sights will be on every towelhead i see. Why would they let even one of them into this country? Then we let them build a million moques witch are only terrorist camps.

  6. Unfortunately been saying this about CPAC for a few years now. Bought and paid, and it is not the principles that matter. Why would Pam Gellar even want to speak there, she is above it with so much more credibility.

  7. How did Saudi’s get head of the line privileges out of the country right after 9/11? Why does Saudi Arabia fund radical Wahhabist mosques in the US today? Its all about the $$$.

    1. It was the same back in the early days before the 1947 boundaries of Israel were established. Under the British Mandate years, the Arab people were far more gregarious and hospitable to the Brits than were the Jewish folks, who tended to “stick to their knitting” and their close-knit families. This led to the Brits tending to favor the Arabs, which is a human reaction to being made to feel welcome.

      The same thing is happening today. Arab oil money flows freely into strange places, and so does their hospitality and friendship. Jewish people just do not engage in that sort of constant politicking.

  8. I have read a few comments about Bush coming out saying that Islam is a religion of peace. Now what Bush thinks privately is a different matter. Remember now…he had to get a coalition of Muslim Countries together to attack Iraq and Afghanistan. By piercing Islam through the heart we would not have had help from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan and others. We needed their air space and land to set up bases. Norquist knew Bush would need Islamic support to go after the radical Islamists and used this at a time when Bush was most vulnerable. Bush started receiving calls from Muslim countries expressing their desire to help. Bush said what was needed at the bully pulpit and then went after those who were terrorists or supporters of terrorists. Judge Bush harshly if you want….but he protected us from further terrorist attacks from then on. 9/11 was the result of Clinton’s Presidency in failing to take these terrorists seriously. Bush was not going to make that same mistake and he succeeded. Bush IS the reason why my family is alive and well today as we live in the backyard of D.C. Bush never missed one Security briefing that involved DOD, CIA, NSA and Joint Chiefs. Clinton and Obama had (has)to be dragged to these meetings. I just wanted readers here to get some further insight into George Bush. He loves this country as much as you or I….make no mistake about that. Bush was not the enemy, guys…direct your anger at terrorists and their supporters.

    1. I am not Judging President Bush because I knew what was at stake. I am just saying by him saying that – Set up a precedent that we are now seeing play out. I didnt’ like Everything that George Bush did, but I voted for him twice, and he did keep us safe. But that statement set us up big time and Grover Norquist is not to be trusted, I do not like that man, never have never will.

      Cpac is a JOKE, it is taken over, and Cardenas who heads CPAC is Jeb Bush’s man, to push him, and Rubio is there to give Jeb Conservative Credentials. I will never support Christie, Bush or Rubio as of now. We need to worry about 2014, if we lose the house, Obama is there for life.

  9. Today is the Tea Party Conference Call and Mark Levin will be the guest on today’s call. he has already stated he stands with Pamela Geller. I stand with Pamela Geller.

    Being that I am a Michigander, and I see what is happening in my state with Sharia Law, Islam, CAIR, the growing push for more to convert, and the Coverup of Honor Killings, and girls Disappearing due to forced marriages or becoming to Westernized, is why I stand with Geller.

    When Rick Perry was running for President, we brought a LOT of issues to light about his friendships, what he stood for, and THE LAWS he signed supporting Muslims in Texas, Grover Norquist and all these players came up back then.

    Michelle Malkin highlighted Grover and his marriage, and the checks he would write supporting Muslims and he had their ear.

    this is not shocking or Surprising to me. I knew and learned all of this, thanks to a great person on facebook a few years back,.

    CPAC is a JOKE. CPAC was once formed for CONSERVATIVES TO GET TACKLE THE ESTABLISHMENT. it is NOW merged with the Establishment.

    When people are having a Fit over Chris Christie not being invited because he has a 74% approval rating as Governor, for kissing Obama’s feet, he is NOT Conservative, and look at the players who are yelling about it.

    Will there be Conservatives there. Yes, Sarah Palin For one. But look at the Rest at CPAC, and you can see they are not Conservatives, they are Establishment Players, and the TEA PARTY – even though there are liberals in the tea party, is what CPAC once represented.

    I used to want to go to CPAC – NOPE not ever will I go there now, nor will I support them. Will I watch, Yes some of it. I want to hear Sarah Palin. Maybe there are a couple of others, but that basically sums it up for me.

    Pamela Geller is not hateful, she speaks the Truth. Every Since George Bush made his statement that Muslims are a Peaceful People, after 9/11 – Think about what has been able to happen and what has been able to take place in this country. It really is shameful to watch and see.

    My Friend Danny – Has it pegged 🙂 Please read and share 🙂

  10. I will no longer support CPAC, period.

    “That which can be broken, must be broken.”

    CPAC has shown that it is vulnerable, therefore unreliable. It has been infiltrated, and must be killed and replaced. In the Army, I had no trouble using some of the enemy’s tactics against them. Republicans are stupid, hence my abandoning their worthless party. In the name of some stupid ‘big tent’, they welcome the scum into their fold:

    The Pauls.

    The list goes on. Conservatives must either oust all RINOs, or separate themselves from them. Any that falter, must be put down. Heretics must be BANISHED. This is THE ideological war, and losing it will cost lives and freedom. Fake Conserbatives must be PURGED, and demonized, along with their masters in the DNC. They cannot be allowed to speak, or participate, in Concervative events, because they are disease, and will infect others.

    The liberals and their minions must be surprised with their own brutal tactics. The guerillas must face their own tactics, in political unconventional warfare. Their careers must be destroyed, their lives ruined. People are afraid to use nukes in combat, because they almost universally fear the Laws of Escalation. Nuke me, and get nuked. When the Party of Slavery, and its PR branch, the Liberal Entertainment Complex, lives in daily fear and terror of people from their past being hunted down and squeezed for damaging intel, when they fear their lives being put on display for months on end, in hours long cycles; when they fear their secrets being put on display, for all to see and their families facing humiliation, as a result of their ugly words and deeds being dragged, kicking and screaming into the light, when everything they, or anyone associated with them is blown out of proportion, when they face truth used as irrefutable propaganda, I’ll bet they won’t be so quick to even CONSIDER the “nuclear option”.

    CPAC is indicative of the Conservative Body being infected by disease. Conservatism must become an antibody, to root out and destroy this disease, liberality, a disease that consorts and bonds with the Enemy (other diseases), to kill and destroy us. Kill the disease (liberalism), or BE killed.

    Its just that simple.

  11. I consider this a CPAC scandal. Thank you for this information. We need to step up our vigilance of CPAC and others who would seek to co-operate with the Muslim agenda and step up support of those who are our whistle-blowers. Well done.

  12. More outright betrayal here:

    Al Jazeera Hires GOP Lobbyists to Counter Congressional Scrutiny to Current TV Deal

    Al-Jazeera has hired GOP lobbyists to help it gain approval to buy Current TV from Al Gore. Aljazeera, the former “voice of Osama Bin Laden”, wants to pollute US airwaves with its anti-Israel, pro-Islamist agenda… And GOP lobbyists are going to help them make that happen.

    in addition to hiring the K Street lobbying firm of DLA Piper to lobby on its behalf, the channel has hired Global Policy Initiatives and TCK International to represent it on Capitol Hill

    (Spit) They can all go to Hell.

  13. So is there an Islamic foundation to CPAC banning GOProud? That’s an angle rarely addressed; the um, friction between these two elements, often in support of the same office seekers.

  14. Al Cardenas runs CPAC now.

    Jeb Bush owns him.

    Norquist is in bed with the Bush mafia. We have known this for a long time now.

    Rubio is setting the table for Jeb in 2016. He’s there to give Jeb Conservative cred.

    Christie not being invited while Jeb is invited gives Jeb conservative cred. Jeb knows that Krisy Kreme can get all the Wall Street money that he needs. He is Jeb’s threat. Jeb needs to take him out sooner rather than lter so the Wall Street money backs Jeb.

    Geller is an embarrassment to the Bush mafia.

    The Bush mafia knows from the last election that they can’t alienate Palin even though she embarrasses them. Jeb will attack Palin from the right.

    Conservatives are all being played. This is Bush Drama Queen 101. The script has already been written. They gopE intends to shove Jeb down your throat just like they did with Etch-a-sketch in 2012. Conservatives can write the Bush Drama Queen 101 script themselves. There are no surprises here.

    It’s Jeb in 2016. Fight it until your last dying breath. Bab’s rolodex doesn’t mean anything any longer.

    1. None of them Jeb, Christie or rubio will I or many thousands of others support or vote for.

    2. If you are the same “guest”, I asked you about the “Bush Mafia” and you didnt provide anything. You linked one Forbes article, that wrote about the GOP elite but it didnt have anything about what you said.

      WHAT BUSH MAFIA? Do you purport that W and Bush Senior and the wifes and others are sitting around a conference table pulling strings to the GOP? I just dont see it.

      I dont think Bush junior gives a crap about politics now that he is done.

  15. OK, for you Ziegler complainers in the thread, I finally got a chance to watch the Ziegler vids, up through the parts where he was interacting with Keene and in the second vid, through the part where the guy threw him out. They were too long to bother with the rest, since I have bandwidth restrictions. (I had definitely watched the other vids before bothering with this part, which I knew would be tedious, because I don’t like Ziegler’s tactics at all.)

    Here’s the bottom line: Ziegler found some important information, and Keene refused to answer the questions about it. Those are not trivial questions, and Keene’s failure to answer, and Ziegler’s ability to make his charge before being thrown out are important factors in this case.

    However, 95% of both vids detract from the case against Keene, and definitely make Ziegler look like a grandstanding moron. And it wasn’t a “threat” that Keene made. Keene may be under the influence of Norquist, but he’s not that stupid: he stated that Ziegler deserves a punch, and he’d like to do it, but would not. I can say unequivocally that I’d like to punch him also, but would not (never unless the other guy throws the first punch).

    That is clearly not a “threat” at all. (Not to anyone who can parse language and isn’t a obsessed with “speech codes” and other bizarre, liberal inventions involving language.)

    Ziegler ought to just cut these vids down. Even though some of his questions are definitely pertinant, his own behavior in the video hurts his case a great deal.

    Unfortunately, Ziegler reminds me of Alex Jones and his sickening, pathetic, stalking harassment of Michelle Malkin. 1) The first amendment does not give people the right to jam a microphone in someone’s face and harass them. If they are public figures, they are expected to put up with some questions and photos. But even hardcore paparazzi know better than to push it too far. 2) When you are on private property and have been asked to leave, your failure to promptly comply definitely allows and excuses the laying of hands on your person to enforce the request. This is what bouncers and security personnel do. Conservatives are not stupid people: they know this stuff. But Ziegler is assuming you are stupid when he does this whiny “assault” crap.

    Back to the videos: the part at the beginning where Keene refused to answer was good, and if Ziegler hadn’t been wrapped up in posturing like a fool, he could have ended it there and made a decent clip out of it. Same with the second video. So that’s enough beating up Ziegler in print. He’s not a journalist.

    But none of this detracts from the overall case, here. CPAC is not only NOT conservative, they are engaging in arrant dhimmi behavior. We need more exposure of this, by rational people like 911Infidel, and not more excuse-making by weak-kneed Republicans.

    Keene’s knee-jerk decision to shelve the award for Wilders, and cancel his speaking is the real problem here, not Ziegler.

  16. I had not known about Grover Norquist ties to islamist extremism, via his Palestinian islamic muslim wife, til now. I now understand why now Pamela Geller was not allowed to speak at CPAC.

    This now makes sense of everything that has been levied against Mr. Norquist, for which he has used his political influence as a Tea Party conservative against taxes, to insidiously and seditiously undermine and subvert the pro-American, pro-Freedom and Liberty / anti-islamist muslim extremist jihadists like Ms. Pamela Geller, Geert wilder, etc, and the message of truth they speak, from appearing and being heard in any and all conservative public platforms such as CPAC.

    Mr Norquist no longer has the support of myself, and any all Tea Party activists in the Nation. He does not speak for us, and he no longer speaks as a pro-American Conservative, period. He is a fraud who has now been exposed.

    Grover Norquist mine as well change his political affiliation to Obamacrat. He has now joined the liberal Democrats, as well as the RINOs like McCain, and all who support islamic muslim jihadist supremacist extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood, via Ms Huma Abedin and CAIR, Hamas, Hez Bollah, Iran’s Ahmadine-Nazi-jhad, etc..

  17. If the Jihadist connections between Norquist and others have been known for years and the shenanigans they have pulled, for example, the one cited with George Bush meeting with hard core Muslim Jihadists just two weeks after 9/11, connections and shenanigans which ordinary rank and file conservatives like myself had never known until now, then why has people like Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives spoken at CPAC over the years?

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    1. CPAC has been going downhill for years, they didn’t just fall over a cliff into progressive territory. When the country was in less dire peril, it was far easier to put up with this sort of crap. We can’t afford this anymore.

      But a lot of folks were waving warning flags over Bush’s meeting with CAIR folks so soon after 9-11. The problem is, people like Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and David Horowitz have been treated like the crazy relatives in the little house out back, and have been largely ignored by the mainstream Republicans.

    1. If she would get on with it, I’d send SarahPAC a LOT more money. BUt if she waits too long, she’ll miss her chance.

  18. wow, seems there are WAAAYYY too many *wolves in sheep’s clothing* in the conservative tent…I’m starting to think we need to develop a secret handshake or something, hmmm

  19. CPAC has becoamea lapdog for all things “new world order.” Their conservative ratings are now mussy at best. Very, very sad.

  20. conservatism is about small government, not war on terror bs. Muslims want us out of their countries not to take over ours. if you haven’t figured that out by now you are either stupid or crazy.

        1. Nice attempt at red herrings. Your assumption that you know more in this area than people here explains much.

          Your comment about Horowitz puts you closer to the jihad supporters than it does mainstream conservatives. Good luck with that.

          1. that makes no sense. I’m not a “jihad supporter” nor do I care about the Middle East project. I’m not close to either.

            What are the red herrings? I just gave a history of our major interventions in the Middle East in a dialogue about US interventions in the Middle East.

            We’re 16 trillion dollars in debt. the War on terror is over.

            1. “Closer to” is a phrase that has meaning. You ignored it.

              You gave no “history,” you simply tossed some poorly aimed labels around. If you’d like to learn about the history of our foreign policy, there are plenty of people here who know a great deal about it. It’s something conservatives do: their homework. So all you need do is ask.

              And if you think the war is over, you have no clue about the enemy.

                1. Wrong. Thanks for playing.

                  The answer is: Political Islam, and the medievalist jihadist lunatics being used by the cynical old men in the Muslim Brotherhood and the spiritual head of Iran.

                  Washington may be a mess, but it’s not “the enemy.”

                2. Clarity.

                  Washington is full of statists. Not people strapping bombs on their daughters, and telling them to blow up infidels.

                  Statists have to be fought at the ballot box. Jihadists are waging genuine war, but you seem unable to notice it.

  21. This thread became far too obsessed with the Zeigler and Palin thing. Palin, Cruz, etc. should certainly speak at CPAC and express their views. Doing anything else would be cowardly and counterproductive.

    1. “This thread became far too obsessed with the Zeigler and Palin thing”

      Oh come on. A few comments and you slam the whole thread?

      1. Not at all. The thread was great until it “became” obsessed with Palin/Zeigler. Zeigler is seriously disturbed! Palin is the future of conservatism!

  22. Good recap, 911Infidel! I was reviewing this topic most of last night.

    My take on CPAC is the same as yours and Mark Levin’s: it isn’t conservative anymore.

    CPAC has devolved into a Republican Meet & Greet.

    There may be some great speeches come out of there this year, so it’s not a pure waste of time, but it is time for Conservatives to wake the **** up and realize the game being played here. Look at the roster of this year’s CPAC invitees. There are some solid conservatives in there.

    But the roster is littered with Cotton Conservatives, Rockerfeller Republicans and election losers. You have to wonder why?

    Two Things:

    1) Consider what happened to the AARP. (Bear with me, here, I know that was a speed bump.) AARP used to be a fairly conservative collection of folks because retirees are mostly conservative by nature. But what happened to make the AARP support the most totalitarian program, “Obamacare,” in US history? Answer: Beltway-itis.

    Conservative think tanks (like Heritage), conservative lobbying groups (like AARP used to be), any conservative 501c-3 organizations, conservative Political Action Committees, and conservative “strategists” (and all such consultants) all draw from a pool of “professionals” in the business of running non-profit organizations, law firms and accounting firms. It’s a huge industry.

    So, like a conservative electrician or other tradesman in Hollywood who really needs a job, they take work where they can get it, even if it means working for people who’s politics they despise. Union requirements also come into play. You are not gonna put together a high-profile stage with lights and sound in DC without using union guys to truck it in, set it up, and run it. Most (but not all) union guys voted for Obama.

    It’s the same at the top. Raising money requires fundraising pros and hires, many who work at other organizations, like PETA and SPLC. It’s just a job. But the crap rises to the top. Eventually the VP or President who started the organization retires, and some Progressive ends up taking his or her place. Typically some former Republican congressman or staffer becomes the face of such organizations, even though they lost their principles years ago, and no longer care who’s paying their fat salaries.

    This is what infects the Conservative movement’s institutions, and it ends up feeding backward into Congress, instead of the other way around. Congressmen and women notice these groups sounding less and less conservative, so they adapt a similar stance. If you surround yourself with fools, eventually you are going to do something very foolish.

    Like working for CAIR.

    So far I’ve described a long-standing problem in Washington. For most of you it was simply a recap. But there’s a much more troubling game being played here.

    2) One of the easiest ways to co-opt a movement is to gain control of a committee responsible for inviting both speakers and media personnel. This is why several prominent conservative bloggers are often not invited to BlogCon, and why groups like GoProud and people like Pam Geller either do—or do not—get invited to CPAC.

    With CPAC specifically, the game is to invite “darlings” of the Conservative movement (Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Allen West), and put them at an EQUAL LEVEL with progressive, non-conservatives like Jeb Bush. Then they sit back and claim , “Big Tent!”

    The Republican party has to have a big tent. So what? Conservatives and Libertarians can define their own tents however they choose. They don’t need progressives and moderates for any reason at all. It’s not RPAC, it’s CPAC. I don’t even know why Libertarians show up to the thing. They ought to have a big, annual gathering of their own (besides the Convention).

    Because of the above two problems, CPAC is no longer Conservative. It’s just marginally more conservative than the average, left-of-center moderate voter. Forget trying to fix it, it’s pointless to fight that battle.

    We need a new organization with a new annual meeting, and it needs to include Tea Party types and Levin-style conservatives, and any libertarian minded people who are sick of the Libertarian Party’s hatred of Israel and foolish foreign policy. Jeb Bush can attend if he wants, but he shouldn’t get invited to speak. I wish SaraPAC would just take on the job. I don’t think she’s planning on running for office (I wish otherwise, but that’s what it looks like now), so I’d love to see SarahPAC become the focus for building the new party that buries the dying, Whiggish, Republicans.

    1. Fantastic ideas, K-Bob, as usual! I love the idea of having SarahPac in conjunction with the Tea Party be the premier organizations for Conservatives. It is time for Conservatives to band together and have one voice of Conservatism. The problem is where do people like Paul Ryan or Rubio fit in with Conservative ideology? That question still remains. They must be unafraid and articulate in communicating the Constitution and Conservatism. The RINOcrats, of course affectionately called, can then have CPAC and include the Chris Christie, the Mitt Romney’s, and Jeb Bushes of the world because the Conservative message gets watered down and diluted to the point where it becomes ineffective. The left has the Net Roots convention and no one cares what they say and they say a lot of Marxist propaganda in that organization. So we Conservatives should not care what neither the RINOcrats nor the Marxist say about a Conservative political action committee like SarahPAC or The Tea Party. After all we have a number of Conservative stars than RINOs or Marxist and they will draw huge audiences and ratings.

      1. Thanks! I think Ryan, Rand Paul, and Rubio need to decide where they belong, before we do it for them.

        Agree with that last point, too.

        1. Well K-Bob for Ryan, after 14 years of being in the House, I think we should probably know by now. The jury is kinda out on the last two. Your welcome!

    2. Not totally sure I agree with you. There might be something to what you say..somewhat but not totally. AARP went left because because hippies are getting old and retiring. AARP changed because it’s market and demographics changed, and like all advocacy groups it evolved into it’s own business so AARP is insuring it’s survival. AARP makes money, a lot of money, off of it’s insurance programs.

      What you are seeing within the Republican party and conservative circles is a full scale civil war*. There is a faction of the Republican party that wants conservatives to moderate. Why? Because they are a reflection of moderating morals in our society. Politics is a reflection of the culture. The more morals devolve the more it will be reflected in politics and our laws.
      The reflection is two fold. You have some things like gay marriage that will pass but you will also have other things like more and more laws put on the books. As society breaks down that is what is required to maintain society. Society is a collective of human life and like all life it will try and save itself.

      As to Heritage they are also being challenged quite heavily from within by true conservatives on some of their more moderate positions. A lot of changes are coming from Heritage.

      *Moderates picked a fight they can’t win. Conservatives simply will stay home and thus moderates still lose. They never seem to see that you have to give people a reason to vote for you, not against you.

      Your ideas are stellar!

      1. Oh yeah, AARP was making a boatload of money. But that’s what the pros who were running it were paid to do. Because they are beltway mercenaries, they didn’t care about the actual best plan for seniors, nor what the members wanted.
        I think culture does provide pressure, but culture is so many things, and right now it’s a pot on high boil.

        1. That is the truth….definitely high boil. I think that is why we are seeing bolder and bolder crimes.

          I want you to affix in your mind though that older people are not necessarily conservative. The GG was, but their time is over. We have the new cycle of retirees which are Progressives. Each generation cycles and boomers are no exception. Ironically parents of GG tended to be more liberal…Depression has a way of changing things.

          1. Oh, you’re probably right when it comes to the Northeast, especially. But once you get away from there, and away from some of the bigger cities that are still reasonably vibrant (places like Chicago and Denver, and of course, the left coast), I’m confident that the average senior is fairly conservative. (They don’t necessarily think of themselves that way, they just don’t like what they see happening.)

            1. My dear come see me in California, which isn’t the NE and I will show you the world of old hippies. Remember this state is still the most heavily populated and that effects elections.

              I actually have a friend who has a degree in this area. She studies the various generations and their demographics and voting patterns. It’s an interesting topic to say the least.

              1. Hey, I did exclude the Left Coast!

                I love demographics. And genealogy. It’s what leads folks to realize the march of history isn’t as choppy as most people think of it. For example, looking at genealogy helped me realize just how incredibly long a time it really was between Columbus’ arrival and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This gets me in all kinds of arguments with people about “what white people did to Indians” and “how many slaveholders were there” and a host of things that most people just never bother to look at.

                1. You and I have something in common! I find it fascinating but I am an amateur at it. It’s amazing as well to see slight differences within a few years…but you do see it! My husband is younger than I am and I see it. On a national scene look at Sarah Palin and the difference she projects because she is last year birth year of Boomer/First year of Gen X.

                  The shakedown’s are always interesting because it shows how one generation effects the next and the life is indeed a ripple effect.

                  Studying it forces me not to fall into stereotype…although there are times that stereotype does apply.

  23. Hi all my friends here.
    I try and read as much as I can, videos are difficult because of my dsl only cranking out a whopping 80kbs downstream, so I have to be choosey in which I watch.
    This place, and places like it across the nation are our only defense against the pending disaster ahead. I hate to admit it but I do believe people are going to blow their collective corks when the bottom drops out, and if we continue as is, it will.
    I go on a lot of blog sites, but I seem to like it here best. There are people here that should be in leadership instead of the ones who’re robbing us blind. I’ve been around a while and shake sometimes at what we’ve allowed America to become. We the people can no longer be the silent majority, we must speak up, loudly! The little I can do is to come on sites like this and encourage you young folks to get busy and take America back.
    Make no mistake, the future of America is at stake.
    This President has stated publicly that his intention was to “fundamentally transform” America. He never said what he wanted to transform her into.
    It appears we now know what his intentions were and are.
    So America, if his plan for America is okay with you, fine, keep your gun controlled cities, and gun free zones, and leave the rest of us alone.
    It’s your choice Obama.

  24. Right Scoop: You put out a great comprehensive collection of stories and background on this issue. Thank you very much!

  25. CPAC is NOT for free speech on all conservative issues. It’s not just the ban on the truth about radical Islam that’s concerning. There’s also little on life issues (so far, I see only one young pro-life leader).
    And I see NOTHING about “gay marriage,” or the homosexual & transgender radicalism advancing in our schools. Look what’s happening in Massachusetts now:
    “Mass. state education officials release directive to force transgenderism into all schools”
    Obama’s Dept of Education put out a memo in 2010 telling administrators across the country that this is NATIONAL policy. (But they’ll get it rolling in Mass. & Calif. first, to iron out the kinks.)

  26. Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson are going to speak there. I’m going to email both of them this article.

    1. Good idea. Cruz might think about it. I kind of figure Carson is already sick of all the overtures from conservatives at this point. He’s a values conservative who apparently has read very little about political philosophy. So I’m not sure he’s really ready to do much for the movement.

  27. Palin and other conservatives should cancel their appearances. Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, and Robert Spencer are the top authorities on the Islam infection and how it has wormed its way into our government. Brennan should be exposed and outed as an enemy within. CPAC is a disgrace. Visit Geller’s web site, Atlas Shrugs, and you will be up to the minute on our enemies.

  28. Man, I thought I was fairly well informed on our networks? This is the first time I’ve heard any of this!

    Isn’t David King the CEO of the NRA? It sure looks like the same guy. Yes, Wayne LaPerie (sp) is the spokesman Pres. but I think this David king guy is the CEO.

    Boy, I hope Sarah pours gas on CPAC and lights the match, if this is what we have been backing!


      1. Your right, I’m still in shock. BUT Sarah should make it very public and announce the reason.

        Still not sure, but maybe show up and ask her audience to walk-out and start a new org.? I don’t know, I trust Sarah to do the right thing.

      2. Once they agree to appear, it’s a contract. I’d bet she won’t be there next year unless CPAC gets a total makeover.

  29. Hmmm. Yikes. I don’t know that much about CPAC either. But I do respect Michelle Malkin and the research behind her opinions and decisions. I will start there and reserve judgement. But it does seem to be somewhat contentious lately.

  30. Now it all makes sense to me. I wondered how all the radical islam information was redacted from public school curriculum and military teachings without any mention from ‘repubs’ or conservatives. I couldn’t fathom how this could happen. Knowing our Muslim POTUS and his deficient bunch were propagating CAIR, the Brotherhood and others, it never hit me that the right side are [email protected]#ked-up, as well. Seriously, I question anyone involved with those of the Muslim faith. I don’t see a religion of peace…I see a religion of power and domination where jihad is always justifiable. Stay out of my government, my politics and my life.

    1. This Reality should inspire us to Confront the Threat for the sake of our posterity !!!!

      1. You’re absolutely right. But it appears that Pam Geller and the patriotic people at Act For America are the only people raising questions about the Islamic infiltration of our country. Our so-called leaders continue to allow our safety to be diminished, along with every other freedom the government is suppose to protect.

        1. I believe more and more people are beginning to pay attention. I Pray they are !!!!

      2. Remember when McLame and others jumped all over Michelle Bachmann for questioning Hillary’s right hand Huma Mahmood Abedin (a Saudi w/ Muslim Brotherhood ties) at State…Islam/Muslim Brotherhood are throughout all high levels of our Government including the WH; but dare question Islam and its players/promoters and both Parties will try to destroy you.

        1. Great Point a…to question their motives would surely be an excercise in frustration. However, letting Them Know we are aware of their presence could serve the greater good….

  31. Thanks for posting this 911Infidel. I personally have been leery of CPAC because of Norquist’s involvement and ties to Islam from articles I read years ago (many you list). I also have not been a Keene or Cox fan at the NRA, always felt they both were too quick to give too much away in so called compromises with Congress/Democrats. They both do seem to be holding the line against the present gun control Bills for now…time will tell. Was not aware Keene and Norquist were big buds though. I knew Norquist and Geller were at odds but had not heard Norquist banned her from CPAC. Really throws a lot of dysfunction into the mix for this CPAC. And they have a good lineup this year for speakers including Palin and Cruz giving the keynote. Read something else disturbing about this years CPAC but can’t remember what it was exactly or where I read it…darn it. If I find it I’ll try to get back and put it up.

  32. Between Norquist and Karl Rove explains why Republicans cannot and will not make advancements until we have resolve and eliminate these clear and present dangers within our own Republican Party. The American Conservative Union (ACU) was founded in 1964 to promote the principles of liberty and the strength of the Constitution. As the nation’s largest and strongest grassroots conservative organization, the ACU serves as the umbrella organization for conservatives in America. Neither CAIR nor any Islamic States promote Conservative tenets. But, this threat was also recognized by William F. Buckley in identifying National Reviews, Mission Statement, which I posted the link below. But I found it interesting that Mr. Buckley said, “The most alarming and single danger to the American political system lies in the fact that an identifiable team of Fabian operators is bent on controlling both our major political parties (under the sanction of such fatuous and unreasoned slogans as “national unity,” “middle-of-the-road,” “progressivism,” and “bipartisanship.”) Clever intriguers are reshaping both parties in the image of Babbitt, gone Social-Democrat. When and where this political issue arises, we are, without reservations, on the side of the traditional two-party system that fights its feuds in the public and honestly; and we shall advocate the restoration of the two-party system as all cost.” These are the words and one of the tenets of William F. Buckley and they still stand true today and although Buckley was referring to Communism, Islam is the mirror image of Communism on many, if not all levels. This is now happening in ivy league universities, to just name a few. But what’s more important is that this is a continuous fight. As Conservatives and Republicans we are waaaaaaay to relaxed and dorsal so when someone like CAIR invades our turf, particularly the Republican Party, we don’t know what to do. Often times once we know it’s too late. Unfortunately Mark Levin, Frank Gaffney, Andy McCarthy, Michelle Bachmann, and Louie Gomer are just a few speaking out about this invasion of America and the Republican Party specifically. But Mark Levin is the only one vigorously speaking against this watered down version of the Republican Party and if we don’t unit behind him and help him whenever and wherever we can we will lose this party and the life and liberty that it purports to stand for.

  33. I will continue to support the work of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer! They will not be stopped in bringing the TRUTH out about the threat of Islamic terrorism within America!

  34. Just to clarify my view, I am not a fan of Zeigler and I am not sure that last video was really relevant to the Norquist issue.

    1. Its relevant to the corruption and influence peddling issue. Norquist is just one part of that cabal at CPAC.

    2. It’s all relevant. You must be able to connect the dots and not look at these situations as isolated occurrances because many times that’s how we fail in having a strategic view to gage what’s really happening.

      1. Sorry I do not see any dots to connect. The Zeigler video was completely superfluous to those on Norquist. In any case there is no point in further argument unless more comes to light.

  35. Interesting.

    I despise Norquist. Love David Horowitz. Wouldn’t trust Zeigler if my life depended on it.

    Ret. Lt. Col. Allen West was the keynote speaker at CPAC 2 years ago. CAIR targeted West and showed up at every single town hall. The Bush mafia redistricted West out of his congressional seat because of his stance on Islam.

    There is plenty to contemplate but I don’t believe the dots are totally connected, YET. Some I believe, some I don’t.

    But thanks anyway. There is much more work to do.

    Al Cardenas of the Bush mafia is the head of ACU at present.

  36. Excellent research work 911. This is enlightening and cause for grave concern. I hope each of us forwards this post to all those we know. Every conservative should be aware of this. I have had serious reservations about Norquist who has struck me as a bully, a pompous dissembler and a double minded man. However I had no idea the degree to which he is a fifth column leader and Islamist fellow traveller.

    Thanks again.

  37. I’m not impressed with Zeigler or his tactics, but since the primaries last year I’ve been disturbed about the GOP and CPAC and now I’m disturbed about the NRA.

    Is there anything that is not infested, infected and infiltrated with the nastiness of Islam?

  38. Grover’s day in the sun is over. Send him back to the end of the line.

    Either we preserve and promulgate Constitutional, Traditional and Positive Prosperity values or we lose America as well as national political elections.

    The effort to win must be the effort to take the Party and make it over into a Conservative Party that can lead and reform the federal government.

    You cannot defeat Liberalism and the Tyranny of the Cult by being a wing of a Republican Statist party.

  39. Thanks for the heads up, Infidel. Mark Levin was saying last week how irrelevant CPAC has become. He’s almost always right. This Norquist has some ‘splainin’ to do, although I suspect B.S is all we’ll get.

    Who the hell can you trust anymore?? (except yourself, obviously)

  40. Thank YOU, Infidel for putting all this together for us.

    I’m going to take time to listen and learn.

    1. You’re welcome. Its a lot of material to cover. But its well worth investing the time to read it.

      1. It really is, and no matter how much one thinks one knows, there are always hidden links and people who’ve been kept well in the dark behind the curtains – until someone shines a light and connects the points.

      2. A big thank you to you, 911Infidel for taking the time to put all of these resources together in order to present a pretty BIG picture.

        I had no idea the influence that Mr. Norquist has, and I didn’t even know about his wife and her ties. It is really strange that he always seems to be operating in the background.

        I trust David Horowitz, Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer as they speak the truth, at great risk to their personal lives, I believe.

        I feel like “Conservative” is no longer a name that we can use. It has been tarnished and co-opted, and the meaning changed. People who aren’t paying close attention (me before your report here) will continue to be fooled.

        Words used to have meanings that we could understand, but so many words have been changed by the lexicon of the left.

        Now I’m sad that I just joined the NRA. 🙁

        I’m going to share this on Twitter. Thanks again!

          1. NRA isn’t perfect, but they are fighting. We’ll have to take what we can get until something better comes along.

        1. The guy has some mighty shady friends. Kind of like judging Obama before he won the election. I don’t trust him one bit. When he leaves or passes on…then I might consider joining the NRA. But not until then.

  41. If this is what CPAC has become (like the GOP) they may also lose Sarah Palin as a speaker.

    And be stuck with the likes of Romney and maybe having to resort to Meghan McCain to fill in.

    Soon CPAC will have no credibility, no audience, no money, no influence and the leftists and Islamists will be laughing at what they have accomplished.

    1. I didn’t know Palin was going. If she and others like Ted Cruz want to make a statement, they should cancel their appearances. Maybe they can put Karl Rove on as the main speaker, it seems that’s the ilk that will be attending.

        1. I totally agree. Of course they should speak just because CPAC has been outed as a front for Islam is no reason not to have your say in a widely viewed venue. We haven’t exactly disbanded them yet so conservatives need to use them, then work to disband them.

  42. I see where you point out John Ziegler had issues with Keane’s attack on Palin , but didnt’ Zeigler attack Palin ridiculousluy since?
    Yes, he’s a fraud.
    Or do you think Sarah Palin was “stringing along her supporters” in a “deception” ?
    Thats how Zeigler sees Palin waiting to make a decision on a possible run. ..A “deception” instead of someone being cautious , waiting to see what the field would be like

    Hmm, supporting Islamic Americans before 9/11 was not an issue. No one thought of Islamic jihadists could ever take down any building in the US , let alone two of the biggest.
    Same thing with Arlen Spector. You cant hold Keane responsible for anything after the fact. Humans do not actually have psychic powers to see what others will do in the future

    Zeigler turned out to be a fraud. 911infidel , well I dont know who that is, but he/she seems to latch on to invalid points and bad sources, while failing to put things in context , expecting others to see future and read the souls of people.

    1. He’s been accused of having a “crush” on Palin. And so what? The germaine issue in both vids is David Keene and his buying and selling influence with Specter and Fedex.

      1. I dont care that what others thinking he has a crush on Palin. (by others I’m sure you mean you)… He obviously doesn’t
        I care about what he said and did. So what?

        . You have accepted the silly notion that people should have known what other people will do in the future., therefore they must support the motives of those people and their new actions.

        or YOU have a hidden motives.
        Now I see you taking a stand against the NRA below…………

        1. No. Unlike you I actually read Ziegler’s site and did a lot of research. Nah. You just got an agenda of your own. And by your conclusion you place yourself in the same mold as other so-called conservatives that like to hide their heads in the sand over the influence of the MB and the corruption of party elites. Too bad so sad.

          1. Atheist:

            There’s nothing wrong with “having an agenda“, so long as it has good intentions.

            In life, either you have an agenda or be a part of someone else’s.

            1. Nah. People either have a moral compass that works. Or one that don’t. That’s not an agenda. Those whose compass always point to “true north” have a distinct advantage over those whose compass doesn’t. But the issue remains: Geller got dissed because she knows the real score at CPAC/ACU and she’s being shutout because too many want to hide their heads in the sand and ignor it.

        1. The issue goes much deeper than Norquist. There are three schmucks in this decision. Not one. I gave an overview of all of them.

          1. Nothing I saw in the materials ex Zeigler would suggest there was some sort of vast corruption. However clearly the organization seems to be sliding toward the Bush clan. Levin has discussed this whole issue of CPAC not being fundamentally a conservative organization anymore. These videos on Norquist would certainly support that view as well as one which sees a more sinister influence.

            1. Not to in anyway downplay what’s happening in CPAC as far as influence from the wrong people but I thought it very odd that Ron Paul received more votes than anyone in their straw poll. I wondered at the time why conservatives were voting for Ron Paul. Sorry no link and my memory could be faulty but it really stuck with me. Very small aside to the real issue but still puzzling.

              1. The Paul folks flooded the zone with attendees. Attendees are people who have the time to go, and a lot of Ronulans have the time.

  43. Is CPAC worth fighting to save? Probabolly not. What started as an organization to promote conservatism has been coopted by the GOP establishment or worse. Time for true conservatives to abandon it. Stop attending it, stop speaking at it, and let it just wither away.

    Grover Norquist is a wolf in sheeps clothing to the conservative movement.

    1. “Is CPAC worth fighting to save?”

      No, it’s not worth the effort. Like the education system, and so many other entities that have lost the handle on their original purpose for existing, the best thing to do is tear it all down and build a brand new one.

      [For example, no matter what the issue is on your ballot, if it involves giving more tax money to something, or creating more government, ALWAYS VOTE NO. (Even if it is for funding a cure to your own, or a loved one’s incurable disease. Let private industry do it.)]

  44. CPAC has been over run with the likes of Suhail Khan for years now. Khan even pushed for CPAC to invite the likes of La Raza and Louis Farrakahn/Nation of Islam. It’s also why critics of Islam are pretty much black listed as well…because the leadership of CPAC has firmly been infiltrated by the likes of Suhail Khan.

    1. If the current speakers had fortitude, they would all bail the day of the conference and issue the reasons why. Leadership must be changed, Donors must be screened out.

    2. It should be noted here that most “mainstream Muslims” do not consider the Nation of Islam as a Muslim organization, simply because they use Islamic terms.

  45. I’m glad this stuff is getting out. Thank you so much for posting all of this!!
    Kahn has been around for a long time, and those few who have asked him real questions instead of softballs have been maligned by the likes of Norquist and Keene. It’s about time this stuff all comes out. Pamela is awesome in uncovering so much so it’s not surprising they’d not invite her. These guys give Conservatism a bad name.

      1. I just sent emails with links to Horowitz video to several of the people who are supposed to speak at CPAC. I intend to look up a couple more and do the same.

    1. Right way forward. I’m not interested in supporting a corrupt organization influenced by the very same people who want to destroy this country and run by a corruptocrat who sells influence to the highest bidder. They need to dump their leadership. Until then, I got no interest in ’em. Did you read the whole article or bother to watch the clips? No. You didn’t. Then you missed the point.

      1. So not willing to do that huh? Then you are the opposite of Pam Gellar who goes at great lengths to do just that. and the whole basis of your article is about CPAC not having Gellar there…..From your posted link
        “Geller: Well Jamie, it’s not really what happened. The truth of the matter is that our event was at CPAC, but it was an independent event, not a CPAC event. And the truths that our speakers told were not aired at any other event at CPAC.””

        You are claiming CPAC are in league with terrorists based on Pam Gellar ……..who is a nut
        She has her own org , goes to CPAC events holding her own events at the same time as CPAC events are going on……when CPAC has it’s own forum on the same subject
        This is all in the link you posted.

        1. That’s right. CPAC and the ACU are in league with the MB. Yep. And Geller is no nut. And you still didn’t read everything. There’s lots of reference material if you bothered to read it all.

          1. Reading is hard. Complaining is easy.

            Of course, sitting back and making fun of stuff is right about in the middle. That’s why I do it.

            1. Yes. Kinda of like Aesop’s Ant and the Grasshopper. Some work. Some b_tch. Some work and b_tch. Some work to make life easier for the b_tchers.

        2. The reason Geller has held her own forums at CPAC is because CPAC would NOT give any time to the subject. One of the most important issues of our day and they won’t talk about it. I’ve watched her forums and they have been top notch with professionals who know their stuff.

          Bless Pam Geller, Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer, David Horowitz and many others who have the courage to stand up and speak out though they are vilified and threatened. How many of us will be willing to pick up the torch though such an act will endanger our lives. All of these people require personal body guards now.

  46. Pamella Gellar is every bit the hero that Breitbart was. At great risk
    to her personal safety, she has explored every radical muslim connection
    there is in our government.

    Her articles are lengthy, filled with facts, no inuendo, no fluff. She posts
    every day horror stories of what is going on in the muslim world as well.

    I admire her courage and tenacity. She is a great American hero!
    Her website is Visit it and you will be enlightened.
    You will also shed many tears as you realize what is really going on.

    I don’t pay any attention to CPAC normally. I will listen to Sarah Palin’s
    speech, and, of course, my current “top of the list for 2016”, Rand Paul.
    If Newt is speaking I may also listen to him. Perhaps one or two others.
    I won’t be tuned in for the whole conference and I certainly will not be
    sending this organization any money.

    When they start bashing our heroes, I am done.

    1. Geller is only a “hero” to those who seek pacification to their crazy conspiracy theories against Islam & Muslims.

      Other than that, she’s just a overpaid Islamaphobe who gains (financially) from the ignorance of others.

      1. You are wrong. There are many “heroes” who speak truth about Islam,
        lives in peril, in fact, giving up their lives to get the truth out.

        If you do your research you would agree. However, by the tone of your
        posting, I suspect doing research is not “your thing”.

        1. I didn’t say that there aren’t many “heroes” who speak the truth about Islam. Most of them are Muslims; others, non-Muslims who know the truth about Islam. I was truthful in calling out Geller as NOT being among those….as well as her pseudo-scholar buddy, Robbie Spencer.

          If I did my “research” like Geller did, I’m ingest every piece of garbage Islamaphobic liter-ature available and be as ignorant as she is.

          No thanks, dud!! I did my real research!!

          1. I shudder to think of what your “real research” is. Your use of the
            word, “dud” is very telling.

            1. Don’t shudder. Just dress more warmly. Dud was not intended to be “dude“. It does, however, address your level of research….which appears to be nil.

              The only people who “shed tears” reading Pam Geller’s lame blog will be those who see that even bigots like her have approval from certain dark corners …. and low mentalities.

              1. I will not be replying to any more of your responses because I don’t
                “suffer fools gladly”; a waste of my time.

  47. I had no back ground on CPAC and they’ve always had good speakers however I was always confused by some of the voting. I thought it was because of libertarian influence (still could be) but now I’m wondering about the leadership influence. I never did hear much talk at CPAC about Islam which I didn’t think to much about but this shows they don’t want it brought to the fore although it’s more vital now than ever. So how would you oust this kind of big buck leadership from the organization?

    Here we thought moderates in the Republican party were our only problem, organization wise.

    1. Most organizations degenerate over time and must be replaced with new ones, it’s a sociological phenomenon of group behavior.

      1. Your right unions are a excellent example. Although they were always commie fronts in the beginning the working conditions were so deplorable they probably couldn’t have been rectified with out some kind of unity by the workers. Look what they’ve become. Glorified socialist supporters. Back to their roots.

        1. Great example. Now the unions just perpetuate themselves, provide the leaders with six figure salaries and junkets, and make sure no incompetents are ever removed.

      2. Interesting observation. Notice that they always seemed to go leftward….The reason why Yale was built was the deep concern of the liberalism of Harvard. Go figure!

        1. Yes Harvard and USC were both religious institutions originally. They are far from that now.


    There was a song a while back, “Whole lot o’ shakin’ goin’ on.”

    Not only in this country, but in both major political parties, and in CPAC just in front of what is seen as a potentially dramatic time in history, there seems to be a whole lot of shakin’ out goin’ on.


      1. It would be very regrettable if these two above all were not getting on their phones about this a.s.a.p.

        1. Exactly! And I read somewhere that the “panel” is all pro-illegal alien amnesty! GOP brainwashing attempt, hope they are all boooed

    1. Palin ain’t the issue. The issue is why was Geller dropped. It matters not who the invited guest(s) are. What matters is what’s going on at CPAC and the ACU behind the scenes and how much influence the MB in America has on their decisions. CPAC and the ACU are bought and paid for.

      1. Yes, but Palin and Cruz are a big draw. If they know about the MB connection, why support it? Why not call it out for what it is?

      2. Haven`t finished with all of this yet, there`s alot of material here, but I Must commend you for this effort 911 !!! This is Eye Opening Stuff…Thanks Again !!!!

      3. If Mrs. Palin “ain’t the issue,” why are other comments regarding her allowed to stand? Is this NEWSPEAK the RIGHTSCOOP version?

        Now there are several posts on here regarding what Mrs. Palin will do.

        Earlier when I posited the same query, it was not “the issue.”

        If there is a rule regarding something I posted, please make it clear. Otherwise, please have a “good day” anyhow.


        1. You’re free to opine as long as you stay within the commenting rules. Which you have. Palin is NOT the issue. Go back and read the title of the thread. That’s the main thrust of this essay. And you have a good day too GB>

        2. 911Infidel wast responding as a moderator to your point. He was responding to the point itself. In other words, people’s speculating on what Palin will or won’t do is not the issue he spent so much time on here. It’s about CPAC’s corruption.

          That doesn’t mean folks can’t speculate here about what Palin or Levin or Rush or whoever might do. It just means: that’s not the issue.

      4. In order for her to have been “dropped“, her whack-arsed event had to have been on the schedule at some point.

        Not one of her past events has ever been affiliated with CPAC, though they were held in the same hotel at the same time as the CPAC events!! That was part of her ploy. She doesn’t give a [email protected] who she deceives in the process of smearing Islam & Muslims. If she can hoodwink an elected official or two into reciting her spewage, that’s a MAJOR PLUS for her.

        1. Spewage? You didn’t read the eassy did you? She’s right on the money. CPAC/ACU and this government have been compromised by stealth jihadis whose sole aim is to destroy this country from within. I don’t call that view spewage. Thems just the facts.

          1. You should note that I did not st-st-stutter. That’s right. I appropriately referred to her fact-free rantings as spewage (as in, spewing sewage).

            I don’t give 2¢ about what she claims about CPAC. They’re no pro-Constitution either, with their anti-Islamic mob within. They just recently lost one of their nincompoops with the ousting of Allen West, but they still have that loon Michelle Bachmann and others.

            Basically, anything Pam Geller claims about Islam is false. That leads me to believe that any gripe she has with CPAC is trumped-up because she’s so far to the wrong….er right…..even they don’t want any ties with her or her cast of clowns.

            And I don’t blame them.

            Stealth jihadis. Space ships from Alpha Centauri. Aliens from Krypton. Oh my!

            Seriously. Get a life and come back to reality on Planet Earth with the rest of us. Mind you: be vigilant, but don’t indict a religion and all of its adherents on the basis of the misdeeds of a small minority. Do you use that same judgement with others of other religions?

            Show me what you know/don’t know about Islam….!

            1. You must be an FNG. Oh I’ve wriiten extensively on the subject of Islam in this blog. But don’t bother paying any attention to those men behind the curtain. Just click your heels together and keep saying to yourself “there’s no place like home”.Suggest you troll elsewhere.

  49. I think they need to change the name or better scrutinize the members, because CPAC appears to be anything BUT Conservative!

  50. Michelle Malkin is also on the case, on twitter, linking to articles like these:

    This is a pretty black spot on CPAC, and makes the outstanding participants somewhat complicit.

    Here’s another article from Michelle Malkin:

    CPAC better reconsider – fast!

    1. I admit I was totally clueless about this.

      You notice the hit piece the liberal media did on Norquist, on “60 Minutes” was strictly about the “No new Tax” pledge. Not a word about his wife or his Islamic connections.

      1. Of course – nothing bad must ever be said about the muslim connections of the ‘great and good and rich’!
        In fact – nothing ever must be said about those connections.

      2. Agree. This is news to me too. As usual, 60 Minutes and big media have completely dropped the ball on informing us about Norquist. Shame on them.

    1. Yeah … no kidding. I a lay person trying to just stay informed on a HUGE amount of information that is out there, I always heard the speeches of the conservatives at CPAC and they were great! But I had absolutely NO idea that this was going on behind the scenes. And Grover Norquist … I think I might have heard one or 2 ramblings about him, but never that he was in so deep with the MB … what on EARTH can possess him to be for a group that wants to destroy America????

      1. I didn’t either -some of the best speeches came out of CPAC, including the one Allen West gave a couple yrs. ago–the most Reaganesque speech I’ve heard since Reagan! Is that Rocklin, as in CA?

          1. Spent some time there when I lived in the Bay Area. Uncle lived there, cousins in Roseville, plus did a lot of business with hotels there in the 90’s.

          2. So I find some NorCal folks, RocklinC & tvgds. Stop by for a cup coffee next time you in the Bay Area guys. Good part we’ll make liberals brew us fresh coffee, on me.

            Nice to meet you both here RocklinConservative and tvlgds.

      2. ..what on Earth can posess him to be for a group that wants to destroy America???”

        They don’t want to destroy America, they like the democrats, want to transform our way of life because we are too stupid to know what is best for our own country. If you think America is great, just look how Obama, Kerry, Hagel and Brennan attack us on the world stage to weaken us in the eyes of the world. America, in their eyes, is living proof that freedom is abused and manipulated so we have to be controlled for the good of mankind. When we are forced into being subservient, everyone will live happily ever after under their control. They are elitests and this is for our own good and the good of the world. Liberalism is a progressive mental disorder and we are the last hurdle to their madness……and they are winning.

      3. Good damn question. As ugly as the SOB is….that may have something to do with it ot it could be he’s another undercover convert to Satan er…… Islam.

      4. he may be in bed with the muslims and al queda but they are not the ones who committed 911 – the zionist jews did – do your research. It’s hidden in plain sight for all the find.

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