The Right Scoop makes Fox News! – UPDATE: and the NY Times!

Yesterday I broke the story of Sec. Clinton announcing the Obama administration’s lawsuit of the Arizona law. And yesterday, Fox News aired my video but for some reason cropped out my domain name every time they showed it. Today, for some reason, they decided to give credit where due. The video below is the 6pm segment that aired first, citing the confirmation of the Obama administration to sue Arizona.

My video showing ‘’ comes around the 1 minute mark. Yeah, I’m happy about that!


UPDATE: I also made the NY Times with a nice link too! Read here – 13 paragraph’s down.

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14 thoughts on “The Right Scoop makes Fox News! – UPDATE: and the NY Times!

  1. Haven't been online watching news of late but I am excited to learn that my go-to site for news has made prime time!!! And it's funny that the site most helpful in pushing GB videos to the masses was initially cropped! Glad they saw the light and fixed it. Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations! This is a perfect example of why our president wants to shut down the Internet invented by his buddy Al Gore.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Kudos — did they also “forget” to mention their ban on your airing their vids?

  4. I just saw ya on Bill's “Dummest things of the week” Segment on the factor.
    It was that Barney Frank clip of him blathering about “cutting taxes doesn't help feed the hungry” or whatever.
    I'll tell ya no one's cutting his taxes. That guy's HUGE!

  5. Give the man credit for a job well done! Congratulations and thank you for keep us well informed.

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