The undeniable DANGER of trans activism to women’s sports, PERFECTLY encapsulated in a SINGLE tweet.

The danger posed to women’s sports, and the hardships and heartbreaks caused to women athletes by the rabid and ridiculous left-wing, woke, nonsense “trans” activism should be painfully obvious to literally anyone who is aware of the reality that is all around them and the events that take place within it.

It isn’t rocket science, folks. It’s basic biological and observable fact.

But the left just keeps pushing it, and keeps mocking and scoffing at any objections, no matter how many women and girls are harmed by male athletes competing in women’s sport under the guise of being “trans.”

You want to talk about a civil rights issue? Where are the rights of the girls losing scholarships, opportunity, and acclaim? Hmm?

This story has been slowly filtering up this month, but this tweet could NOT sum it up more perfectly. It is one thing to hate Trashpitter, but when you have the opportunity to use that service to make something like this go viral and show up EVERYWHERE I suggest taking it.

Yep, that’s right. That’s a true story. Legal Insurrection writing about Telfer earlier this month noted that once he change his name and identity to trans, going by “CeCe Tefler”, “took home the women’s 400-meter hurdles national title.”

“Prior to transitioning, Tefler competed against men with mediocre results,” LI’s Kemberlee Kaye writes.

I’ll say, listen to this from the website “Prior to joining the women’s team this season, Telfer was a mediocre DII athlete who never came close to making it to nationals in the men’s category,” the blog explains. ” Now she’s the national champion in the event simply because she switched her gender.”

Well no kidding y’all.

And this quote Kemberlee Kaye points out from an interview with Telfer is frankly galling. It’s via an ABC affiliate in New Hampshire.

“It felt pretty powerful and empowering and just free,” Telfer said of her recent victory in the Division II women’s 400-meter hurdles at the NCAA Women’s Track and Field Championships.

“It felt pretty powerful.” Yeah I’ll bet it did. That’s because you went from losing in men’s competitions to winning in women’s competitions, genius. Cheater. JERK.

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