The View’s Ana Navarro has lost her mind, claims guns endanger children more than drag queens….

The View’s Ana Navarro went on a rant today about drag queens, claiming the Republican Party has gone crazy with a cultural war against drag queens. She says it’s not a real issue or something.

I won’t bore you with the video but here’s the writeup via Breitbart:

Ana Navarro told her co-hosts Monday on ABC’s “The View” that Republicans are manufacturing culture wars by targeting drag queens as a danger to children when she believes firearms are more dangerous.

Navarro said, “I think the party’s gone crazy, frankly to tell you the truth because, you know, and I think what they’ve decided to do is manufacture because these are manufactured culture wars. They are not real issues. As Billy Porter said here on Friday, the issue is gone. The change has happened when it comes to LGBTQ rights.”

She continued, “What we’re seeing in Florida, I can’t even comprehend. This is a state where we have a housing crisis and an insurance crisis. This is a state where we have a climate crisis, and instead, Ron DeSantis is focusing on drag queens. So listen. Yes, do I think a 5-year-old should be at a drag show? No, but you know what? If you are for parental choice when it comes to your kid wearing a mask to school, if you are for parental choice when it comes to your kid learning about slavery and learning the true history of this country, then why in the hell can’t you be about parental choice on whether you take your kid to a drag show or not?”

Navarro added, “I looked at the top causes of endangerment for children, of children’s death — it’s firearms, it’s car accidents, it’s drownings. It is not drag queens. I’ve yet to see a kid that dies from being exposed to a drag queen.”

What an absolute idiot. We aren’t talking about drag queens killing children – that’s not even remotely the point.

What’s wrong and immoral about this is the sexualization of children! Drag queens are inherently sexual, with their half naked perverse dances wearing all sorts of sexual items. Not to mention these are men dressed up as women, which can be very confusing to a child.

The bottom line is that it is highly inappropriate for children of any age, not because they might die, but because sexualizing them before they fully understand the reality of it all could easily set them on a path of self-confusion that will destroy their lives.

How Ana Navarro doesn’t get this is beyond me. Calling it a phony issue just shows how liberal she has become. Or at least what she’s willing to say to make her liberal overlords happy.

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