The View’s Sunny Hostin weighs in on Elon Musk and Twitter and her take is as ABSURD as you’d expect

The View’s Sunny Hostin is very triggered by Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter. She weighed in on it today and, just like CNN’s Brian Stelter, she spews nothing but nonsense about it.

In the clip below, Hostin claims that Elon Musk only wants free speech for “straight white men”.

Here’s a longer clip if you want more context, but it ends the same way…

I looked up demographic information on Twitter’s user base and I can’t find anything about straight white men. I did find that 70% of Twitter’s users are male, however, but nothing about skin color or sexual preference.

Hostin is just making this crap up so she can use it as an excuse to accuse Elon Musk of racism and white supremacy. It’s absolutely absurd and not based in reality.

Musk hasn’t even done anything yet with the platform. No major accounts have be unsuspended yet that I can tell and I’m watching a couple of them. All Musk has done thus far is to talk about how much he wants to protect free speech and this is the response he gets from the Left.

Completely unhinged.

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