‘The Youngkin Era Begins’ says Media Matters IDIOT about I-95 disaster. Then DELETES embarrassing disinfo Tweet

Never has it been said that Media Matters founder Eric Boehlert is a smart dude. He’s the kind of person you would call a hack if he were 90% more competent than he is. At best, you can describe him as “present.”

In keeping with that sterling reputation, the genius today blamed the disastrous situation on I-95 in Virginia that has left hundreds stranded in the snow for 10, 12, even 20 hours and more on governor-elect Glenn Youngkin. The only problem? He’s not governor yet. Ralph Blackface is still in power. You know, the Democrat.

Boehlert deleted the tweet after he was caught with his pants down yet again.

Internet’s forever, Media Matters guy. Shouldn’t you, like, know that? Isn’t that part of, you know, your JOB?

He wasn’t the only idiot blaming Youngkin. And like MMFA’s Boehlert, they were very keen to blame the governor until they realized the governor isn’t the Republican yet.


I’m sure we can expect them to chime in blaming Youngkin soon, considering that he’s dodging the press, right?

Riiiight. I won’t hold my breath.

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