According to Axios, more senior Trump administration officials have confirmed to the newspaper that they are indeed part of this ‘resistance’ that is working against Trump:

In the hours after the New York Times published the anonymous Op-Ed from “a senior official in the Trump administration” trashing the president (“I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration”), two senior administration officials reached out to Axios to say the author stole the words right out of their mouths.

“I find the reaction to the NYT op-ed fascinating — that people seem so shocked that there is a resistance from the inside,” one senior official said. “A lot of us [were] wishing we’d been the writer, I suspect … I hope he [Trump] knows — maybe he does? — that there are dozens and dozens of us.”

Several senior White House officials have described their roles to us as saving America and the world from this president.

A good number of current White House officials have privately admitted to us they consider Trump unstable, and at times dangerously slow.
But the really deep concern and contempt, from our experience, has been at the agencies — and particularly in the foreign policy arena.

Sounds like the State Department is where many of these deep staters are hiding.

The article goes on to describe a paranoid president, but honestly, who can blame him at this point. Many of his worst fears are coming true.

Even before he was in the White House, Trump knew that his campaign was being spied upon. And then it blew up into the Mueller investigation, who still can’t find any evidence of Russian collusion on his part. Rather, the real Russian collusion was on the other side of the aisle, but few seem to care about that.

The media has been attacking him from day one with a partisan vigilance we’ve never seen before, many times using links from inside his administration. This is especially hypocritical after they spent the last eight years kissing Obama’s……………ring.

And now, of course, we have these swampy deep staters admitting the existence of their secret resistance from within his very administration.

Who wouldn’t be paranoid with all of this going on.

Look, I’m not saying Trump is perfect and doesn’t deserve some of the negative attention he gets. Indeed, you know very well how I feel about him.

But as difficult as he can be sometimes, it’s hard not to empathize with the position that many have put him in. He’s being surrounded and with this latest revelation, I do believe it is part of a strategy to isolate him further, especially since it would seem these resistors have failed to resist.

These are difficult days for his presidency and only time will tell how he comes out of it.

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