“There are more black babies aborted than there are born!” – Black Republican in Arizona DROPS THE MIC on vote to block CRT in schools

Here’s another fantastic speech tonight on the same topic of CRT as the one from the parent in North Carolina. Except Arizona Rep. Walt Blackman takes a different perspective on it.

Watch below:

I love how he dismantles the CRT argument, saying that his problem with CRT is that the whole truth never comes out.

To his point he argues that if we really want to talk about racism and oppression, “let’s talk about the 1,300 black babies that are aborted every day.”

Blackmon then lowers the boom:

“There are more black babies aborted than there are born, but we’re not talking about that. We want to talk about CRT. There are some real issues going on in black communities. And the very people that want to push this are the ones who are killing us everyday! Or support those programs that are killing us! So if we want to have conversations about this type of stuff, let’s talk about some real issues in the black community. Because we are being SLAUGHTERED every single day.”

Holy crap that was unbelievable. He put the cold hard truth right in their faces with no fear.

This man is going places, I tell you. And if I were in Arizona I’d vote to send him there.

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