There are some things you should know about Christine Ford’s polygraph report they just released

Christine Ford’s polygraph report was just released today, one day before her hearing tomorrow – assuming she shows up.

You can read it below:


1. Note the date on the Polygraph: August 7th. According to Ford’s original letter to Feinstein, she said:

I am currently vacationing in the mid-Atlantic until August 7th and will be in California after August 10th.

So did her ship return in time for her to perform a polygraph? Did she have to fly to Maryland from wherever her ship came in? If so, I thought she didn’t like to fly???

2. A lot of people are picking up on the fact that Ford has slightly changed her story about who all was at the party:

3. As an MSNBC legal analyst notes, she was only asked TWO questions during the polygraph and they basically amounted to the same question, neither of which were about Kavanaugh specifically:

As Cevallos points out, she was asked about her statement which is at the end of the report:

1. Is any part of your statement false?
2. Did you make up any part of your statement?

She answered ‘no’ to both of them.

But what’s interesting is that she never mentioned Brett’s last name. She only mentioned ‘Brett’ and ‘Mark’ in her statement:

All of this just seems fishy to me. Why didn’t they ask her more specific questions?

The legal analyst for MSNBC suggested that while this isn’t a court of law, the fact that lie detector tests aren’t admissible in court should be good guidance for the Senate. I totally agree.

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