“There has to be a price to pay” – Pelosi threatens Republicans over SCOTUS nomination

The despicable Nancy Pelosi today threatened Republicans, saying “there has to be a price to pay” if Republicans move forward with the SCOTUS nomination:

Gayle King immediately asks Pelosi about the ‘arrows’ in her ‘quiver’ that she claimed to have before, suggesting they are running out of time. Pelosi just played it off with a dumb joke, claiming it was simply a figure of speech. Yes Nancy, we all know you don’t really have a quiver full of arrows.

But what she was really saying is that she has no ‘arrows’ at all and that she’s a fraud. There’s nothing she can do to stop the Senate from confirming a new Supreme Court justice.

I think when she says ‘there has to be a price to pay’, she’s just trying to get voters worked up to vote Trump and Senate Republicans out of office, as if they are doing something so gravely wrong that voters have an obligation to give them the boot. It’s absurd.

As a palate cleanser, here’s Ted Cruz schooling Democrats yesterday on why they are completely wrong:

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