“There is something there” – Chris Wallace says Trump defenders are SPINNING to claim fake whistleblower complaint is “nothing”

Chris Wallace was on Fox News this morning attacking Trump defenders for “misleading spin” when it comes to the fake whistleblower complaint:

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” network anchor Chris Wallace said the “spin” by President Donald Trump’s defenders was “deeply misleading.”

Wallace said, “The spinning that has been done by the president’s defenders over the last 24 hours since this very damaging whistleblower complaint came out, the spinning is is not surprising but it is astonishing, and I think deeply misleading.”

He continued, “Let’s look at what the whistleblower says. The whistleblower says it was a troubling call in which the president asked the Ukrainian president to investigate and to look at the allegation of this wrongdoing by Vice President Biden and by his son. We now have a rough transcript of that phone call and that’s exactly what happened.”

He added, “What is clear from reading the complaint that it is a serious allegation, that a lot of it has proven to be borne out already. The whistle-blower lays out a blueprint from talking to various officials in the White House, various officials in the State Department. And to dismiss this as a political hack seems to me to be an effort by the president defenders to try to make nothing out of something and there is something there.”

I don’t understand this obsession with the fake whistleblower’s complaint by Wallace and others. We have the transcript of the call between Trump and the Ukrainian President and there was NO quid pro quo. As Trump has said, the conversation was appropriate and he never tried to use the funding to strong-arm Zelensky into anything. In fact it never came up.

As to Wallace’s assertion of ‘dirt’ on Joe Biden being the quid pro quo. It’d be one thing if Trump asked, out of the blue, for Zelensky to investigate his political opponent. But Joe Biden admitted on tape that he used US Aid to get the prosecutor fired, who happened to be investigating his son’s company. With that level of corruption, I think it was wholly appropriate to ask the president who’s about to receive a ton of US dollars to look into it.

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