“There is something there” – Chris Wallace says Trump defenders are SPINNING to claim fake whistleblower complaint is “nothing”

Chris Wallace was on Fox News this morning attacking Trump defenders for “misleading spin” when it comes to the fake whistleblower complaint:

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” network anchor Chris Wallace said the “spin” by President Donald Trump’s defenders was “deeply misleading.”

Wallace said, “The spinning that has been done by the president’s defenders over the last 24 hours since this very damaging whistleblower complaint came out, the spinning is is not surprising but it is astonishing, and I think deeply misleading.”

He continued, “Let’s look at what the whistleblower says. The whistleblower says it was a troubling call in which the president asked the Ukrainian president to investigate and to look at the allegation of this wrongdoing by Vice President Biden and by his son. We now have a rough transcript of that phone call and that’s exactly what happened.”

He added, “What is clear from reading the complaint that it is a serious allegation, that a lot of it has proven to be borne out already. The whistle-blower lays out a blueprint from talking to various officials in the White House, various officials in the State Department. And to dismiss this as a political hack seems to me to be an effort by the president defenders to try to make nothing out of something and there is something there.”

I don’t understand this obsession with the fake whistleblower’s complaint by Wallace and others. We have the transcript of the call between Trump and the Ukrainian President and there was NO quid pro quo. As Trump has said, the conversation was appropriate and he never tried to use the funding to strong-arm Zelensky into anything. In fact it never came up.

As to Wallace’s assertion of ‘dirt’ on Joe Biden being the quid pro quo. It’d be one thing if Trump asked, out of the blue, for Zelensky to investigate his political opponent. But Joe Biden admitted on tape that he used US Aid to get the prosecutor fired, who happened to be investigating his son’s company. With that level of corruption, I think it was wholly appropriate to ask the president who’s about to receive a ton of US dollars to look into it.

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211 thoughts on ““There is something there” – Chris Wallace says Trump defenders are SPINNING to claim fake whistleblower complaint is “nothing”

  1. Chris, the gossip monger made a claim about a conversation by the president, which the transcript of that conversation disproves. Move on.

  2. The media really thinks that average Americans are flat out stupid and cannot figure things out for themselves.
    This is why I don’t watch 3/4 of these so called “journalists.”

  3. Look Chris, the reality is this:

    If you support Donald, you’re going to see what you want to see.
    If you support the Democrats, you’re going to see what you want to see.
    If you don’t fall into either of those categories, shut up nobody’s listening to you, how dare you side with not my side I hate you traitor nazi satanlover.

    That’s our society now.

    1. I like you, AT, I do; but sometime you seem like the internet equivelent of the crazy lady screaming at a wall.

  4. “…a serious allegation…” As Chris Plante says, among the Democrats, accusations are tantamount to guilt. In their minds, the seriousness of the charges far outweigh any evidence or lack thereof.

    1. I think prior to 2016, if this happened, the average American would be concerned. However, after eight years of Obama, the Hillary server event, and the Russian hoax this is so small in comparison that it pales to what the Democrats have done and are doing.

      With that said, I still think that although “concerning”, the existence of Biden’s video where he is bragging about having the prosecutor fired, and Hunter Biden’s income patterns mirroring his father’s political connections, what Trump was asking of the Ukrainian President is understandable.

  5. Oh yes Chris, just like you said in the Russia Hoax. The there was there also, NOT. Your credibility and MSM is gone.

  6. Wow Chris Wallace locked onto a there there and I see a very biased Chris Wallace who saw something in that transcript that millions of us missed.

    1. Must be written in that “disappearing” ink and only certain people can see it.
      Or….I need a decoder ring.

    1. This only affects internal decision on if IC or somebody else handles investigation. It does not change the federal guidelines on what a whistle-blower is and what the reporting requirements.

      If the change was done on or about the time Congress got the complaint (August 12?), then it is merely more proof that certain people in Congress and IC community worked together to frame the POTUS.

    2. You know, I heard that several days ago, and saw someone interviewed speaking to that, either on Tucker or Hannity (can’t remember who it was, maybe Dan Bongino? Possibly Dershowitz) Changed JUST in the nick of time for their filthy fairy tale to hit the headlines….I’m still stumbling over the fact Repubs are just toolin’ along…..Seriously, they don’t see this as a PROBLEM????

    3. If that was done a motnth ago it was under the Presidents watch,So I have a feeling their might be some firing about to happen.

  7. Trump says this is BS.
    The Ukrainian President says this BS.
    The witnesses who were in the room say this is BS.
    The official record demonstrates this is BS.
    The track record of those making the claims tells anyone with an IQ north of 7 this BS.

    But of course Wallace and Shep claim the Republicans are “spinning”…… FFS….

    I’m opening a bottle of bourbon…..

    1. I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than have to have a frontal lobotomy.

      (Some humor for your weekend.)

  8. This is the future people. Dems make an allegation, it is proven false, you even have it recorded on audio/video and it is proven false, and they still say you did it, then you have fake republicans backing Dems’ account and truth doesn’t matter anymore.

  9. Not only did Wallace and his TDS twisted the “Whisteblower” claim… apparently SOMEONE changed/revised the whistleblower complaint form which REQUIRED first-hand knowledge of alleged wrongdoings… in August 2019. Who did it and why?

    Btw, Bill Barr is in Italy meeting with government officials… I could bet this is about Mifsud and the Russia hoax investigation…

  10. Fox News has really gone down the tubes. People like Wallace need to be suspended for misleading the public.

  11. I heard today that the not beloved Paul Ryan who is on FOX’s board, is telling them to dump Trump. What a ….

    1. You might have something there Ms.Liberty. Maybe this is the reason his buddy Romney is acting up and going after Trump.

    1. Yea, I have to admit, the Trump Effect has been one serious thing to behold.

      One serious, horrible, depressing thing to watch unfold as the majority of the electorate reveals themselves to have gone full prog.

  12. The only people spinning here are the ones attempting to draw attention away from the transcript, I guess that includes Wallace…

    1. Does he think the Fox viewers didn’t already read the transcript and know he is outright lying about what was in it. I know Fox has moved more left, but to outright lie is completely different.

  13. Let me help clear things up for Chrissy who is obviously confused — “The whistlerblower who didn’t hear the call said his friend who didn’t hear the call either but who maybe talked to someone who did (or maybe not) says the call was very troubling….” Now that’s what I call concrete, irrefutable evidence.

  14. Wallace, Shep, and Juan are the Fox in the Hen house. Never believe a word they say. Might as well put them on the Cartoon Channel or ask them to go and work with their friends at CNN and the other Fake News channels.

  15. Chris you are about to lose some of your Sunday viewers. Brietbart has an ongoing poll titled “do you stand with President Trump” . Chris 97+% Stand with the president.I would assume that only 2+% would stand with you.Your Numbers are in the area of what Kamala Harris is drawing.

    1. Wow,Chris is not going to like this but I just got some updated poll numbers from Brietbart. The Poll numbers for the President has risen to an incredible 98%,so I have to assume that Chris’s numbers are at 2% and even lower than kamala’s numbers.I’ll see if I can find one of those Democratic candidates who might be be even lower than Chris to make him feel better.Man, it feel good to be on the right side during a liar’s debate.

  16. If this keeps up, Election day 2020 is going to be a cakewalk for Trump. I will enjoy watching them have to talk all of the media types like Wallace off of the edge.

  17. They think your average every day working people are stupid. They think they can spin this fairy tale into a scandal to bring down the president. I think their fairy tale will have the opposite effect, they are forgetting that the default position of most Americans is fairness. They recognize a scam when they see one and will punish the perpetrators. Trump is inching his way to reelection and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

    1. I think it’s more simple than that. The American people are being insulted BIGLY. And most w/ a lukewarm IQ don’t really like that.

    1. Isn’t this convenient? Almost looks like this was being planned. One thing you may not know is the IG worked for John Carlin who resigned from the FBI and was part of the cabal in the FBI during 2016. Hopefully, Durham is looking at him.

    2. According to Sean Davis who called with questions, they just changed it last month and said they would not comment.

  18. Chris is a fool because he thinks he can play the liberal elite even though he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. How is he and other Dems going to handle the truth when it comes out …………..and it will because Durham is investigating 2016 Ukraine/Democrat interference.

    1. what liberal does know what they are talking about….and don’t forget his pedigree….remember who his father was…

  19. for a liberal Chis is better than most but that’s certainly not saying much. fox news division totally sucks!!

    1. Between Rush and Chris, Cruz could never get over the top. All the free media Trump got from them and Chris bashing Cruz in the 5 minutes he would give him…

  20. I will just say this. If the Democrats pull out a win next year, then I know for sure that America is dead. This has to be the worst election strategy on display I have ever witnessed in my life.

    1. It’s unnerving to think there’s enough blind Trump-hating loons out there that America could wind up being the murder victim of this very bad, bad game plan.

    2. If democrats win next year, the republic is over and we are a post-constitutional oligarchy with them in control and us all paying the price for our lack of vigilance.

    1. It’s scary that it’s possible that’s all it takes to remove a duly elected POTUS. Frightening for what it means for law in this country anymore.

  21. Hey Chris, you moron leftist hack. There was NOTHING damaging in the whistleblower complaint as you allege. Try actuallly READING it!

  22. I would rephrase it to say there is potentially something “there.” The issues raised by what is a credible whistleblower complaint are serious and require a thorough examination. Conclusions should be reached afterward, not beforehand.

    1. first of all he wasn’t a whistleblower. This was 2nd and 3rd hand hearsay. that doesn’t qualify for whistleblower status.

      Secondly, you clearly haven’t read the complaint – which is wholly about the call of which the transcript has been released and there is virtually nothing credible in the complaint

    2. The democrats have nothing on Trump but they are desperate because they are running out of time before the Nov elections so they will try any tactic no matter how dishonest and ludicrous, what infuriates me the most are luke warm Republicans sitting on their hands and leaving Trump alone to defend himself, its outrages.

    3. People who start with the assumption that Trump is doing something illegal will interpret everything they read to be consistent with that.

      The problem is not the transcript, but the unjustified assumptions.

    4. I reached my conclusion as soon as I heard Schiff was involved in an effort to impeach the President.Maybe you should get off your high horse and use some common sense in evaluating what is going on against this President .Are you a part of the Slantry Law Firm?

    1. It goes back way longer than that, during the primaries they showed the Conservatives voters just who they were.

  23. No “whistleblower.”
    It is a group of rogue deep state operatives loyal to the coup cabal, brennan and the other traitors that are now threatened by what trump and company are discovering in Ukraine about the money laundering of US aid coming back to the ruling class political criminals.

    This is a last ditch effort to stop them from being exposed

  24. Chris Wallace worked for NBC between 1975–1989 and ABC between 1989–2003, now he’s on FOX still spewing his left wing bias, I think he should just move to MSNBC and get a gig right next to Rachel Maddow.

  25. Since Rupert Murdock retired and his liberal children took over the business Fox has steadily gone downhill seemingly trying to imitate CNN.

  26. WTF is this Schiffhead talking about “confirmed”

    Adam Schiff
    The whistleblower told us:

    – Trump pressured Ukraine to manufacture dirt on Biden. Confirmed.

    – Military aid to Ukraine was held up for unknown reasons. Also right.

    – Call records were hidden away in a classified system. Yup.

    No wonder the IG found the whistleblower credible.
    5:24 PM · Sep 27, 2019

    1. Well, there was no pressure on Ukraine, and no evidence to support “manufacturing dirt” on Biden. People have known about Hunter Biden getting money in Ukraine for some time, so that’s old dirt, not something “manufactured.”
      Ukraine wasn’t even aware their military aid had been held up at the time of the call.
      And all call records are kept in a classified system, so “hidden” falsely implies special treatment.

      So all three things are wrong. Which is about the usual track record for Schiff.

  27. The Democrats are done with due process and now they affirm hearsay is credible without falling under the long established exceptions to the hearsay rule. They are all about destroying our Constitution and the Rule of Law.

  28. Matthew Continetti Wa. Free Beacon…”The Senate is now controlled by the Republicans. What’s started out as a trial of President Trump impeachment may WELL turn out to be a trial of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden”.
    Unfortunately, it’s the Repub. snakes I don’t trust in the Senate.

  29. Chris Wallace is a typical marxist, which he proved during the Kavanaugh hearings. He does not believe in due process, among other Constitutional rights. He’s among those who wish to overhaul our legal system. Liberty remains under severe attack.

    1. Yes,but Chris never does that without involving his Biases.Did you hear Chris say anything positive about this incident on behalf of the President.Not one word.Chris was so biased he could not utter one single positive word about the President;which makes for a very bad interview.But,does qualify him for a position at the NY Times.

  30. Someone below indicated he was about to have a little Bourbon.Well I am about to go to my favorite Olive Garden and have dinner with a couple Dry Red Wines.Oops,better hold that too one Dry red wine.Police get really suspicious when you use the phrase two red wine or a couple red wines.However if he stops me and I say Hi officer how are you doing today.They always ask me Why do you ask.Well to be honest with you I saw you watching me as I exited the Olive Garden and knew you wanted to know what and how much I had to drink.Just had one glass of red dry wine.I have a lot of medical problems and the Doc does not want me drinking more than a glass of red dry wine.Ok,well take care of your health.Notice here I did not say two or a couple.Another thing do not throw a lot of pretzels into your mouth and begin chomping to disguise an odor because then he will accuse you of slurred speech.

    1. I have a doctor, a wonderful doctor, who said she has no problem with me drinking a bottle of wine nightly. Did I mention what a wonderful doctor I have…?

    1. How many rules,regulations and laws do you feel they gutted when they did their little Russian Collusion trick.

  31. This is nothing but MittRomneyism — a spineless, factless REJECTION of reality… Chris Wallace, like 90% of his media cohorts, is pathetic.

  32. Wallace is a despicable never-Trumper. An empty suit desperate to be held in high regard like Daddy. A shameful dolt.

  33. Chris Wallace is a minute puddle of mouse puke and the reason I stopped watching “Fox News Sunday” years ago.

  34. It’s not just defenders of President Trump. The President of Ukraine also said there was no quid pro quo.

  35. I think what we’re seeing is the “Emperor’s New Clothes” phenomenon. The Important People have intoned that the transcript is Very Damaging, and others are worried that if they don’t agree, they will be considered “a simpleton, or one unfit for his office.”

    IOW, basic groupthink. If all the “smart people” say so, it must be true.

    The first step in thinking for yourself is to recognize that groupthink exists, and the “smart people” can believe foolish things.

    If you simply read the transcript in the context of a foreign nation that was meddling in the 2016 election, and that Trump wants to cooperate in the probe of how this meddling happened, then everything in the call makes a lot more sense than the currently favored theory that it was all about pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden.

  36. I thought this guy was supposed to be on the news side of Fox, yet there he bloviating his fact-free, Trump-hating opinion. Maybe he’s auditioning for an NBC gig?

  37. Chris wallace looks like someone who enjoys the smell of their own flatulence. He is a swamp dweller and only has a position because of nepotism.

  38. I can’t stand Wallace. Quit watching FOX News Sunday because of his snarky condescending attitude. I am thinking that Wallace is good buddies with Paul Ryan who thinks that FOX needs to distance themselves from Trump. Ryan is a one worlder and worked to undermine Trump at every turn. They are jealous of Trumps success in business and in politics. They are scum.

  39. How would someone not even in the room know the call was troubling. What is troubling is the people entrusted with transcribing Presidential calls for prosperity are breaking the law and leaking.

  40. Will Chamberlain
    Bill Barr should open a grand jury investigation for this whole whistleblowing conspiracy.

  41. This is getting to sound more and more like a well planned coup led by deep state to destroy our president and government. When you consider that the CIA suddenly changed the rules on what passes for whistleblower information just days ahead of the hearings, when the truth no longer matters I think we’re getting to the point of a treasonous attempt to destroy our President. If something isn’t done and soon these people will take over and America will be no more. We use to hang people for treason and maybe we should return to doing so.

    1. That’s like saying “this is getting to sound like the Japanese had something to do with Pearl Harbor”

  42. Fox News really hasn’t been the same since the trifecta of Brit Hume, Tony Snow, and John Gibson were the star hosts of the Fox News Network.

  43. Wallace has really come out of the closet as the Pinko Commie just like his prune face Dad Mike! What a moron Fuax should fire him and take Shemp with him!

  44. Mr. Trump when the debates come refuse to do any debates that this condescending snake Wallace is in involved in, he will try and play “Gotcha Politics”, he hates you!

  45. Says the man who gave the Iranian murderer a platform to spew his lies. I am glad his father is not here to see what his son has become.

    1. Unfortunately the liberal Mike Wallace would probably be glad of what son Chris is doing. Chris’s true colors and upbringing are now being exposed.

  46. So, Chris… if you’re wrong, and this turns out to be Dossier #2, will you resign?

    Of course not. And that is all you need to know about Chris.

  47. Anytime Wallace, Brazile, Fowler, Tarloff, et al, appears on Fox , the channel gets changed.

    1. You need to specifically add Shep. He’s been a leftie even before Trump was elected. Agree wholeheartedly and that is exactly what I do.

      Plus at this stage, you also need to add Napolitano. Since Trump did not put him on the potential Supreme Court judge list (and Napolitano begged Trump to be put on the list), Napolitano has been biased against Trump to the extreme.

  48. This “whistleblower” complaint is clearly orchestrated by the Dem Committee members, Brennan and some friendly lawyers. We are in the manufacturing evidence stage to justify impeachment to the gullible souls in the Dem party and the MSM (but then I repeat myself).

  49. The people that set this up KNOW that it’s BS. They even had to change the “whistleblower” rules in August 2019 to allow this gossip to be the basis of a complaint. Before last month, a complaint had to be based on first-hand knowledge and satisfy other conditions that would have made the current complaint unsubmittable. 100% hit job setup by a cabal of co-conspirators … again.

  50. The Evil on Parade going on to unseat a legitimately elected President makes it more apparent than ever that Satan does NOT want Trump in office and whatever Satan wants I’m against. All this Evil did a good job turning me into a Trump supporter.

  51. Lies about peeling the layers, spinning the riddles within the distortions…and the public is left with a false understanding of an enigma

  52. I am saddened that Chris Wallace’s bias allowed him to fall into the trap of impugning the president’s motives for calling the Ukraine president. Moving forward, he has impugned his own integrity by taking the never-Trump hearsay at face-value, which would never have even been admissible 1 month ago before the WB rules were changed in August. Is Chris also not aware of Schiff’s 8/28/2019 tweet confessing his collusion with the whistleblower, who aggregated the “intel” from others WHO DID have first hand knowledge but did NOT come forward to support this charade? A good reporter might have considered these key points before assuming the worst for the president’s motives. Perhaps Wallace and other reporters won’t fall for the same traps as they did for the Russia hoax? While I thought their credibility could not get any lower, perhaps I wasn’t aware how deft their limbo skills were?

    1. Changing the WB rules and Obama’s executive order in the final days of his administration, expanding the sharing of intelligence throughout the intelligence community (aka, making it easily available to far more potential WB’s) did not take place in a vacuum. Both facilitated resistance to the Trump administration. The standard used to be need to know; Obama changed it to need to share…and easy to leak.

  53. Whatever happened to real news journalism?

    What I learned in the last 10 years is the Dems own the news media which explains why Nixon was taken down and Obama and Clintons walk free even though they make Nixon look like a choir boy now.

  54. The intell community has been trying as Chuck Shummer Said “Six ways to Sunday” to get rid of Trump. This whistleblower is just another example. I am sorry you can’t see that Chris….

  55. While I did not agree with Chris Wallace’s politics, I used to respect his opinion as at least honest and thought provoking. Now the only thought I get from him is, “what a hack!”

    It’s sad that Fox News is featuring him and Shep. Juan Williams made it so I cannot watch The Five these days. Jessica is a thought provoking hack- she seems to make sense until you actually think of what she says. There are so many hacks on Fox News now.
    This will come at a cost the network- it has to…

    1. When Tarlov is on Outnumbered they allow her to take over the show. Seems like she ends up speaking more words than anyone. I no longer watch when she is on.

  56. Stopped listening to Wallace years ago. His ego and bias gets in the way of any honest reporting. But that’s true of most of the talking heads. The only people for whom I have more disdain than politicians are in the media.



  58. Who listens to this nincompoop? FOX is leaning hard left…. the financial edition is more honest than the others….they insult viewers with their arrogance and bias…. same old , drooling demoRATZ, including those admitted liars, cheats, dishonest corrupt, political whores and pimps. How can one sit with a sleaze bag, corrupt HIllary associate and legitimately discuss ANY topic?…..Swallow your integrity for big bucks…..make your kids proud of you… bend over now… dishonest ….Crap!

  59. Assuming CW believes what he’s saying, it clearly shows up his ongoing mindset…he thinks Trump is WRONG AND BAD. Those who admire Trump approach this with the mindset that Trump is going about the Biden matter like a thinking person. Listen, what is wrong with asking about Biden’s dealings over that prosecutor? Doesn’t anyone care, or want to know, if Biden was protecting his son, or if his son was up to no good?

    Oh, sure, Biden is a political rival, so that alone should protect him from any investigation. Therefore it is WRONG AND BAD and ungentlemanly of Trump to take a hard look at him. Well, stuff it! This is how it works.

    And it’s WRONG AND BAD because Trump threatened the whole country with not giving them aid. No. The evidence cited for that is that he had not yet given them the aid. (It is reported that the Ukrainians were unaware of that fact.) Personally, if I were about to have a conversation with their leader, I would prefer to have the aid waiting in the wings rather than already delivered. Is that criminal? Hardly.

    Okay, CW thinks it was all just terrible, but coming from TRUMP WRONG AND BAD, that’s where you end up. Let him – it’s a free country. But he should take it out on WRONG AND BAD TRUMP in the voting booth. Chris, don’t use your position as a journalist to shill for the leftists. That’s all you’re doing here.

  60. What wallace is missing is the fact that the intelligence community was spying on the Trump presidency in the first effing place, so therefore non of this nonsense is relevant!!!

  61. Wallace has always been a hack. Probably wouldn’t be where he’s at if not for his daddy. Who he is it imitating.

    I’ll never forget the way he treated Cruz.

    1. I totally agree with you Darrell. I used to watch his Sunday show every week but after what he did to Cruz. I have never watched him again. He showed his liberal side that day and continues you do so.

    2. born with a silver spoon in his mouth ,the media will rats will do and say anything to protect the corruption of the Demon-cat party !

  62. There is a Clinton signed treaty with Ukraine that specifically allows Trumps (Presidents’) personal attorney to dig into criminal matters of citizens (Biden is just that, he holds no office) of the USA or Ukraine.

    Whistleblowers are people with first hand knowledge and offers of proof… not people reporting on a rumor mill.

    1. It was the law. Behind everyone’s back and with no one noticing till now the Dems changed to to hearsay and 2nd hand knowledge. Lot of shady tricks that Dems did to get to this point.

  63. When I listen to lawyers like Sol Wisenberg that were part of the white water investigation say there is nothing there I tend to listen to them and not some halfwit named Chris Wallace.

  64. Chris Wallace is a two-bit, sharkskin suit hack who isn’t even a pale imitation of the shadow of his old man on top of the fact that he’s a #NeverTrump, liberal Democrat. I enjoy Fox News. I Used to really enjoy FoxNewsSunday back when they had a journalist, Brit Hume, hosting the show. I say Journalist because when he was in the role of Journalist that is what Brit Hume was. Now that he’s a commentator, well, he clearly a conservative though not a particular fan of Donald Trump. which I perfectly understandable. Trump manages to annoy me at least a couple of times per week. But I don’t even bother recording FNS since Wallace took the helm. I just cannot stand the guy. I’d rather watch Keith Olberman.

  65. I can no longer watch Fox News live. Time-shifting enables me to fast-forward past the increasingly numerous leftists like Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Shep and especially FNC “contributor” Chris Hahn.

  66. When Chris Wallace is on, we quickly switch away. One America News Network is the usual alternative if we are looking for news. His father, Mike, was much better and not the tyrannical elitist which Chris has become. Chris seems to be another anti-individual-rights globalist.

  67. I’m not watching for as long as he’s there, maybe if we all stop watching ratings will get bad enough they’ll have to replace him.

  68. Journalists without law degrees (and some with JDs) should be clear the complaint is Hearsay and would be thrown out of any court. Report the facts. Further, there is an active US DOJ investigation into Ukrainian involvement and motives driving the origination of the FBI Counter-intelligence investigation of Trump et al. One of those motives could be to derail investigation into Biden and Ukraine. POTUS is not just Commander in Chief, he is Chief Law Enforcement Officer. Asking for for evidence is not illegal nor can it be automatically assumed it is about 2020 election, especially since there is no mention by Trump of 2020 election. There is a clear mention by POTUS of the current DoJ investigation. Chris Wallace is not the journalist he thinks he is if he doesn’t understand or misrepresents these facts.

  69. The Corrupt media virtually covered up FDR’s major infirmities for his entire term.

    He was renominated in 1944, on his near “death bed,” according to “Stalin’s Secret Agents,” by Evans and Romerstein, FDR was a near corpse at Yalta, and his mental state was poor; Soviet Agent Alger Hiss actually ran the operation!

    Any wonder millions of East Europeans were relegated to Stalin’s Gulags?

    Trump is up against 100 years of Communist Penetration, good luck.

  70. We are supposed to believe them why? They’ve given me zero reason to believe a word that comes from their lying mouths.

  71. What is the something, Chris? What high crime or misdemeanor is there? What u.s. statute violation is there? What Federal regulation violation is there? There’s no quid pro quo. There’s nothing related to 2020 campaign. Trump is restating public news and asking them to look into it.

  72. “There is something there” – Chris Wallace……

    You are correct Chris as you will find out, that it is just a nice steamy pile of Democrap manure…

    Just another Never-Trumper dream gone up in vape smoke

  73. The PROOF that there is nothing there…Schiffty is now asking for transcripts of calls with Putin. Surely there must be “something” there!!

  74. Between Chris an Shep I don’t know which one is worse. The 2 of em make it known they hate the president

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